Tuesday, April 11, 2017

                          April Show and Tell
Louise's woven Cape is just beautiful!
Louise's knitted vest is just as lovely!

Cathie's Taquete woven rug (front)

Also known as 4 end block weave or weft faced compound tabby. (see Collingwood)

Carmen with her felted picture. Check out Carmen's display this month at the
Piccadilly Mall in the Shuswap Spinners and Weavers window display.

Some of Carmen's other felted items.

Joan has been busy knitting too! 
A picture of Joan's pattern.

Elvie has been weaving, the scarf on the left is one
of her painted warps she did last summer.

Elvie's work up close.

Darlene's weaving with her painted warp from last summer too.
Darlene's scarves up close.
Mona with her woven scarf.  We have so many talented weavers!
Mona is wearing a 2 piece jacket and skirt she wove too.

This is Catherines shawl with short rows.

Lois is back at weaving rugs.

Love the colours and the way she put them together!

Ann's weaving a runner for the top of her piano.

Ann's runner.

Wendy was weaving a rug too!

Such nice colours!

Melissa brought some of her Art Yarn!

Sharon wove a new winter jacket.