Monday, March 25, 2013

Cardweaving Workshop

At the meeting on April 8, Gudrun Weisinger will give a brief overview of
the technique of cardweaving. She will bring some card woven samples to show
the finished product.

For those who want to explore the technique further, Gudrun will give a 3 hour workshop on Saturday May 4 from 1-4 pm in Room 3 at the Rec Center (beside our storage room).
She will bring a ready-to-weave card-weaving loom, instruction notes, yarn, tools, and woven samples.

The workshop will include some history and explain how to design, warp and set up the cards.
The fee will be $25 for members or $35 for non-members. Registration will be accepted until April 26 by emailing to Rosalie (  A minimum of 7 participants is required otherwise the workshop will be cancelled. To avoid disappointment, please make your payment at the April 8th meeting with cash or cheques made out to SSWG.
Supply list for the tablet (card) weaving workshop on May 4:
Pencil, paper, two 3 inch-C- clamps for tensioning the warp, scissors, tape measure, rubber bands,
marking pen, containers for holding the yarn while making the warp, knife edge shuttle (small stick shuttle), graph paper, yarn for warp and weft: 8/4 Cotton or 5/2 pearl cotton (warp), 3/2 perle cotton or 8/2 cotton (weft) in a variety in 2 or more colours, four hole cards (12 to 20).

Gudrun advises that Sharon does not have four hole cards but they may be
available from Linda Hendrickson at or
If anyone else knows a source for cards, please let us know before the April 8th meeting.

Please direct questions about registration to Rosalie. Questions about
supplies should be directed to Gudrun.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Color Fundamentals for Spinners and Weavers

Color Fundamentals for Spinners and Weavers: Saturday March 16, 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Presenter: Rosalie Williams

Location: Askew’s Foods Community Room, 2701-11 Ave NE, Salmon Arm (Ask at Customer Service for directions to the room upstairs.) Complimentary coffee will be provided by Askew’s. You may purchase a snack or sandwich to munch on during the afternoon.

During this hands-on 4 hour workshop, you will briefly consider the psychology of color, but you ‘ll mostly play with colored yarns and threads while taking the mystery out of color theory. Referring to a Color Wheel, you ‘ll gain familiarity with color harmonies such as monochromatic, analogous, complementary, split complementary, triadic, and other color schemes. You’ll learn the significance of intensity and value in making pleasing color combinations. You’ll find sources of inspiration that will help you get out of the color “rut” that you may find yourself in. You’ll gain the confidence to try new color combinations when you discover a historically proven “formula”. By the end of the session, you’ll have a collection of color wrappings that you can use in future yarn production, felting and weaving.

Supplies list: many various colors of thrums/yarns in a size that wraps around a ruler not fewer than 15 times per inch – ie not too thick. (This is to be shared with the group). Paper and pencil. Adhesive tape, small scissors, 3 ring binder, your favorite colorful magazine with lots of pictures for cutting up.

Cost $15 per member; $25 for non-members

Suitable for 10 to 15 people. Preregistration before Thursday March 14 is required: contact Rosalie by email or by phone 250 260 3387. Insufficient registration will result in cancellation of the program.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Minutes from our March 4th meeting......

Shuswap Spinners and Weavers Meeting

March 4, 2013
Number of members present: 21. Guests present: 2

Meeting called to order by Rita at 10:10 a.m.
Additions to the agenda: no additions
Adoption of previous month's minutes. Moved by Glenda , seconded by Mona. Carried.

Treasurer:   Noelle gave her Treasurer's Report.  Noelle moved her report be adopted, Rita seconded, Carried.

Equipment: Elvi gave her Equipment Report.

Workshops: Rosalie gave a very brief reference to the linen talk. Members can purchase the summary notes for $1.00, paid to Rosalie. Update that the lace weaves study group meets at 1:00 today. (most info will be distributed by email to group members only) Outlined plans for the color in spinning; got some expression of interest; and described the "kick off" presentation for that topic which is a colour theory lecture on March 16. E-mail or a phone call to Rosalie is necessary to register.

Library: Darlene reminds people to pay fines.

Historian: Wendy mentioned the airing of the scrapbooks at the mall. Many people looked in them including our own guild members. Thanks to Ann for taking them..

Old Business:
Donation box: reminder to add items.

Heritage Days: report on sweater and how the event went. Thanks to everyone.

Quilt Show: Update on display size and layout. Mannequins and dress forms seem to be an issue, both quilters and Fibernation want the forms.
Tabled motion: All in favour 0, Opposed 21. The motion was defeated. Rosalie moved that the guild set aside 4 mannequins to go to Lumby Days (Fibernation) and 4 mannequins for our use at the quilt show. Seconded by Mona. All in favour 21. No one opposed, carried.

Waulking Project: Discussion about the colours to use. Whether a plaid or check would be suitable and the colours. Merino yarn suggestion from Kyla. Noelle to talk with her. More information to come. Sign up list sent around.

New Business:
Name tags for Marcia, Linda, Anne, Sara, Nikki, Jen, Lisa, Venke. Noelle to check out options for the name tags.

Sheep to Shawl and Fall Fair:
Elvi has sent out invitation letters. The three receivers at the recent spin-in indicated they would probably not attend. Elvi has proposed that we have a spin-in at the fair rather than a Sheep to Shawl event. Maybe have information about the wheel in front of each. Have different fibres being spun. Sara mentioned the link of the Fair to Agriculture and the way to allocate money. Anne mentioned that the fairs need the educational part so we should expand the demonstration part. Signs to make the public welcome. When people spin by themselves they are more approachable than in a group. Jen suggested it be a demonstration sheep to shawl, Noelle agreed that the sheep to shawl is a good idea. Gudrun also suggested Sheep to Shawl is important. Jean suggested drop spindles be demonstrated as well. Anita thinks people like the idea of a competition and need floaters to give the information so competitors can concentrate on the project. Elvi thinks this is a good opportunity to have a spin-In. Ann suggested that a spin-in is a great idea but at a different time and venue. Anne suggested that maybe another sweater could be done as well as the sheep to the shawl. Invite people (including men) to come and learn. Rosalie suggested we wait until June to make any decisions. (Point to note: the Fall Fair Book is published in May.)

April 8, 2013 7 p.m next meeting. Fibres Unlimited in the afternoon, currently the extra room is booked from 2 - 4 p.m. but people are welcome to come earlier and stay later. Often the early birds work in the guild room then as more come we spread out to the other room.
March 9, we are invited to Fleece and Fibre Days at Clare's from 10am to 2p.m.
pin In: March 12 at Mona's

Knit -In March 18 at Gloria's
Evening get together: Mar 27, 7p.m. to 9 Ann's

Knee Deep in Sheep event. Saturday April 20 at Clare's 10 - 4pm.
Noelle moved the meeting be adjourned.

Program by Gudrun on pick-up weaving on Inkle Loom. Beautiful samples and lovely bands were shown.

Coffee and show and tell. (Ann cracked the whip as only 10 minutes was left in our room rental time). Regretfully no one took pictures of the many lovely items from skeins, to scarves, to linen cloths, to linen runners, placemats, mittens, and beyond. Thanks you everyone for showing your items.

Thompson Treadlers Event - Kamloops - March 2013

Last Saturday, the Thompson Treadlers invited a few dozen ladies to Kamloops to partake in what we hope will be an annual event - the "Time To Bash The Stash Spin In"!!

They asked participants to bring something from their stash to trade in the Bash Your Stash event and let me tell you...that table was LOADED with goodies!!! :) Everyone had fun sorting through to find just that perfect trade!!
We enjoyed a fabulous lunch and then went around the room doing our customary Show & Tell session. The items shared were absolutely AMAZING and it was great to listen to stories and hear about design concepts, garment construction, etc.
There were also fabulous give-a-ways and door prizes (you might have noticed the wine!!!) 

Vendors were also invited to come and join the fun.  We had Anne Carmichael with her Socks With An Attitude, Natalie Vivian of Blackcomb Fibres, Mary-Anne Smith with Smith and Ewe and Lisa Imthorn with Yarn Makes Me Happy.
We look forward to future events with the fabulous ladies of the Thompson Treadlers and THANK them for the invite and the WONDERFUL day!