Wednesday, April 5, 2017

April Monthly Meeting Minutes
Shuswap Spinners and Weavers
April 3, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 with 28 members attending.

Ann moved that the Minutes from the February meeting be adopted.  Seconded by Lois.  CARRIED

•    Librarian’s Report:  Two new magazines, and 1 donated book have been added to the library.  One book is missing “Spinning Designer Yarns has not been signed out and people wishing it cannot find it.  Anyone knowing the whereabouts of this book is asked to see that it is returned to the library.

•    Equipment:  Sara and Ann have organized the spinning Totes, and Rod is looking at new boxes for the carders.  A new inventory is needed for the change in our insurance.
•    Workshops:  Louise will be holding the Understanding Drafting Workshop again at her home on April 29.  The cost is $30.00 and some places are still available.  9 – 4 PM.  There will be no further workshops until after ANWG
•    Historian: - nothing – although photos would be appreciated.
•    Blog: Bea would appreciate any photos from the Kamloops, or Vernon spin ins, so she can post them.  Thea has created a new FB page, and Bea will post the webpage on the blog so we can all find it.  Bea also mentioned she had received an email from a Paula Lindner, who is thinking of adding Salmon Arm to a mobile trunk store.  Her website can be accessed at  and you can let her know if you are interested in having her come to Salmon Arm for her sales.
•    Book Report:  Ann showed a donated magazine and explained why it is better to photocopy patterns, rather than rip out the pages.  For older copies of “Knitters” you can call Glenda; she has lots.

Old Business

Blankets:  Rod and Bea are ½ way through the fourth blanket.  Carole is next.  Ann asked for interest in another blanket warp, but had no response.

Samples:  2 more months before the samples must be mailed off.  Mentors needed before you dare to weave?  See Ann, Darlene, Carole, or Noelle.  But please help us finish off this warp.

Sheep to Shawl :  Carole, Elvi, Rod, Bea, Hiromi, Suziumi, Sonia Ann and Sara are creating a shawl with novelty yard, and will be meeting to dye the warp already spun.  Glenda will look after coffee, and tea during the competition.  6 members will participate at the fair.  Nikke and Elisabeth will talk to the public, answer questions, and protect the competitors.

Display for the 150/120 Fair – Something to crow about.  Lois suggested a railway track theme.  Photos from early years could be displayed with signs and equipment for 150 years of wool fibre preparation.  Time frames to research could be assigned.  Carmen will take on a research project.

Spin Out:  Bea has rented the building.  The same kitchen crew will supply food.  One Raffle Prize has been secured already, and the members will again be responsible for donating door prizes.

Elvi and Darlene are in the process of putting a warp on the Baby Wolf for guild use.  Tea towels will be warped in beige and white.  Weft can be self supplied.

New Business:

Noelle has checked about the requirements for guild insurance.  Assuming $20,000 replacement value, and third party liability, which we require for  the Christmas sale, the cost would be about $500 per year, more than double what we have been paying through the Arts Council.  This would have a $1000 deductible.  Noelle will continue checking, but this is looking standard.

Scholarship Update:  There is still money left, and members are welcome to apply.  Sherry is now attending a workshop on this scholarship.  Be sure to check out the Jane Stafford on-line workshops.

School Programs?  This huge commitment in time and energy planning and preparation may not be feasible in terms of manpower at this time.  It still remains a really good program.

Enderby Arts Festival:  Lis asked for an indication of interest and ability to attend:  Ann, Louise, Barb A, Sharon, Wendy, Joan Judith and Lis are interested in attending and displaying spinning wheels and looms for the public. A request will be made for 3 tent spaces, and we’ll see the response.  We usually have 2 or 3 spaces.  The date is Saturday, July 29, and anyone is welcome to drop by to help.

Upcoming Events:

Haney Heritage Events:
•    Father’s Day – June 18
•    Pioneer Days, July 9.  This will be the grand opening of the Montebello Complex, and if it is possible for people to dress in period costume, that would be appreciated.
•    Classic Car show  August 13
Pioneer Lodge
•    1:30 – 3PM April 20
•    1:30 – 3 PM May 18
Wednesday Night Spin Ins continue
April 25 – Judith’s house in Armstrong.  10 – 2 PM – Judith will put the soup pot on.
May 9    - Elvi’s house in Salmon Arm    10 – 2 PM
June 13 – Sherry’s house in Armstrong  10 – 2 PM
May 6th  Williams Lake Guild Spin In
May 28th Fibre Show in Coombes
More dates are available on the website.
The meeting was adjourned at 8 PM for coffee and show and tell.
Louise needs items taken to the island for the show on or before June 1.  Please contact her if you can help.
Goodies for May – Gabriele and Maureen