Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May Meeting Minutes

May 4 Spinners and Weavers Meeting 7:04 p.m.
goodies by Maureen and Joan, Eileen, thank you, all were delicious.
Call to order 24 members 2 guests
Additions to and adoption of Agenda. Lois moved , seconded Anne, carried

Minutes from previous meeting adopted as circulated Louise moved, Maureen seconded, carried.
Welcome to guests Esther and Hannah
Reports from:
treasurer: Noelle moved, seconded Bea, carried.
Equipment: Elvi reports things are going well.
Library Darlene has some books that people might be interested
Workshops: Rosalie's workshop on Nov 7 for finishing weaving said

Business arising from minutes
Sales protocol committee : Judith reports that the report should be ready for the June meeting.
Spin-in report: A great day and enjoyed by all.
Guild of Canadian Weavers project: Louise has been doing samples and has three samples decided upon. Louise will warp the loom and get the first weavers started.
Undulating weft, thick and thin, and surface design. Thanks to Louise for all the preparatory work.
Blanket project: Lois is weaving her blanket and Maureen has finished hers.

New Business:

Election of Officers at June Meeting - Carole and Bea on the nominating committee so pass on your name. See Bea regarding this.
Spinning Proficiency convenor for Salmon Arm Fair. Louise will provide fibre for the spinning proficiency.
Elvi with so the spinning classes for the fair.
Room Rental: seems to be double the regular amount. Noelle to check into this.

*********Upcoming Dates to record on your calendar.*******
Enderby and District Arts Council July 25 contact person is ????????
Spinning at Haney Heritage Park
- Father's Day June 21. 8:30 to 2
- Pioneer Days July 12. 8:30 to 2
- Classic Car Show August 9 8:30 to 2
Spin in Public Day. Always the third Saturday in September, Sept 19 2015
Knit in Public Day. June 13, 2015. Art Gallery and Intwined Fibres will be doing a combined spin-in, Knit -in at that time. Begins at 10 a.m.

Lumby Days is June 13/14, Louise has invited members to attend and see what is happening.

Anne moved we charge $10 for day use to guild members for the tent (to come back in the same condition as it left the guild room) Refundable deposit to be paid in advance of $150 as per equipment policy. Lois seconded the motion, carried.

Spin-in: Gudie's on May 12. 10 til 2
May 14 at Eileen's for a studio clear out and spin-in unless it rains.
Thursday bring your wheel, chair, lunch (9209 Northcott Drive, Coldstream)
Knit -In/Spin-in. Ann's on May 26. 7 til 9:30 or so 1141 - 70 St SE, SA

June Potluck. Louise moved we hold the potluck at the Community Centre, Rosalie seconded. Carried. June 1 Usually starts at 6. Bring your own plates and cutlery.

If you would like to send get well wishes to Gudrun, here is her address.
Gudrun Weisenger
396 Sumac Road
Tappen, BC
V0E 2X1

Joan moved the meeting the meeting be adjourned.

Weaving Accessories For Sale

Weaving Accessories For Sale
Warping board             $40.00
Shuttles            $ 7.00
Temple                $30.00
Raddle                 $20.00
Spool rack holds 36 bobbins    $60.00
Niddy noddy            $10.00
Bobbin holder            $10.00
Warping paddle            $10.00

I also have a Drawing Partner which is a unique stencil system combining threading and tie-up to make drawdown as rapid and mistake proof as treadling. If someone wants this they can have it for the cost of postage.

Interested parties please contact Mary Lynne at bcbound.ml@gmail.com 

Looms For Sale - Woolhouse

Selling a 60” Woolhouse 8 harness Drawloom with 52 draw shafts. If you choose to simply use it as an 8 harness loom – that works too. Nothing you couldn’t weave with a loom like this. This beauty has two sectional beams as well for weave structures such as pique etc. $ 2500.00

Interested parties may contact Sharon at 250-546-3224 or handspun@telus.net

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Haida Weaving Workshop on Haida Gwaii, B.C.

Hello Weavers,

Delores Churchill, internationally renown, 85 year old Haida Weaver and recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from The National Endowment of The Arts, will be hosting a "Spruce Root Harvesting and Haida Weaving Workshop" on magical Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, June 8th through the 17th, 2015.

Picture 017

Haida Gwaii is the home of the Haida people. The B.C. archipelago has been chosen by National Geographic as one of the Best Trips to take in 2015.  VANCITYBUZZ.COM 

Information for the workshop is attached below.  Feel free to circulate the information to anyone who may be interested in participating. There are six seats left in this workshop.

Warm wishes and happy weaving,

Paula Varnell
Workshop Coordinator/
Delores Churchill's Grand Daughter

Your place in the Workshop will be confirmed after Booking and Deposit has been received.

Workshop Fee:  $3,800.00

 Email Registration to:                  xaaynee@gmail.com
 Call or Fax in Registration information to:          250-559-8363 

Weaving Books For Sale

Weaving Books

        Weave Contemporary Rag Rugs    $20.00
        Rag Rug Handbook            $30.00
        Step By Step Weaving            $10.00
        Weave It                $10.00
        Key to Weaving                $30.00
        American Woven Coverlets        $30.00       
        Spinning and Dyeing            $10.00
        Handwoven, Tailormade        $30.00
        The Weaving Book            $30.00
        Samples You Can Use            $30.00
        Handdwoven Design Collection # 2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,16,    $5.00/each

Interested parties please contact Mary Lynne at bcbound.ml@gmail.com 

Shuswap Spinners and Weavers First Ever Spin In! Thank You!

Just a short message to congratulate everyone on a most successful first spin-in event.

Thanks to the organizing committee, Carole for the name tags and organizing the groups, plus helping with set-up, bringing flowers, and making lunch, Elvi for the draw prizes and looking after the door prize table, Bea for a fantastic lunch and organizing the food, collecting groceries and keeping the kitchen crew on task, Lis for doing coffee and tea, Sara for organizing vendors, spinning wheels to try, getting fibre and helping out with food preparation. Without the team effort this would not have come together and been such a pleasure for all.  Thanks to Wendy and Darlene for co-ordinating and doing the sales table.  I had a relaxing and fun day- and enjoyed the many varied treats provided by members.

Things I learned: - follow Sara's lead in applying cream cheese on wraps, put a contact person and special dietary needs onto the invitation, spin a little and chat a lot, use the opportunity to try out wheels (quite a revelation), charkas require considerable practice, helpful and co-operative workers make every task easier and faster (the hall was put back in order in less than 1/2 hour),.

Thanks to all - every contribution added to our successful day!!!!!

Many thanks to donors of the draw prizes:  Blaine Ready at Shopper's Drug Mart, Althea Mongerson of Intwined Fibres and Sterling Land of RBC Financial.
Thanks to the many donors of door prizes, what a great variety!

Please send me any suggestions for a future spin-in. Our out of town guests seemed to enjoy the day thoroughly and are keen to come to another.  Suggestions for a date/time, being on the tail end of four weekends of spin-ins is maybe not the best time to host from our vendors point of view.



And a huge thank you to you as well Ann for your amazing work in hosting such a wonderful spin-in!

Kalamalka Lake Spin-In Show and Tell

Thanks again to Bea for the photos :)

May Meeting Show and Tell

Thanks to Bea for the pictures :)

May Meeting Minutes

March 30, 2015. Shuswap Spinners and Weavers Meeting 7 p.m.
Goodies by Louise and Lois, thanks.
Call to Order:  21 members present
Meeting Agenda adoption moved by Carole, Maureen seconded
Welcome to guests, introductions
Adoption of minutes Glenda moved, Bea seconded, carried.
Treasurer: Gudie moves we renew Ply, seconded Anne, carried 
Bea moved Noelle be reimbursed for magazine renewal, books, etc.  Julia seconded. Carried.   Expenses, Rent for our equipment for the year, deposit for Seniors Centre for Christmas sale.  Noelle moved, seconded Bea, carried
Equipment: no report
Library: Knits, Spin off ,Vav and Embellish magazines are in. Darlene will get a new stamp.
Historian:  Wendy has added a few more things into the book.
Workshops: From Rosalie
Please remind members about the proposed Finishes workshop set for May 2. Since there’s no other general meeting before then, I need those interested to pay their fee ($20) at this meeting. I have the materials prepared already but need to know that there are enough registrants. If SSWG doesn’t fill this time slot, I can either offer it to other guilds or I can postpone til the end of October. If the group is interested in the content but find May 2 to be conflicting with other events, and if they would be interested in the fall timing, I’m asking for the fee payment at this time (or at least a $10 deposit) to hold a place. This way, I’m not in a state of suspense about this. 
Business arising from Minutes
Sales protocol committee update: ongoing discussions
Blanket warp and list of weavers Maureen to start as the warp is on and ready for weaving. 
Tea towel warp, Carole will finish weaving her tea towel
Spin - In: Reminder to guild members attending to bring a baked goodie for dessert at lunch.  The lunch committee will do a vegetable tray and a fruit tray plus the lunch.
Thanks to people for signing up to help out with various tasks on April 11.
New Business
Guild of Canadian weavers, have a bulletin that come out four times a year and they need samples for the bulletin.
Louise moved that the Shuswap Spinners and Weavers weave and box up samples for the GCW for 2017. As Workshop coordinator she is willing to supervise this and wishes all the honorarium monies be allocated  to the Workshop committee to be judiciously spent on workshops. seconded by Glenda. Carried. This involves four sets of samples with $125 plus costs being paid.

Email Louise if interested

Many thanks to Mona for brightening up our banner with needle felting.  Such a great improvement.

Spin -ins: Gudie May 12,  10 - 2
Knit Ins
Evening Spin In/Knit In. 

Adjournment: Glenda adjourned the meeting
Show and Tell

Next meeting May 4 at 7:00 p.m.
Goodies by Maureen and Joan and Eileen, yummmmmmm!

Fabulous Fiber 2015

Fabulous Fiber ‘15
Save the dates – September 9-12, 2015! Fabulous Fiber ’15, a mini-conference, will be held at the Jansen Art Center in Lynden, WA on that Wednesday through Saturday.
We are excited that Karen Selk will be providing our keynote address on the evening of Sept. 9.  Karen was the managing director of Treenway Silks for over 30 years, and she has been a textile designer and artist since 1972.  She has traveled extensively throughout Asia, learning and being inspired by all aspects of silk production and traditions.  She’ll be sharing those experiences with us in her keynote address. 
She will also offer a two-day workshop on “Artful Embellishing.” She’ll show how to use stitches, beads, threads, ribbons, cords, tassels, cocoons, feathers, lace and other items for artful finishes on your creative project.
Along with Karen’s workshop, there will be a range of workshops offered on Thursday through Saturday.  Courtney Jensen will be offering a class on Raven’s Tail weaving, Kim McKenna a class on natural dyeing, Marilyn Romatka a class on bow loom weaving, Liz Moncrief a class on double weave, and Donna Hunter a class on felting. There will be more workshops offered as we fill out the schedule. There will be workshops on a range of techniques, suitable for everyone from beginner to advanced.
The conference will also feature exhibits from workshop leaders and attendees, a vendors’ hall, informal study groups, and plenty of space to spend time with your fiber friends. 
The instructors’ exhibits will be on display for the months of August and September, and will be shown in the Fine Arts Gallery and the entryway into the Jansen Art Center.  The attendees’ juried show will be in the Chamber Hall, along with some instructional posters on weaving, dyeing, spinning, and felting.
Stay tuned for more specifics as plans are firmed up.  Please visit the Whatcom Weavers Guild website for details as they become available (www.whatcomweaversguild.org)
This mini-conference is sponsored in part through a grant from ANWG to the Whatcom Weavers Guild and the Peace Arch Weavers and Spinners Guild.  We are grateful to ANWG for providing that support.