Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Salmon Arm Fall Fair Sheep to Shawl competition!

Over the past 3 years we have collected 3 beautiful shawls that were made at the Salmon Arm Fall Fair.  Our guild members decided to put the persons name who competed in the competition for a draw for one of these beautiful shawls. At this years Christmas potluck the draws were made.

2014, 2015, 2016 Shawls

Sheep to Shawl 2014 Salmon Arm Fall Fair
Nicki, Elvi, Ann, Katie, Bea, Rod

Elvi was our 2014 Winner!

Sheep to Shawl  2015  Salmon Arm Fall Fair
Carol, Lis, Rod, Bea, Gudie, Ky

Carol was our 2015 Winner!

Sheep to Shawl  2016  Salmon Arm Fall Fair
Carol, Lis, Ky, Sonia, Gudie, Rod

2016 Shawl goes to.....

Ky was our 2016 Winner!
Congratulations to all our winners.

How about signing up for the 2017 Sheep to Shawl Competition at the Salmon Arm Fall Fair 
and get your name in on the draw!

Monday, December 12, 2016

December Show and Tell

Judith spun her own homegrown sheep's wool.

Judith's Work in Progress, soon to weave a rug.

Gabriele made knitted Christmas bags for her sister.
Elvi made a cowl.

Eiko took a felting course. Made this beautiful purse.

She learned many different techniques!

Carol's Poka Dot pattern Tea Towel
Gudie's Work in Progress for her Canada 150 project.

Great turn out for our Christmas Dinner. 

Everyone brought such a lovely arrangement of food to the potluck.

and.... the desserts!
We welcome Eiko as our guest to our Christmas Potluck.
We welcome Linda on the right as our guest to our Christmas Pot Luck!

December Monthly Meeting Minutes
Shuswap Spinners and Weavers
December 12, 2016

The meeting was called to order by Carole at 7:10 PM, with 23 members attending.
Thanks was given to all members who brought a great potluck meal
Minutes:  It was moved by Gabrielle and seconded by Loanna that the minutes of the previous month be adopted.

Equipment: None

Library:  Bea replaced the missing “Learning to Weave” book and then Gabrielle found one in the thrift store, which she also bought.  Bea displayed some donated books, which will appear in the library shortly.  
Historian: No report

Workshops:  There will be a draft reading workshop on January 12.  Stay alert for updates.  
*Louise is also redoing the spinning classes for the fall fair.  She is interested to know:  Are people interested in entering the spinning classes?   Which classes are they most interested in entering?  Can you please get back to Louise about this? nevlouise@gmail.com She are collaborating on some changes to the spinning classes, which will include new art yarn categories, and some mention of professionally prepared yarns and personally prepared yarns.

Blog:  The blog is currently up to date.  Items are selling off the blog, so Bea is kept busy updating it.  Thank you for letting her know when items have sold.

Old Business:

Christmas Sale:  Ann has created a timeline for the Christmas sale, which will allow us to be up to date on what must be done when.  The hall has been booked for December 2, for next year’s sale.  
Many thanks to all those who helps, advertising and posters, set up, planning, tea service, cash planning and handling, organizing, take-down, and musicians.  Many people put a lot of effort into making our sale so lovely and such a success.  Lots of people comment that it is their favourite sale.
Some items that must be started early:  Poster Development.  This year’s poster needed more contrast for headlines.  Also, posters should state that the sale is in Salmon Arm, and that we now accept Visa and Mastercard.  Gudie does an amazing job of publishing in all the free spaces, but we need to focus more on getting young people there.  Perhaps placing posters at elementary school, or day care centres?  Some discussion centered around offering a program that introduces spinning and weaving in the elementary schools, and what such a program would entail.  Perhaps a photo of a child in a knitted toque could be added to the poster?
Poster development could be started early, and finalized by June, so the small posters could be put out for the fall fairs.  The small posters that Gudie puts out are still valued as handouts/ individual invitations.  Visa and Mastercard signs could be put on the sales tables, the sandwich boards and the posters.  Do we want to move the sale to and earlier time and start at 9:30?  We do have a line up at 10:00 but we are always ready and not rushed.  (No concensus)  Ann can arrange to have soup and a bun served to workers from the center if we wish it for a nominal fee.  (to be revisited closer to the next sale.)  .  Fashion shows for woven items received some discussion. Would a fashion show mid-sale add to sales?  Lots of people though wearing sale items was a better display for them than tables. People enjoyed stopping for a few minutes to listen to our Barbershop Chorus visitors.  (Thanks to the chorus)There was lots of free ranging discussion on these issues.

New Business:

Do we need to create a committee to discuss creating a school program for wool prep/spinning/weaving?

Bea and Lis combed through 2 years of minutes to see if any carried motions had been unaddressed.
The only two were those mentioned by Bea.  
The committee had recommended a scholarship within the guild as a memorial for Gudrun.  They will meet again in January to discuss a format for this, and report back to the February meeting.

Three shawls from 2014 – 2016 were laid out with photos of the team members.  Bea created a draw for each year.  Elvi won the 2014 shawl, Carole the 2015, and Ky the current shawl. Congratulations to our winners.  Hopefully this will encourage many people to volunteer for sheep to shawl teams.

Upcoming Spin Ins and Dates

January 17 – 10 – 2 PM  Spin In at Mona’s  
Wednesday evening Spin Ins at the mall will resume next year on January 4.

The January Meeting has been cancelled due to inclement weather.
The February and March meetings will be daytime meetings.  Fibres Unlimited will meet from 10 – 12 on February and March 6, and the meeting will be at 1 – 3 PM on the same dates.  The April meeting (April 3) will revert back to an evening meeting, and Fibres Unlimited will be from 2 – 4 in the afternoon.  
Dave and Sharon are responsible for goodies for the February 6 meeting.

Louise asked that this information be read out at the meeting, and I forgot it, so am adding it to the minutes.  Please treat the asterisk paragraph as an addendum to the minutes.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Annual Christmas Sale 
held on December 3, 2016
Julia playing the harp. 

Almost the whole gang! 

Julia playing the harp and Maureen joined in with her Ukulele

Tea, coffee and sweets were provided.
Thank you Gabriel, Sherry and Carol.

Hiromi and Eiko
Picture curtesy by Eiko Uehara
Emi and Eiko
Pictuare curtesy by Eiko Uehara

Eiko and Bea
Picture curtesy by Eiko Uehara