Thursday, March 10, 2011

Minutes - March 7th, 2011 Meeting

26 members were present, and 2 guests.
The Meeting was called to order by Sharon at 7:30 PM.
Moved by Glenda, seconded by Rosalie that the Minutes of the previous
meeting be adopted.
Old Business:
Treasurer’s Report – was given by Noelle and adopted.  Sue/Catherine moved
that the magazine subscriptions be renewed.  Carried.
Noelle had priced new name tags at $5 each.  To order, please sign the
list or contact Noelle at coffee.
Back to Back Competition.  Ann reported.  The paper carried great photos,
including Ann sewing the sweater together.  Learning:  switch knitters
every few inches so sleeves are a matching length.  A tightly spun thread
is better.  Ann would like to see a repeat contest on Saturday, May 28, at
Mt. Ida Hall at Harmonious Homestead.  If you wish to participate, contact
Ann.  We could invite other guilds to participate.
New Business:
Vernon Spin-In –  Saturday  – March 26.  Fun, full day gathering. $15
includes lunch.  Preregistration is requested, a sign-up sheet was filled
Fibres West in Abbotsford – March 17 – 18
Fibre Fusion in Grand Forks August 11 – 13.  Handouts available.
IPE – Thursday August 31 – September 4.  Theme – flowers – “Come and have
a blooming good time.”
SA Fall Fair – September 9 – 11.  Sheep to Shawl Contest.  Elvi to weave.
Spinners:  Gudie, Wendy, Judith, Catherine, Ann.
Gloria to do spinning proficiency competition (from controlled fibre, the
longest thread spun is the winner) and also to judge the skeins.  Anita
and Sue to assist.
Christmas Sale:  November 26.  The Gallery is booked.  Gudie and Gudrun
will again oversee it.  Theme:  Christmas ornaments.
Equipment:  Elvi – the equipment is in good order.  3 looms are currently
Library:  Darlene – 2 new Handwoven are in, and some Threads magazines
have been donated.
Workshops: Marci.  Gudrun ran a tapestry workshop for 7 students last
month, and Sharon a beginners weaving workshop.  Marcia would like to know
what workshops are wanted.  Maybe a rug workshop – Mug rugs? Maybe a
“learn to warp” workshop for some of our beginners.
A big thank-you to Elvi for donating space at the Picadilly Mall.  Our
visibility if so much increased.  A thank you to the Mall in the
newspaper?  Do we need a publicity position?
Welcome to our two guests – Marion and Melanie, who are interested in
learning to spin.
Spin In – March 26 in Vernon
Knit In – March 21 at Lis’.  Address and map to be emailed out.
Anita – a bag of wool to share - Gwen and Sue will take the remains, and
we can assist with washing if we wish to share.
Hilary Rice show @ Art Gallery March 4 – 26.  Hilary to be there March 26.
 From 1 – 3 PM on Fridays, there is knitting during shows at the Art
Gallery. (Not when the show is being put up or taken down)
Sue had details on 1) rambouillet fleeces for sale $20 each from Judy
Stockdale. 2) satin/angora rabbit fibre from Monique Richoux. 3) a Felting
workshop by Janet Goldammers.  Call Lis or Sue for phone numbers re these
Moved by Lis, seconded by Noelle that the meeting be adjourned for coffee
and Show and Tell.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back to Back Update!

The 'Back to Back' wool challenge was indeed a challenge and a lot of
fun.  The completed sweater is currently drying at my place and looks
really spiffy, especially with the stripes of colour and pattern that
happened as the sweater was knit --- it fits me perfectly and is so soft
and cozy that I keep going over to the drying rack for another touch.
The next version of the event is scheduled for May 28th at Clare's
place.  The sheep has been chosen and the Mount Ida Hall is in its new
location.  With the addition of washrooms, kitchen and store, it is an
ideal place to hold the event.

I am looking for 7 keen knitters and spinners to make a complete sweater
as per the rules we had in February.  This may mean an 11 hour
commitment as the clock keeps running until the sweater is finished. 
Two very speedy knitters for the front and the back are a must as it is
96 stitches wide and 162 rows in length.  We have learned a great deal
from our first try and hope to finish the sweater in 10 hours rather
than 10 days.

I have been checking out U-Tube videos on knitting and trying new
techniques to speed up my own rather snail pace.  Anyone interested in
the event should contact Ann, sooner rather than later.
I am currently making a pattern for a smaller version and hoping that
other guilds might send a team to take on this fun challenge.  Maybe we
can expand it further in the future, as we locate more blade shearers,
so that  the full sized version can be done.
Anyone interested in the challenge please phone Ann Nikmo

Free Lecture, April 4, Vancouver - RUBY LESLIE of Ruby Charuby Weavings

In the event that some of our weavers may be in the Vancouver area on April 4th, here is a free lecture to attend courtesy of the Greater Vancouver Weavers and Spinners Guild.  Ruby Leslie is a very interesting and enjoyable speaker! 
                          Greater Vancouver Weavers and Spinners Guild
 Annual Memorial Lecture
Monday, April 4th, 2011 at 7:30 pm
New Location: Kanata Co-operative Community Building,  7155 Blake Street,  Vancouver, BC


GUEST SPEAKER  Ruby Leslie of Ruby Charuby Weavings, Vermont AND "The Legacy of Information….Musings on Life and Weaving" 

Ruby maintains a full-time weaving and teaching studio, “Ruby Charuby Weavings” in Vermont.  Boundless enthusiasm for sampling and experimentation, especially with colour and its interaction with structure, has guided Ruby throughout her weaving career.  An invitation from Handwoven magazine to create swatches for the “Color Forecast’ Series streamlined her design process and fueled her desire to share her insights about how to successfully integrate colour, structure and yarn in weaving without having to dye yarn or rely on recipes.

After 25 years of sitting at the loom, Ruby’s thoughts have piled up along with her weavings and thrums.  In an image filled lecture, she will address weaving as a metaphor, connecting us all to the distant past and onward to the future.  At times amusing and idiosyncratic, Ruby's recognition of her debt to mentors, family and students alike, takes her on a journey that culminates in a weaving rap music video. 

Join us for light refreshments following lecture.  We look forward to welcoming you.

Driving Directions: From the east and north:  Exit Highway 1 heading south on Boundary Road.  Continue south on Boundary, crossing 49th Avenue and turn right at Arbor Street - the first traffic light south of 49th Avenue.  Turn right at the “T” on Matheson Avenue and continue right, around a loop until the road straightens out.  On your right you will see a small parking lot beside the Community Building.  You can park there, if you are early – or look for street parking.

From the west and south:  Travel east along 49th Avenue to the corner of Tyne Street.  The Salvation Army has a building on the north east corner of this intersection you can use as a marker.  Turn right down Tyne and continue past 54th Avenue.  At this point Tyne becomes Champlain Crescent.  Turn left at the second street on your left after 54th Avenue.  This is Blake Street.  The Community Building will be on your left about halfway up Blake with the parking lot adjacent to it.

Contact Sandra Crompton at 604-435-0823 if you require further information.