Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kalamalka Weavers and Spinners Annual Fun-Spin Day - March 26

Kalamalka Weavers & Spinners
Invite you to our Annual 'FUN~SPIN DAY'
Saturday - March 26th, 2011 - 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
The Faith Baptist Church
3908 - 27th Street, Vernon, V1T 4X7
Happy New Year to everyone. Yes, it’s time again to invite all you lovely “crafty“ ladies (gentlemen are not excluded) to our annual Spin-In /Fun Day on Saturday, March 26th .   As well as spinning, we encourage you to bring your knitting, sewing, "to finish" items or maybe you have an idea you would like to share with everyone. For beginner spinners this is a wonderful time to see the different makes of spinning wheels and get a lot of help in choosing fibres etc. There will be lots to see and share. Bring your show & tell, "shop 'til you drop", and of course, fun meeting up with friends. So please come and make this a real "Fun Day".
The cost for the day is $15.00, which includes lunch and all day refreshments. If you would like a commercial table the cost is $25. 
If our long distance friends would like to come and need an overnight stop-over, we can offer some accommodation but please let us know in plenty of time.  If you have any queries phone me on 250-545-7819 or e-mail at kentrix@junction.net. Looking forward to seeing you all. J J
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Send $15.00 or $25 for a commercial table by March 11th to:
Trixie Krogel, 173 L & A Cross Road, Vernon, V1B 3S1


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Heritage Week Events in Salmon Arm - Piccadilly Mall

" Please be reminded that Heritage Days/Week is at Picadilly Mall February 21 - 26.

Our group will be active  Monday thru Thursday, so bring whatever you are working on and what you care to display. To book in for a specific time slot, call Elvi or just drop in.  

Starting at 9:30 am on Friday 25th the Guild will be putting on something new; the "Back-to-Back" challenge.This is similar to the sheep-to-shawl, except that we will be knitting a sweater instead of weaving a shawl. Ann N.is the coordinator and still needs knitters and some spinners. 
to get on board. 

On Saturday 26th we can take the day off and enjoy the pie contest which will take place in 
"our" spot. "


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jason Collingwood Workshop Information

This year I have arranged with the Garden Valley School District to use our new Multi-Purpose Room...it's FAB !  Get your reservations in NOW as Garden Valley is a hub of summer activities and I'd hate for you to miss this fine opportunity for FUN and LEARNING  as JASON COLLINGWOOD is a top-notch instructor with a wry sense of humor !

Sweet Heart Special Workshop Fee  $300. + $25. materials fee = $325.  ~  paid in full by February 14th 2011 ~ a few spaces still available at Sweet Heart Special .
Visit Jason's website for more info on Jason !   www.rugweaver.co.uk

3 -end b l o c k w e a v e .
An exploration of three end block weaves, the same structure Jason uses to weave all his rugs.

Starting with simple two colour designs and moving on to designing within the blocks and the introduction of a third colour. Techniques such as clasped wefts and dovetailing will be looked at to further increase the design scope of this structure. 2 / 1 double faced twill will also be covered in this class.
Special emphasis will be placed on Shaft Switching, every one being able to adapt their looms in class to try out this exciting technique.


the design possibilities of shaft switching

With the aid of slides/power point presentation this technique will be full explained. What led to its development, the most basic forms of shaft switching, the various stages along it's 'evolution' up to the commercially available unit of today.

Each of these steps will be carefully explained ( many with slides of the original plans for the first lever system ). Using slides of Jason's work along with that of others it will be clearly seen just how liberating shaft switching is design wise for the rug weaver.

A general discussion on what constitutes good design will also be covered.

Contact:       georgianna goetsch   PO Box 777   Garden Valley, ID    83622-0777

Note: Garden Valley is located in the north east corner of Boise County, ie. north of Boise, on the western border of the Boise National Forest.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fibres West Information - Mark your calendars

WHAT:       FIBRES WEST 2011 , a spinning, weaving, knitting trade show

WHERE:    Abbotsford Exhibition Park, AgRec Bldg,
               32470 Haida Drive,  Abbotsford B.C.

WHEN:      March 18, 19, 2011. Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-5

COST:       Adults $8.00, Students/Seniors $5.00, kids 12 and under free

URL:          www.fibreswest.com

·        Local, BC Fibre Vendors
·        Free lectures
·        Knit Cafe (sponsored by the Fraser Valley Knitting Guild)
·        Artisan Gallery
·        Kids Fibre Activities
·        Free demos - watch experts spinning, weaving, needle felting, knitting, carding and more!
·        Inexpensive, short classes  - weaving, spinning, knitting, felting, basketry and more...

February 7 Monthly Meeting Minutes

19 members were present. 
The meeting opened with a welcome to members from President, Gabriele C.

Judith moved the minutes be adopted, seconded by Gudie. Carried.

Treasurer's Report by Noelle noted that in the last fiscal year we were no longer spending reserves but had been in the black. 

The Art Gallery is reserved for the Christmas Sale on November 26, 2011.

Heritage Week – Feb 21 – 26 at the Picadilly Mall.  Elvi circulated a sign up list for the daily spinning, knitting at the mall.  Feb 25 is the Back to Back event with most of the details attended to already and the mall is helping to promote the event.  A team of spinners and knitters will make a sweater from raw wool blade shorn from a sheep without the use of motorized equipment – spinning wheels, knitting needles and a ball winder are the only allowed equipment.

ANWG “Goodie Bag” project report by Gudie.  Paper was made in January and the 100 cards with maps inserted were done Monday afternoon at the guild room.  The conference is in Saalem, Oregon May 30 – June 5, 2011.
We still need a contact person for ANWG.

Workshops – Tapestry Workshop on Feb 19, 2011 starting at 9:30.  Cost is $35 including materials fee.  Workshop participants are reminded to pay in advance of any workshop.
Beginner Weavers Workshop: Sharon Wickstrom, February 26.

Salmon:  All the fish are sewn and pressed.  Stuffing and hand sewing is still needed.  Elvi has organized with Picadilly Mall a display cabinet to hand the fish in.  Lighted from the top with room for a banner advertising our guild.

Sheep to Shawl: Invitations will be sent out shortly.  A team is needed.  Elvi has offered to weave and Gudie will spin,.  4 other team members are needed.
Fall Fair dates:  Salmon Arm  September 9, 10, 11  2011
                        IPE – Aug 30, September 1,2,3,4, 2011

Name tags:
Gudie suggested everyone make their own, discussion ensued and it was decided to keep the same type.  Noelle to check into cost and availability.  Sign up for name tags at the next meeting.

Fibres West: March 18 and 19 in Abbottsford.  One of the biggest fibre gatherings in BC.
Joybilee Farms:  Fibre Fusion in Greenwood,  August  6, 2011.  Linen Processing
Fibre Fest:  June 18, 19 in Victoria.

Kalamalka Spinners and Weavers Annual Spin In:  March 26, 2011.  $15.00

Library:  Please return items in a timely manner and pay your fines for overdues.

Text Box: Misssing;
 One wool comb from the mini set.  Check about and return if found.
Remember that these combs are very sharp.

History:  Article about Gudrun will be given to Wendy.

Fibres Unlimited:  Many activites today with paper folding, carding, knitting, weaving, knitting machine, washing wool, stuffing salmon, etc.  Busy, productive and informative.

 Spin-Ins and Knit-Ins at Picadilly Mall during Heritage week.  All are welcome, come by 10 and stay til ????  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Back to Back on Friday plus others spinning, knitting, cheering, etc.  Feb 21, 22, 23, 24, 25.

Meeting Adjourned by Sharon.  Goodies, coffee and amazing Show and Tell followed.

March Goodies:  Gabriele, Karen and Sue.

Back to Back Challenge

In 1811 at Newberry in Berkshire, UK, a one thousand pound wager was made to make a coat from a sheep's back to a man's back in one day.  Watched by 5000 people, the coat was completed in 13 hours.

Today's challenge began in 1992 when Richard Snow, a keen young spinner at the Scottish Wool Centre at Aberfoyle in Scotland developed thyroid cancer.  His desire to raise funds for cancer research sparked off their Back To Back Challenge , a competition very similar to that run almost two hundred years ago.

That same year in Australia, teams representing football clubs competed in a race to spin and knit a football scarf from freshly shorn wool.

Since 1995  there is an international Challenge (run out of Australia) held in early June each year to raise funds for Cancer research and to promote the use of  wool from “sheep's back to spinner's back”using only the ancient skills of blade shearing, spinning and knitting.

See and experience the Shuswap version of this challenge on February 25, 2011 at Picadilly Mall in Salmon Arm starting at 9:30 am.  A team of 8 people: one shearer and 7 spinners and knitters will be timed in their attempt to create a pullover sweater.  Wool is spun just as it comes from the sheep with no washing, cleaning or carding.  The sweater begins to be knit as soon as the plied yarn is created. Needle size, stitch and row number are counted carefully to ensure that no shortcuts are taken. 

For more information:  Contact     Ann                        250 832 -9639