Friday, November 19, 2010

Minutes of the November 1st Meeting

Minutes of Meeting  Shuswap Spinners and Weavers
November 1, 2010

The Meeting was called to order by Gabriele at 7:30 PM.

19 members present, and 3 guests – Ngaire, Rosalie, and

A pearl stud earring was found in the workroom.

Judith moved that the Minutes of the October meeting be adopted.
Second by Mona.  CARRIED

Old Business:
Workshop Coordinator – Marcia
Treasurer’s Report missing for tonight.  Membership $$ can be given 

to Gabriele in trust for Noelle.

Fibres Unlimited:  10 members met this afternoon.  To rent the larger
space would be $12/hour.  Catherine /Judith moved that we rent the
larger  space from 2 – 4 PM for March, April and May. 

A cost of $25 for three months.  CARRIED

Salmon sewing will be at Ann N’s on November 12 @ 10 AM.  Bring black
thread, sewing machines and any available stuffing (and lunch).

Darlene read a Thank-You note from Brenda for the 42 knit tits.

Christmas Sale – Saturday, November 27.   (Gudrun and Gudie)
Salmon Arm Art Gallery
10am - 4 pm
SET UP at 8 am.  Don't be late.
This year's theme is "Stockings".   

Goods should be picked up  from the Guild room the previous day to get everything set out in time.  Bring a list of the items you are offering for sale, and their code and price.  Each item should be tagged with code, price, fibre, washing instructions and initials.

Handouts were made available for advertising.  Gudie will send out an
email for people to print off further brochures.

Christmas Sale Tea  (Gabriele and Ann.)

Be sure to bring goodies to the Salmon Arm Art Gallery, small, and precut.  Also decorations, and the necessary stands to  display goods.  Baskets for shopping will be provided.  Cars should be left in the movie theatre parking lot.  If you don’t have a Spinners/Weavers vest or apron, wear a name tag.

Gudie displayed new brochures giving some background on the guild for new
members, and offered to be a resource / mentor for new members.  She would
like to tweak the membership list to show the special interests of the
members. There was some discussion about circulating a new members

Next Meeting:  December 6th, at Gudrun’s home at 5 PM
It will be a potluck event – bring lots of (finger) food, sweet and savoury. Gabriele suggested we all bring our own Christmas stockings for show and tell.

Important Dates:
Spin In on November 9, @ Marcia’s.  10 – 2 PM.  Bring a lunch.
Knit In on November 22 @ Judith’s.  10 - 2 PM.  Bring a lunch.

Send an email to Margaret F to have your names placed on the
interactive mailing list. 

Throughout December,  ARTSOLUTELY will be open at the Vernon Arts
Centre from 9 AM on.  23 artists will be displayed.

The Nov 3 Tapestry  Workshop will be re-scheduled for February.

The meeting was adjourned for tea (Thank you to Rita and Kyla) and Show
and Tell.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Minutes October 4th, 2010 - Meet your new slate of officers

Gabriele has been away and then ill so these are late, but what the heck!

Minutes of the Shuswap Spinners and Weavers - Oct 4, 2010
22 members and 2 guest present
Introduction of new members and guests
Minutes of the Aug meeting were adopted as read by Glenda.
Treasurer's report- Both fairs were successful. Report moved to be  
adopted by Sharon, seconded Wendy. Carried
Fair Reports-
1.  IPE went very well. New  venue was very workable, traffic flow went  
well and the public enjoyed watching the weaving.
2.  SA fair- skien competition was great. Oct, 18 Anne to attend the  
fair meeting.
3.  Sheep to Shawl- Marcia persevered and the shawl was done.
Good spinning competition
Slow Fiber gathering in Summerland Oct. 9
Library- New magazines are in - Vav, Handwoven and Spin-off
Thanks to all who helped with the new room set-up.
2 looms have been donated -remember to sign in to the Guild room in the sign-in book and upstairs  
if you are getting a key.
Equipment- #2 spinning wheel bobbin is still missing.
Newsletter- Margaret has created a new blog and will circulate the new  
address through Sharon's e-mail list. Ask Margaret if you have any  
Fibres-Unlimited- Making plans for this year. Gabriele will look into  
renting Room #3 for 2 hours on the Monday afternoons. (2-4)
Workshops- Transparency- 7 attended. A good workshop. Gudrun brought  
samples of other workshops.
Christmas Sale- Gudrun putting up a display at the library Nov. at 1 pm
Elections- President  Gabriele             Vice- president  Sharon
           Treasurer  Noelle               Secretary  Lis
           Library     Darlene             Equipment Elvi/Anne
           Historian  Wendy                Blog  Margaret
           Arts Council Gudie              Christmas Sale Gudrun/Gudie
           Sheep to Shawl Anne/Noelle      Spinning Proficiency Gloria
           Program Gudrun                   Workshop
Spin-In   Oct. 12 at Gudrun's   (10-2)
Knit-In    Oct. 18 at Glenday's  (10-2)
Sharon moved the meeting be adjourned
  Show and Tell