Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Meeting Reminder

Monday, Feb. 6, 2010  @ 7:00 pm

Note earlier start time. Meetings will now begin at 7:00 instead of 7:30.
Location:  Room 2, Salmon Arm Savings & Credit Union Recreation Centre (also known as the Community Centre).

New members are always welcome! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fibres West - Class Sign Up Deadline is Approaching

Spinning, Weaving, Felting, Knitting CLASSES!!
Where: Fibres West, AgRec Bldg, 32470 Haida Drive, Abbotsford Exhibition Park
When:  Friday, March 16 (9:30-6) & Saturday, March 17, (9:30-5) 2012
What:   Teachers from BC and Alberta, Spinning technique including drafting, Drop Spindling, Spinning for Socks. Warping Tips, Entrelac, Mosaic, Cowichan and Sock knitting. Nuno Felting, 3-D felting and more....
Full details including the registration form on the show website - www.fibreswest.com. Class registration deadline, February 29, 2012. Free admission with class registration. Free parking on site.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Guild Fashion Show - Planning Meeting

As most of you know, the Guild passed a motion in December that supported the idea of  putting on a wearable art fashion show event.   I would like to call a committee meeting on this subject next week so that details can be ironed out in terms of when, time, marketing and promotion, inclusion and budget.   
Date: Jan. 24
Time:  Noon
Location:  Prestige Inn Coffee Shop  (To be confirmed)
For more information contact: Gwen M.  (gwen1@sunwave.net)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cowichan Sheep to Shawl Competition

SHEEP – Division 5

Section 1 – Sheep-to-Shawl Competition
Chairperson:  David Loop 250-743-1104
Judge:  TBD


Each Shawl Team will produce a handwoven wool shawl during the allotted time, with a size of at least 1440 square inches (nominally 20 x 72, but may be larger) when off the loom, minus any fringe. 
Design, color, and patterns are at the discretion of each team. For the sake of demonstration, warp and weft yarns are to be plied.
Each Team shall consist of a maximum of 6 members, with no substitutions once the competition begins.  The roles of the members may be interchanged, but 1 member must always be allocated as an Educational Liaison whose sole job is to interact with the public.
Each team will supply all equipment required.  An electrical outlet and chairs will be provided upon request.  A maximum of 1 drum carder is allowed per team, but teams may also use hand cards or wool combs, if desired.
Each team will supply their own warp.  Warp may be commercial or handspun, natural or dyed, and must be at least 75% wool. 
Loom must be manually operated, use a maximum of 4 harnesses, and a minimum sett of 8 EPI.  The loom may be warped and tied-on only, with no header woven.
Pre-washed white and natural coloured Romney fleece will be provided for the weft at the start of the competition, donated by Dunedin Farm, www.dunedinfarm.ca
Weft yarn diameter may not exceed three times the diameter of the warp.
Each team will identify themselves with distinctive signs/banners and distinctive dress.
Shawls will be auctioned following the contest, with proceeds returned to the team that made the particular shawl.


Friday, September 7th, 2012
Allotted time - 9 am to 3 pm
Shawl auction ends at 5 pm
Shearing demonstrations at 9 am, 11 am, 2 pm, 4 pm


Entry Fee:  $20 per Team.

Due to space considerations, only the first 6 entries can be accommodated.

Prize Money:  
1st-$100, 2nd-$70, 3rd-$50, 4th-$30, 5th-$20, 6th-$10
Rosettes:  1st, 2nd, 3rd

Section 1 – Sheep-to-Shawl Scoring

The judge will monitor the teams throughout the day and will score points for each team according to the criteria below.  Shawls must be taken off the loom and presented to the judge in the allotted time to allow time for final scoring.
The judge’s scoring decision will be final.

Team Identification:            up to 10 points
Spinning:                               up to 30 points
Weaving:                               up to 20 points
Design:                                  up to 30 points
Public Education:                 up to 10 points  
1st finished bonus:               10 points
2nd finished bonus:              8 points
3rd finished bonus:               6 points
4th finished bonus:               4 points
5th finished bonus:               2 points

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dates to Remember

There will be no meeting on January 2nd.
Next meeting:  February 6 in the larger room, at 7:00 PM!! (Note the change in the start time.)

Spin In  - Judith's place January 10, 2012.  10- 2 PM.  Bring a bag lunch

Knit In
      - Glenda's place January 16, 2012.  10 - 2 PM.  Bring a bag lunch.

Remember that February 20 - 24th is Heritage week at Picadilly Mall.  A week long spin in!

Haney Heritage Park has once again invited us to spin at their event on Father's Day in June.

Shuttles, Heddles, Books and Magazines

Louise has just submitted a list of items for sale.  Click on the For Sale page heading on the right to see details.