Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June Meeting Minutes with Show & Tell

Minutes of Meeting
Shuswap Spinners and Weavers
June 1, 2015

The meeting was called to order by President Gabriele at 7:10 PM., after an excellent potluck.   There were 21 members attending.

Carole moved, and Julia seconded that the Additions to and the Agenda of the meeting be adopted.  Carried.

Judith moved and Sara seconded that the Minutes of the May 5 meeting be adopted, with the financial adaptations.  Carried.

Old Business:

Financial Report:  Noelle read the Treasurer's Report, including updated information from the spin in.  The subscription to Ply was renewed.  Noelle moved, and Bea seconded that her report be accepted.  Carried.

Equipment and Historian - no report

Library - New Handwoven ready for borrowing.  Some long overdue books have been returned.

Workshops:  Louise enumerated the year's workshops.  Requests by new spinners resulted in 2 workshops.  Nov 8- Fleece Sorting and washing held in Ann Nikmo’s barn, 7 attending. Eight new weavers were helped with 2 sessions held in Jan by Lis Borthwick and team of mentors.  Feb 21st- Washed Fleece preparation and Spinning Techniques –held at Askew’s community free room with 7 members attended  A Workshop on Finishes for weaving was cancelled.  It is a workshop concern that although people indicate an interest for a workshop, when it is arranged, it in not sufficiently subscribed to go ahead, which is a lot of lost labour for the instructor.  Suggestions ranged from a shorter period for guild members before opening the workshop to other guilds, opening workshops to the public, and taking epayments.  A group may possibly visit the workshop protocol in the autumn.

Sales Protocol:  The committee had presented the Sales Protocol along with the agenda to members for consideration.
Louise moved we accept the protocol, Rosalie seconded.  Motion carried.

Sheep to Shawl:  Carole would like the team members to decided on fleeces for the project.  She will email members with a date:  Members of the team are: Maureen, Kyla, Rod, Bea, and Carole.  An additional member is needed.  All members to get their entry in before the deadline, and a cheque to cover the $25 entry fee.

Enderby Arts Festival:  Lis reported that 2 stall spaces had been reserved for guild use.  Many usual attendees will be missing, so other members are needed.  Please email Lis if you can attend.  The guild canopy will be used, but another canopy will be necessary.  Louise hopes to have the guild loom warped for samples, so they can be woven for demonstration purposes.  We need 4 or so members to spin, and items can be displayed for sale.

Blanket Project:  The blankets will be waulked at the Fall Fair on the Friday afternoon at 3 PM.  Our title is Waulking the Web, to help with the theme of "Pioneer Days to Modern Ways".  Members were asked to look for a caller to lead the singing, and have chorus repeats.

New Business:
Goodie List for the coming year:

October Meeting    Lis Borthwick    Gabriele Clark
November Meeting    Carole B.    Noelle C
December Meeting    Potluck
February Meeting    Judith G    Darlene
March Meeting    Bea
April Meeting    Maureen    Rosalie
May Meeting    Louise    Michele
June Meeting    Potluck   

A reminder to check the Fall Fair booklet on line, and to enter as many classes as possible.

Elections:  Bea has managed to put a full slate of officers together; a difficult chore with an almost complete list of retirees.  The entire election was by acclamation.  The new slate of officers for the coming year is:

Carole Berube    President
Ann Nikmo    Vice President
Noelle Cox    Treasurer
Lis Borthwick    Secretary
Rod Johnson    Equipment
Bea Johnson    Librarian
Gabriele Clark    Historian and Past President
Louise Smith     Workshops
Nikki Webber     Blog

We would like to welcome the new executive, and extend our heartfelt thanks to the retiring executive for all their service.   

Seniors Resource Fair at Picadilly Mall June 5 and 6, from 10 - 4 PM daily.  Bea, Lisa and Ann are working on a display board which will broadcast some of our resources if no one is there, but members are encouraged to come for the day to man the booth and display some spun and woven goods.

Summer Spin Ins:

June 16, Tuesday, @ 7 PM.  Carole Berube is hosting an evening spin in from 7 to approx 9 PM.
July 20 Monday. Spin In at Lis Borthwicks.  10 - 2 PM
August 20 Spin In at Sharon's to plan the IPE and Fall Fair schedules.  Bring your wheels, and lunch.  10 - 2 PM.
Sharon would appreciate company to Fibres West, at Olds, Alberta the week of June 19 - 26.  Please let her know if you can accompany her.

UP COMING EVENTS - Mark your calendars.

June 5 & 6 - Seniors Resource Fair
June 13,  Knit in Public Day.  The Art Gallery and Intwined Fibres will be doing a combined Spin in - Knit in at that time.
June 13 - 14 - Lumby Days.  Louise has invited members to attend and ee what is happing.
June 16 - Spin in at Carole's
June 21 - Fathers Day Spinning 8:30 to 2 PM  at Haney Heritage Park
July 12 - Pioneer Days Spinning 8:30 - 2 PM at Haney Heritage Park
July 20 - Spin in at Lis Borthwick's
July 25 - Enderby Arts Festival.  See Lis if you can attend.
August 9 - Classic Car show - Spinning  8: 30 - 2 PM at Haney Heritage Park
August 20 Spin In at Sharons 10 - 2 PM
September 2 - 6th IPE
September 11 - 13 - Fair Fair
September 19.  Next Spin In Public Day.  Always the third Saturday in September

The meeting ended with a fairwell to Eileen Nicholls, who will be moving to Victoria this month.  Eileen adjourned the meeting, and a brief Show and Tell followed.

May Meeting Show & Tell

Shuswap Spinners & Weavers April Spin In!!!