Saturday, October 29, 2016

Shuswap Spinners and Weavers Spin Out
October 29, 2016
What a great event and such a wonderful turn out and support from our members and
other guilds in the Okanagan and area. 
Thank you everyone for your attendance, participation and support. 
See you all next year!
Here are a few pictures of our day at the Spin Out along with some Show and Tell.
Our name tags!
Divided into 6 colourful groups!
Table Centre pieces made by Myrna and Bea.

Extra felted leaves and yarn wrapped branches used for wall decorations.
Some of our members, Rod, Ann and Ky.

Great door prizes.

more door prizes

even more door prizes, lots to choose from. Thank you for all the great gifts.

Orange Group

Green Group

Purple Group

Red Group

We had 3 Vendors 

Mary Ann Smith - Smith and Ewe

Anne Carmichael - ABC Knits

Lynn Anderson - West Coast Colour and Carding 

Sara and Gudie did Art Yarn demonstrations.

Our Guild even had a small sale table.

Raffel prizes

5 Raffel prizes in all!
Thank you to the people who so generously donated
 fibre, soaps and wine for the raffel prizes.
 Show and Tell from our members and guests!

Ann's felted vest ready for this Show and Tell!

Myrna with her felted vest.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to....  Ann N. and the committee members for putting on such an enjoyable day. To all the guild members who helped out to make this annual event such a success.To the set up and take down crew, to the people in charge of providing such wonderful raffel prizes and to the people who donated door prizes. Thank you Anne C. for all the threading hooks you made to go along with our name tags.  To Ky and Larissa our cooks for the wonderful lunch and to all the kitchen help in helping prep and making our lunch such an enjoyable meal, thank you too to all the ladies who brought baking and made the fruit tray, the desserts, they were soooo good. To the ladies who served us our refreshments and the ladies who washed all the dished and cleaned the kitchen. Thank you for the pumpkins and table decorations, the room looked beautiful. To Ann N. for being our MC, to Sara and Gudie for sharing your Art Yarn techniques.  To the ladies in charge of our guild sales table.  Thank you to our vendors, your fibre and crafts are so beautiful, and thank you to the members who worked at the guest table greating our visitors.  If I missed anyone please let me know as everyone did such a wonderful job and deserve a huge thank you too! Most of all.....
Thank you to our out of town guests, we sure hope you had a great day and hope to see you next year!  Bea 

Monday, October 10, 2016

October Meeting Minutes
Shuswap Spinners and Weavers
October 3, 2016

The meeting was called to Order by Carole at 7:10 pm, with 24 members attending.
Welcome to our three new members, Jill, Loanna and Dave, as well as Vicky who was visiting.  New Members have been sent the Shuswap Spinners and Weavers information package as well as a list of the email information of our members. 
Acceptance of our June Minutes by Louise and seconded by Gabriele
The only addition to the agenda was the very important “Who is bringing Goodies to the meetings”   A sign up sheet was passed around  and the list is as follows.
November             Elvi and Myrna
Feb                       Dave and Sharon
March                   Carole and Sherry
April                      Bea and Louise
May                      Gabriele and Maureen 
Acceptance of Treasurer’s Report by Ann and seconded by Julia. 
Librarian and Blog Report Bea is just home from the hospital and sent her report with Rod. Bea has sent a copy to me so will send that along as the Report. We hope she heals quickly and is able to come back soon. Hi from everyone Bea! 
Equipment Report—Rod mentioned that it is difficult to keep track of what is wrong and what may have been fixed, so has asked that we set up a  report sheet naming the equipment and what needs to be fixed etc.  It also seems that we are missing parts and a book that went with the sock machine when it first arrived.
We need parts for the Ribber and some stem weights. If anyone can help with these parts please let Rod know.  Ann has been learning the machine with help from our other Anne and presented her socks during Show and Tell. Looking Good! 
Workshops Report—Louise talked about the Theo Morman (spelling) Workshop that Sharon will be giving soon. It is a 4 shaft inlay technique and Sharon showed us the scarf with the technique done.   
Louise is also planning a Drafting Workshop in early 2017 to teach how to read a pattern in several ways. She has not set a date yet. 
Historian Report  Gabriele had nothing to report . 
Book Report—Ann encourages everyone to use our Library more often. There are many great books covering almost anything you want or need to know about the crafts we do. Tonight she featured the book “Homespun and Handknit” 
ANWG Report— The Conference is next June in Victoria and our Guild had paid for us. They have a Web Site that you can go on and look up what is going to happen. We hope to see many from our Guild there. 
IPE     Sharon talked about the effort it takes to put together and staff with volunteers but how much fun it is to be part and also the exposure our Guild gets. We had many interested in the hands on weaving and watching the spinning. There were some young people who enjoyed trying out the looms and the parents and especially the grand parents who enjoyed watching them. Many pictures were taken with some good memories for the family. 
Workshop Classes  from the IPE that Sharon is offering had many sign up for the Weaving, Felting and Spinning. Some of the dates are going to be changed after Sharon has had time to call everyone interested. She will keep us posted on the dates. 
Salmon Arm Fair    Ann spoke of some of the same things as Sharon at this Fair. Once again there was lots of participation in hands on weaving and people enjoyed watching the spinning and carding.
The Blanket waulking drew a crowd, as I am sure many have not seen it before.,and loads of fun for us participating; water everywhere.! We had musical accompaniment and bits of “sort of singing” from us.  The Sheep to Shawl was entertaining also and our Guild won first. 
Louise talked about having some new and different demonstrations and Spinning classes, one of those being Art Yarns. A little later in the year they would like to have those interested in helping get together and set up a new program for the Fair. 
Spin-In at Kelowna      There were 7 of us participating in the Spin In, and an opportunity to meet new people as we were set up in groups according to the color on our nametag. A really good idea. The food was yummy and the Show and Tell had a great variety.  We hope several of their Guild will attend our Spin Out on Oct 29th 
Spin-Out at Salmon Arm         Anne has made hooks for spinning wheels as our door tags, thanks very much, it will be a nice keepsake for people as well as useful. There will be three big door Prizes and if you are interested in bringing a smaller raffle prize, you can get hold of Ann to arrange delivery or just bring to the event that morning. (examples: home made jam; small craft, plant etc.)I believe Ann may have all of the spots filled that need help to make our get together fun and smooth running. We have several paid registrations already and think there will be more.   It was decided that there would be a Guild Table of items to be sold.                                   If you have any yarns for Art Spinning they can be taken to Sara’s daughter’s store in Salmon Arm. 
Picadilly  Mall      There will not be a get together at the Mall this month as we are busy getting ready for Spin Out etc.  Rod asked about changing the Display for a more seasonal look. All agreed 
Mistakes!!! We all make them in our handmade items and for our November Meeting, Louise will arrive early and help you fix yours, as well as during our coffee break and a bit after the meeting. Sometimes it takes a different eye to see the mistake also.  Thanks Louise.
Christmas Sale    Held on Dec 3rd    I am sure Ann will be asking for help at our November meeting so be ready to volunteer. This is a big event for us and we will need help. 
December Meeting is the Pot Luck Dinner and begins at 6pm instead of 7pm.
We have also changed the date for the meeting; it will be the 2nd Monday
December 12th   It would be really nice to see everyone there. 
Spin Ins              November 15th   10 to 2 pm Sherry Barker
                            (will bring directions Nov Meeting)
                            January 17th       10 to 2 pm Mona Ball
Sharon gave a talk on pricing our items for sale. It is always hard to come up with a price, however there are many factors to consider.  Price of yarn, replacement cost of same yarn, how long it takes to make, travel, time spent designing etc. Thanks for giving us some tips.
Meeting Adjourned    8:35 pm
Show and Tell     It is amazing how many varieties of items were shown last night. We are very fortunate to have such talents in our Guild.
Hope to see many of you at the Christmas Sale.  
 Sherry, for Lis, our Secretary.
Additions to the minutes:

 Under Equipment Report - Rod wanted his name and contact info (text, email, phone, etc) to be in the rental book and people would contact him in 1 of those ways as well as signing items out in the book. This would allow him to keep track of things without having to check the guild room every day. (check with Rod if this is how he wants it written up)
ANWG report - the conference is the end of June and July 1, 2,2017, the guild has paid our guild membership which allows each of us to register at the member rate which is a saving.
Google ANWG conferences then in menus look at past conferences and
2017 Conference for the information on that is presently there , more will be coming and registrationon starts Jan 1st.  from Louise
Library Report:  There were some outstanding library books over the summer, I'm hoping after tonight's meeting the books will be returned in good faith. It was just a matter of this person getting to the Salmon Arm's guild room to be able to hand them in.

I will do an update of the library check outs in the next week or so.

Over the summer  we received the following;

Guild of Canadian Weavers - The Bulletin, Summer 2016 issue

Ply Magazine, Summer 2016, issue # 13.   and....

Spin Off, Summer 2016,  issue # 2

Noelle did leave me more magazines on the back counter, Rod will bring them home tonight and I will get them recorded before anyone can check them out.

We have a wealth of information in our guild library, please do not hesitate to browse through the library and take books out and magazines!

The Blog Report:  I have had a busy summer with a lot of people wanting their stuff posted in the "For Sale" section of the blog. If you have sold or know of someone who has sold their stuff and it is posted on the blog, please email me the updated information.

I have also had a few emails from people asking about our guild (as a visitor), wanting pricing information on certain items they want posted "For Sale", posting other guild information on our blog, and spinning and knitting inquiries. I've managed to deal with these inquiries by forwarding them on to the appropriate people or calling someone in our guild to help direct these people in their inquiries.

I do have a lady inquiring about someone doing some spinning and knitting for her for some Christmas gifts. If you are interested in taking on such a project send me an email through the guild address or give me a call, my contact info is on the blog and I can fill you in on the details. I'm not even sure if this lady is from our area, it sounds like she might be from the island and therefore maybe one of our members out that way might be interested in taking on this project. I did tell the lady that everyone was busy getting their own projects ready for our Christmas sale.

Thank you to those people sending me pictures for the blog, either of spin ins, workshops or fall fairs. We've been quite busy over the summer! I have totally enjoyed keeping the pictures and our events updated.

Please someone take pictures of tonight's show and tell for me to post.

Thank you. Bea 🐝

October Show and Tell
Julia felting!

Cathie with her tea towel.

Gabriel and Louise's weaving.

Sherry and her mittens, along with other show and tell items.