Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Minutes June 6 Meeting & Potluck @Mt. Ida Hall

Mona called the meeting to order at 7: 30 PM, with 27 members attending.
Eileen moved that the minutes be adopted as read.  Seconded by Clare. 
Carried.  The Treasurer’s report was read by Noelle.
Correspondence:  Noelle read a letter from SAGA/Shuswap District Arts
Council, in which the two organizations announce their amalgamation.  The
effect on SSW will be minimal, as we will continue to pay membership to
only one organization.
Fees for next year’s memberships were collected by Noelle over the evening.
Old Business:
IPE Meeting will be at Sharon’s and will be combined with a Spin-In. 
Date:  Thursday, August 25, from 10 AM to 4 PM.  This is an important
meeting, as we need a large number of volunteers for the IPE, usually 3
members per shift (10 - 4; 4 - 10 usually, options can be specially
arranged).  Any member can contribute items for sale there; there is no
commission.  Set-up for IPE is Tues, August 30.  The IPE runs from Wed to
Sunday.  Planning will be included at this time for the SA Fall Fair.
No further information was available on Lynette’s Shibori workshop. 
Gudrun will run an overshot workshop in October.  More information will be
New Business:
June 11 - Knit In Public Day - meet at the Ross Street Park at 10 AM.  BYO
chair and hat, and be sure to wish Julia Happy Birthday.  Offerings for
yarn-bombing can be given to Kyla or Melissa at Clixel/Pharmasave.
June 13 - Spin In at Ann’s  12 - 4 PM
June 19 - Father’s Day - Haney House need spinners.  Pancake breakfasts
will be served on both occasions.
July 10 - Haney House Heritage Days - 8:30 AM - 2 PM.  Spinners needed
(about 12 volunteered.)  They like heritage clothing.
July  - Spin-In at Ranfurly Farms.  Marg will email the information and
date to members when it is decided.
August 15 - Spin In at Darlene’s.  10 - 2 PM.
Thank-yous - Card to be sent to Piccadilly Mall Management thanking them
for their support and help.  Also a notice to the paper.#
Our subscription to Weaver’s Craft has expired.  Moved by Ann, seconded by
Darlene that the subscription be renewed.  Carried.  Noelle to renew.
Elvi discussed the possibility of a  SSW showing at SAGA, in order to
promote the guild.   Next year is fully booked, so this event would be in
2013.  The cost of a showing is $300, which can be offset by finding
sponsors for the event.  The time of year? spring or summer.  August might
best suit tourists.  Items sold through the art gallery are usually
subject to a 25% commission fee.  Elvi was commissioned to find out
details, and organize a submission.  15 artists were interested to display
their weavings, etc.  Artists involved would need to submit resum├ęs and
photos, etc.
Ann showed a book/catalogue of workshops and lectures available in
Vancouver during September and October.  Any interested could see her to
view the book.
Judith/Katherine moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 for Show and Tell.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

SWATCHES READY for June 11th


What a great meeting lastnight! 
Thanks to all who came out and knitted/crocheted 
up some more bombing bits!

The official plan is to meet at MIDNIGHT on FRIDAY JUNE 10th at 
the Ross St Park Downtown Salmon Arm. 
Please bring some large needles with large holes, and some yarn for stitching. 
Wear your Bella-clava ...
From Melissa

Back to Back Photos!

Sorry to have missed this event, it looks like a great time was had by both participants and spectators.  The following photos are courtesy of Rosalie.  If there are photos of the finished product and details about the day, please pass them on!

The shearing - note the use of the hand shears - this take skill!

Here 'cum de fleece'

Teasing the fleece prior to spinning

Spinners at work - wonder if Anne has jet lagged fingers?

The Indigo Project

Do you love textiles, the color blue, a good story, sustainability, helping others?
If the answer is yes - support The Indigo Project!
I have once again been invited to teach at the Museo Textil de Oaxaca in the fall. I will be teaching three workshops: a weft Ikat to the original group of weavers from Sept 2010, a warp Ikat workshop to a new group of ten, and Michel Garcia’s method of making a reduction indigo vat.
In addition I plan on traveling to one of the last villages in Mexico that produces indigo. I expect to spend several weeks in the village interviewing the villagers and documenting the indigo production from the field to the indigo cake.
This means I could be in Mexico for up to two months. For all of this to happen I need to raise the funds.
There are two ways that you can donate - join the fun at Kickstarter and receive great rewards!
Or if you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation or your company has matching grants then Fractured Atlas (the fiscal sponsor for Stories of Hope) is the way to go.
What will this money be used for? Part of it will be used to produce a book on the indigo growers. This book will document the process from the fields to the indigo cake ready for market. Part of it will go to having both Stories of Hope –Oaxaca ( Stories of Hope –The Indigo Project translated into Spanish. Part of it will go to transportation, room and board for both myself and a translator. Part of it will go to pay the translator. Part of it will go to updating or adding equipment.
Why is this important? This is one of the last villages in Mexico to produce indigo and I feel very strongly that it is important to archive the process and tell the stories of the villagers. Indigo production has sustained them for generations, but this could all become lost as the younger generations leave the village to work in the US or Mexico City. It can become lost because this is a subsistence lifestyle and one bad crop can ruin the village financially. Last year there was too much rain and they were only able to produce a small amount of indigo.
It takes only one generation for knowledge to become forever lost. Twice in the past year I traveled to return to cultures craft techniques that had become lost to them.
Stories of Hope ( is making a difference in people’s lives and that is happening because of the generosity and support of people like you!
Thank you,
Linda LaBelle