Saturday, May 20, 2017

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Next monthly meeting Monday June 5th!
This will be our pot luck meeting.

Dont forget memberships are due in June.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

We've been spinning at Pioneer Lodge 
third Thursday of the month.

Thank you ladies for supporting such a great cause.  The residence sure 
enjoy watching us spin and reminding them of their spinning days.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tuesday, May 9th, 
 Spin-In @ Elvi's

Thank you Elvi for hosting the Spin-In at your house.
The soup was so good!

Monday, May 8, 2017

 May Monthly Minutes of the Meeting

Shuswap Spinners and Weavers
May 1, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by Carole with 27 members attending

Bea moved, seconded by Sharon that we adopt the amended agenda.  Carried
Judith moved, seconded by Joan that we adopt the April minutes of Meeting.  Carried

Librarian:  Bea noted that a complete inventory of the library was needed, as some Embellish magazines were apparently missing.  A new Ply magazine has been received.

Equipment:  A wedge for the large loom was missing and has been recovered.  Sara, Lis and Rod are to get together to clean, and make a complete inventory of the guild room, and identify items that are necessary or could be removed from the room.

Workshops:   Saturday’s draft reading workshop went very well.   Mistakes were identified in M. Davison’s “A Handweaver’s Pattern Book”.  The first tabby to throw on pattern and lace weavings is not identified on many patterns, although the later copies have more tabby patterns identified.  Even the 29th printing is not completely correct.  Louise demonstrated the difference in a pattern when the opposite tabby is used.

Blog:  The blog is up to date.

Old Business:

Blanket update:  Carole is weaving the last blanket on the warp.  The waulking will be at Fall Fair at 3 PM on the Friday.  Another warp will be discussed next month, as Ann plans to weave her own blanket between guild warps.

Tea Towels:  The Schacht Baby Wolf has been warped with tea towels for the fairs.  Elvi and Darlene will see that two are woven before the fairs for the raffle, and others can be woven during the fairs for the second raffle.  A Leclerc loom has been warped for tea towels also, for guild weavers.  Use your own weft cotton, and pay Noelle $5.00 as your share of the warp cost.  A list has been attached to the loom for weavers to put their name and phone numbers on, so they will be called on their turn.

Samples:  The turquoise samples need to be completed.  Please check the pattern, as there are three repeats to each patterns.

Sheep to Shawl Update:  The warp is spun and will be dyed at the end of the month on a dye day.

Fall Fair Display:  The booth will have an historical tool display, showing various tools for fleece preparation of the centuries.  4 types of fleece are needed for the display – fine, medium, coarse and long haired.  Judith will donate fine fleece, and Barb will donate Romney for the long fleece.  
Ann/Glenda moved that a budget of $100 be created for laminating posters, and various expenses.  CARRIED

Spin Out Update:  Food, decorating, name tags, centerpieces and vendors are set.  One raffle prize has been donated, and a bin in the guild room is ready to collect door prize items, as they are donated by guild members.

Interweave Press:  Sara has volunteered to see that the contact information is updated.

Enderby Arts Festival:  The guild will use two booths for display and demonstration, and one for selling, which we will pay for.  The cost this year is $25.00

New Business:

Scholarships:  A second scholarship has been awarded to Carmen for attending a felting workshop on Shibori felting.   Carmen will bring back information for a fall workshop for us.

Sherry has attended her workshop and will share the information with us at a full day workshop on June 10 from 9 – 4 PM.  The guild will rent the room in the basement of the community centre.  The workshop will focus on colour.  Please bring colour pencils, a notebook, pen and lunch.

Bea Johnson has  agreed to be the Nominating Committee.  We were informed that this would be her last year to perform this service.  If you are interested in helping to fill an executive position, please discuss this with Bea, who will shortly be phoning people to ask them to stand for nominations for the June election.

June Potluck:  The Potluck will be held here, on June 5th for dinner.  *Note:  The Christmas potluck will explore the idea of a weekend, lunchtime meal/meeting  to allow everyone to attend.  Please remember to bring your own plates and cutlery.

Judith/Rod:  The scholarship committee asked permission to buy a binder to keep the scholarship information and scholarship applications and awards organized.  Carried.

Insurance:  Tracy advised that the Art Gallery has a blanket insurance policy .  Ann advised that the Seniors Centre does not.  We need a Third Party Liability policy to hold event there.  Rod checked with SASCU.  Their cost would be $548 /year for a policy covering 20,000 worth of contents, and 2 million third party liability.
Fall Fair carries Third Party Liability for events on the premises, but no content coverage.  It was suggested that we contact the BC Arts Council directly.  Noelle has asked for help with this, as she is extremely busy right now.  Please contact her directly if you can deal with this information.

DATES of Importance:

Wednesday evening spin ins will continue this month at Piccadilly Mall from 7 – 9PM
May 6th Williams Lake Guild
May 9 – Spin In at Elvi’s from 10 – 2 PM   Please byo lunch
May 18 – Pioneer Lodge spin in from 1:30 – 3 PM
May 28 – Fibre Show in Coombes
Sunday, May 28 – Dyeing Daze at Lis Borthwick’s from 10 AM on.  Lis will provide a table, pot, crock pot, microwave, plastic, and a selection of acid dyes, but please bring your own apron, dyeing supplies, etc.  No wool or roving will be supplied; please bring what you wish to work on.  Attending:  Bea, Elvi, Darlene, Carmen, Glenda, Myrna, Trudi, Jenny, Sara, Noelle, Ann, Gabriele, and Lis
June 10 – Sherry’s colour workshop
June 10  - World Wide Knit in Public Day.  Entwined Fibre Arts will be spinning on the Art Gallery lawn from 10 – 2 PM on Saturday.
June 13 – Spin in at Sherry’s home in Armstrong 10 – 2 PM
Haney Heritage Events:  Events usually are from 8:30 – 2PM
Father’s Day June 18 spinning from 8:30 AM – 2 PM
Pioneer Days – July 9  This will be the grand opening of the Montebello Complex and period costume would be appreciated.
Classic Car Show: August 13

The Meeting was adjourned at 8 PM for Catherine’s program on knitting short rows in the Carol Sunday method.  Coffee and Show and Tell followed.

The next meeting will be June 5, and will be at the community centre.  It will be our wind-up Potluck and election evening.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May Show and Tell

Elvi is sharing a sample of the tea towels we will be
  makeing at the fall fairs in Armstrong and Salmon Arm.

Wendy knitted a beautiful toque!

Louise with more beautiful weaving!

Barb knitted socks with cables.

Here Barb is showing off her natural dyed skeins!

Ann is trying to come up with ideas for the kids to do at the
Fall Fair.  How about some small weaving projects?
She has a wonderful husband who made these small looms.

Mona's been quilting, the"Log Cabin" ... front

Sharon is in another play! Here she is telling us all about it.
Please note: One-Time-Only chance to see it again -
that is at the festival competition with 6 other drama groups.
Sunday May 21st!
Last performance is Sunday May 21st at Shuswap Theatre 7:00 p.m.
Tickets can be picked up at Althea's shop Intwined Fibres

Maureen's been knitting a toque and arm warmers.
Her toque is the" River Bend" pattern using Niro yarn.

Myrna and Bea took a needle felting class this morning,
these were Myrna's two projects.
Bea's needle felting project.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tuesday, April 25th, 
 Spin-In @ Judith's
Gloria, Mona, Catherine and Darlene
Judith, Lis and Darlene
Sherry, Trudy, Sharon

Trudy and Sharon
Elvi and Bea
Michelle and Glenda
Sara was able to join us after lunch.

Judith served a wonderful soup with fresh baked bread along with a new recipe she tried, sheet pie.  Lunch was delicious.  It's always nice to get together with such a wonderful group of gals!
After lunch we had show and tell from Elvi - showing us her samples of the tea towels we will be working on at the fall fairs.   Sherry brought along her samples from the Jane Stafford's Colour and Design Workshop she took on Salt Spring Island. We have such great talent in this group!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

We've been spinning at Pioneer Lodge 
third Thursday of the month.
Today we had a surprise Birthday cake for Darlene!

Happy Birthday to you! 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

                          April Show and Tell
Louise's woven Cape is just beautiful!
Louise's knitted vest is just as lovely!

Cathie's Taquete woven rug (front)

Also known as 4 end block weave or weft faced compound tabby. (see Collingwood)

Carmen with her felted picture. Check out Carmen's display this month at the
Piccadilly Mall in the Shuswap Spinners and Weavers window display.

Some of Carmen's other felted items.

Joan has been busy knitting too! 
A picture of Joan's pattern.

Elvie has been weaving, the scarf on the left is one
of her painted warps she did last summer.

Elvie's work up close.

Darlene's weaving with her painted warp from last summer too.
Darlene's scarves up close.
Mona with her woven scarf.  We have so many talented weavers!
Mona is wearing a 2 piece jacket and skirt she wove too.

This is Catherines shawl with short rows.

Lois is back at weaving rugs.

Love the colours and the way she put them together!

Ann's weaving a runner for the top of her piano.

Ann's runner.

Wendy was weaving a rug too!

Such nice colours!

Melissa brought some of her Art Yarn!

Sharon wove a new winter jacket.