Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December Meeting Minutes

DECEMBER 7, 2015

The meeting was called to order by President Carole at 7:15 PM, with 30 members attending.

Gabriele moved, seconded by Ann that the Minutes of the November meeting be adopted. Carried.

Equipment Report: One mannequin is missing a shoulder

Library Report: no fines, no overdue books. The PLY magazine has come.

Historian: Please copy or print photos of the sale for Gabriele if you have some.

Workshops: The Efficiency Warping Workshop is full. There are 13 people for February 6 @ Sharon's workshop. Is there interest in running a second workshop for a maximum of 10 people? Yes: Sonja, Carole, Lisa and Marg could be added to a second date. Payment to be made before leaving tonight.

People who desire a specific workshop should speak to Louise.


The blanket warp is continuing. Elvi is working on it now. Carole, Catherine, Ann, Ryoko and Hiromi are interested in putting on another warp. Another pattern could be selected. The cost seems to be working out to be about $60 a blanket. The waulking will be held in the third week of February, during Heritage days. Ann is planning to hold a workday for correcting errors before that, and will likely be responsible for choosing a new pattern and purchasing wool.

SPIN IN 2016 The Guild spin in will be held the last Saturday in October. Next year, that will be October 29. The Roman Catholic church basement has been booked. $50, including use of the kitchen, so Ann suggests that we might want to add a donation. Because the rent is so reasonable, the cost of the Spin In can still be $15. Last time, having a focus - trying out various spinning wheels - was very successful. This time, we are thinking about demonstrating how to spin locks and art yarns. We would need to have some locks available for people to try. Possibly two demonstrations, one at 11 am, and one at 1 pm. The theme could be Harvest Spin Out. We could make a scarecrow, only of wool, not straw, having locks dangling at the wrists, etc. A face could be needle felted, and then the scarecrow could also be used at fall fair, and at the ANWG conference in 2017. Gudie offered some of the bark from the knitted tree for use in the display. If ideas occur to you about this, call Carole. Lots of people would be needed to work on this.

An updated phone number and address list will be sent out soon.

When complete, cheques for the sale will be mailed to people who live out of town, and left at Thea's shop for people in town to pick up.


Julia found it is very easy to injure yourself with the current sandwich boards, which are extremely heavy, and offered these options.

1. Professional printing on coreplast - $91.95 per side. We would need 4 double sided boards. $800, plus the frame would cost $75.00 $875.00

2. Julia could purchase her own coreplast, and use architectural lettering $400 and make a frame that could have weight added to it.

Catherine moved, and Lisa seconded that we vote for option 2, which is that Julia make it. CARRIED.

There was some discussion about the durability of felts for lettering, some discussion of mediums. Julia will decide. It was decided to leave the SALE on the board along with the wording Shuswap Spinners and Weavers, but possibly it could be covered for other events.

Chrome display rack. Hasn't been used for years, as it is difficult to transport. To give away? Thea is to take it away.

Dates To be Aware Of:

IPE August 31- September 4
Fall Fair: 2016 Theme: Sow it, Grow it, Show it. Dates: Sept 9 - 11
Heritage Week - February 15 - 19
Fibres West at the coast; March 18, 19 & 20
Vernon (Kalamalka) Spin In - March 19
Kamloops Spin in - Thompson Treadlers Saturday, March 5
Summerland research anniversary, Desert Sage Guild Saturday, April 2.
Father's Day at Haney Heritage - June 19
Williams Lake - early May - I have two dates both the 1rst and the 7th. Can anyone help?
Kelowna Spin In - October 1
May 8 O'Keefe Ranch Fibre Day
Salmon Arm Spin In - October 29

Blog: Not always current, as Nikki is too busy. Bea and Rod and Lois to share learning how to do the blog. Nikki and Lisa to instruct. Bea & Rod to take over for now.

When you have dates for events, send them to Bea, who is going to work on a new calendar set-up for the guild blog, in order to track all the dates.

Spin Ins and Knit Ins

Wednesday Night Spin Ins will continue for the next two weeks, Dec 9 and 16, and will then resume in January on the 6th.
January 19 - daytime spin in at Marcia's from 10 - 2. Address: 86 Dale Road, Enderby, 
Ph: 250-838-0232
January 11 - Knit In @ The Pie Company from 7 - 9 PM
January 13 Knit In at the Mall, hosted by Bea and Rod; x, 10am - 2pm; and in the evening from 7 - 9 PM
Spinners welcome at Heritage Week in the mall, February 15 - 19

Next Meeting: February 1, will be a daytime meeting, from 1 - 3 PM. Fibres Unlimited will be in the morning from 10 - 12. The program will be Knitting with Beads. Judith and Darlene will be providing goodies.

Gudrun's memorial: The consensus of the November meeting had been that the Community Foundation was not a match for our needs. Sara moved, Lisa seconded that we make a committee to come up with options for a memorial plan, or an educational scholarship plan. Carried. The committee to consist of: Lisa, Catherine, Judith, Sara, and will report to the meeting in February. Additional people and ideas are welcome. Contact one of the committee members.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 for Show and Tell.  
                                                         Christmas Potluck Dinner

Finishing Woven Items - Mini Workshop
This workshop was held on Saturday November 14, 2015 from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m.  The participants met at Askews Uptown conference room in Salmon Arm.  They learned how to put professional and personal touches to their special handwoven pieces, this 4 hour workshop was so informative.  The class sampled several stitching, braiding, crocheting and knotting techniques for use while on or off a loom.  Finishes add durability, interest and professional detail to our wovens.  There was demonstrations and hands-on practice.  At the end of the session, the class received a useful reference collection of many ways to enhance their handwork.

This class was a great suggestion for new weavers, this short workshop was a great way to ease into the workshop season.  Co-ordinated by Louise Smith and instructed by Rosalie Williams.

                                     Our Instructor - Rosalie demonstrating beading

                                      Our Co-ordinator Louise heping out.

November Meeting Minutes

Shuswap Spinners and Weavers
November 2, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7 PM, by President Carole, with 18 members attending.  Louise moved to adopt the agenda. Seconded by Lisa. CARRIED.

Louise moved that the Minutes of the October Minutes be adopted as corrected. Seconded by Bea. CARRIED.

Equipment Rod reported that all the wool combs had been rented since the fall fair. One wheel and mannequin had been repaired and returned.

Library Bea reported that $5 had been collected in fines, and that the new Guild of Canadian Weavers magazine and Handwoven had been received. The fall PLY with the article on Melissa had not been received, although 2 more copies were due on the subscription. Noelle to check into the subscription. Moved by Judith, seconded by Anne that we order the "Woolen" copy of the PLY books. CARRIED

Workshops Louise reported that the November 14 workshop on finishing would go ahead as planned. Samples of the products were on a side table. The workshop will be held at Askew's Community Room on November 14 from 12:30 to 4:30 PM. Those attending owe $20 tonight.


Christmas Sale

Advertising Copies of Gudie's posters should be available for printing on your email. Copies of Sara's new poster were available. People were asked to take those that they could distribute for posting around the community. Noelle will send out a smaller copy of the poster for personal printing. Gudie sent a list of all the free community advertising that she has covered, including all community calendars People were asked to forward the fb event to all their friends when it is created.

Ann/Carole/Elvi/Lois and Gabriele are to meet at the senior's centre for lunch to see the hall and discuss placement of tables and displays. Please email Ann if you have any specific props that you can bring for the sale, esp floor length ones.

The set up committee of Bea, Lois, Elvi, Carole, and Ann are to meet at the Community Centre on Friday from 3 - 4 PM to load up items for use at the sale. The set up committee will arrive at 7 AM at the Seniors Centre. The rest of the guild members can arrive to help at 8 AM, which is when general table set up will begin. The sale will begin at 10 AM.

EVERYONE SHOULD BRING A PLATE OF GOODIES. Goodies should be small and non-gooey. Put your name on your container. Gabriele has the plates, tea, coffee, cream and tea cups under control. Larissa to bring a coffee maker. The guild has a kettle.

Noelle: Tags for the sale - We are moving to a 3 initial system if possible. Put 3 initials and your code number, and the price on the tage. Some people like to put fibre content and washing instructions on the tags. If you have old tags with 2 initials on a lot of merchandise, it's okay for this year, but we are trying to phase that out. An inventory list must be left with the cash box. It should contain the Initials and numbers, price of the item and a description of the item.

There was some discussion about accessing a square for the guild for VISA sales. Noelle and Lisa to look into it.

SPIN IN 2016. Our first booked date for March 19 has not worked out. Other dates will be sought when the committee meets.

Community Foundation. The Community Foundation is encouraging groups to contribute to their discretionary funds right now, and amounts from $1 - 5000 will be matched this fall. Scholarships are not paid until $10,000 is invested. The problem is that only registered charities can commission scholarships. If the Spinners and Weavers wished to give a scholarship, they would have to become an adjunct of either the Arts Council, or the Fall Fair Association, and have those groups give out a Spinner and Weaver Scholarship. Some discussions resulted in the ideas that such an arrangement might be too formal for our purpose. A suggestion was made that scholarships could be made within the guild for numerous purposes. EG. A scholarship to attend a conference could allow a member to attend, and bring information back to the guild. At this time, there was no interest in pursuing this arrangement.


ANWG Judith gave some history of ANWG, and incited a lot of interest in the 2017 convention which will be in Victoria, June 29 - July 2, 2017. The convention will feature classes, a convention, sales booths, a Fashion Show - "Wild and Wonderful Wearables", a juried show, and an open show. More Information can be found on the ANWG website, and Judith will keep us updated.

Calendar Rod and Bea have been considering a printed calendar, using Show and Tell items for photos, which would give the dates of the major spinning and weaving events for the guild. Printing is $5 a copy. There was some discussion about paper and electronic calendars and their benefits. Bea and Rod to do more research.

Copies of the Sales Protocol were distributed. A mailout will be sent this month to those members not attending.

An up-to date list of Members was not distributed, as many members paid tonight. The list will be forthcoming. Unpaid but well-intentioned members should contact Noelle.

Up Coming Events:

Christmas Potluck The Christmas Potluck will be held on December 7 at the Community Centre at 6 PM. Everyone is welcome. People are advised to bring their own plates and cutlery, as well as a shared dish.

Wednesday Evening Spin Ins continue at the Piccadilly Mall. Use the back Entrance at 7 - 9 PM.

There are Tuesday Evening Spin Ins in the basement of Carlin Hall on Tuesdays, at 7 PM. A $3 drop in fee applies. Coffee and Tea are by donation or BYO.

November 10 - The Monashee Weavers will be spinning at Louise's place in Lumby from 1 - 4 PM, and our guild is invited to join them. Louise's address is 751 Creighton Valley Road.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 for Louise's program on calculating shrinkage with cotton, and for Show and Tell.

October Show and Tell