Monday, June 23, 2014

Looking for fleece for Grizzly bear project

Hello fibre friends!

I have a very large scale art project for the local gallery that will require 2-3 large fleeces of wool that best resembles a grizzly bear's fur! I am searching for washed...but definitely not premium fibre for a life sized Grizzly. Colour and feltability are the most important, but breed/softness do not matter. Here is a reference pic of brown tones and texture I am after.

Please let me know if you have anything that will work.

Kindest regards ,
email: or text me: 2504634494

Monday, June 9, 2014

June Meeting Minutes

June 2, 2014 
Spinners and Weavers Meeting

Many thanks to everyone for all the delicious food, congenial atmosphere and great meal.  A special thanks to Clare for hosting and providing beverages both in the afternoon and evening.

Call to order with Gabriele Clark chairing the meeting at 7:35
28 present
Additions to Agenda:  Table Loom
Adoption of May's minutes: moved by Sara, seconded by Gudrun, carried.
Treasurer.  Noelle reminded people that dues for the next year are $20 and the year starts now.
A little increase in money over the month with some expenses for rent. Still in the process to set up signees. Noelle moved her report be adopted, Julia seconded, carried.
No reports from other areas tonight.

Old Business
Waulking project: on track with two more blankets to weave, before Nikki and Katie. Maureen is interested in the vacant spot. Bea to start tomorrow.

Election of President: Gabriele to be president, Vice President to be Sharon Wickstrom.  Thanks to everyone remaining on the executive.

August at the Art Gallery-Sara says the Art Gallery has still not gotten back to her so she has no  new information.  Usually there is Paint the Town in August but this year they want Art groups and people to commit to coming and doing something during the day, a demonstration opportunity.  Need people to come during Tuesday to Saturday to demonstrate. A list was circulated and Sara has the list.  Contact Sara for more information,

Blind Bay centennial July 18, 19  Nikki to find out more information and we will circulate it upon receipt so watch your inbox.

Upcoming events and dates
     Haney Heritage Village dates:
               Father's Day. June 15.  8:30 - 2. Spinning on the porch ( 6 - 8 people indicated interest)
               Pioneer Days July 13.  8:30 - 2 spinning and our milling frolic
               Classic Car show. Aug 10.  9:00 - 2  spinning on the porch
             Diversity Quilt Show June 21 10 - 7. We are invited to use the porch and    
              grounds around Haney House to spin, demonstrate our craft and to have a 
               vendors marketplace. Gabriele to coordinate. Katie, Louise, Mona, have 
                indicated they will attend.
   June 7 Donkey Days in Turtle Valley    Nikki, Gwen, Anne, Noelle,  Check your 
                                     email for other information about this sent on June 3.
   July 26 Enderby Arts Festival: Mona, Anne, Ann N to attend.
   August 11 - 30. Art Gallery Days in Salmon Arm.  A list was circulated. 

August 14 for meeting to plan for the two fairs.  Meet at Sharon's at 10 a.m.  Bring 
                    spinning wheels and bag lunches.  Meeting will be in the morning. 
 If you already have a time you want to commit to operate our booth send it to Ann Nikmo.   Shifts run 10 to 4 and 4 to 10 each day. Wednesday through Sunday for IPE.

IPE  August 27 to 31
Salmon Arm Fall Fair. Sept 5, 6, & 7  Check out the classes for weaving in the    
        Textiles and Needle Arts plus spinning classes for yarn. Remember to send in 
         entry form by the deadline of August 23.  Participation please!

New Business:

Fall Fairs:  Aug 14 at Sharon's bring spinning wheel, bag lunch, knitting or ?  Also check calendars and try to do a shift or two at the fair.

Summer Spin-ins/knit-ins.
July 8 spin - in at Darlene's
Katie will check on a date to host a spin in, so watch for upcoming information.
 Desert Mesa is Oct 16, 17, 18, 19  $285 if sharing.

No more kids club in the Rec centre, which means the larger room may be available in the afternoon for meetings and fibres unlimited.  Gabriele to check out about this.

Adjournment: Anne moved the meeting adjourned.
Program:  Arm knitting by Katie, interesting and oh, so quick.  A great way to use up stash quickly.
Show and Tell: Brown bag projects were shown: some in progress, some complete, some in fomentation stage.  Other inspiring items created ohs and ahs.

Stuart in Chase has a Dorothy LeClerc table loom, books and hand carders to possibly donate to the guild. His phone # is 250 679-8023.  It is best to call around supper time.

**Additional note by Nikki Webber to the minutes from Ann - I have contacted Stuart and he is interested in donating the items to the Guild so that they can be enjoyed by lots of fibre enthusiasts and utilized for educational purposes, as his wife was an avid weaver and went around sharing her knowledge all over eastern Canada. He is in the process of getting a plaque made for them with his wife's name on it and I will be contacting him in a week or so to arrange meeting up with him.** 

May Meeting Show and Tell

Thanks again to Bea & Rod for the pictures :)