Saturday, February 18, 2017

Herritage Week at Piccadilly Mall
February 13 - 17, 2017

Ann and Bea sorting and getting ready to wash fleece.
Ann using the combs.
Sara carding fleece.

Elvi is showing Gwen her spinning techniques,
Socks, socks and more socks.  Anne on her sock maching.
All week long there were items for show and sale.
Noelle talking to a group of students about weaving.
Carol weaving while Althea is working on a needle work project.

Sara show casing her many colours of art locks and batts.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

February Show and Tell   

Judith with her lastest woven rug.

Loanna has been busy weaving and knitting.

Loanna's first weaving project, she was so excited!

Spring slippers by Loanna.

You'll have to ask Judith about her spinning this goat hair!

Ann and Bea's knitted hats along with Rod's spun Alpace.

Ann had time to weave a few tea towels. One was in bamboo.

Carol's been busy weaving too! All in Linen.

Carol holding up her sample piece.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

February Monthly Meeting Minutes
Shuswap Spinners and Weavers
February 6, 2017

ROOM #2   1:PM
Call to Order by    Carole:  at 1:05 pm      19 in attendance
December minutes 1st Lois, 2nd Noelle, approved and accepted by all
Additions to Agenda      no new additions
Librarian’s Report      Bea will re-new our subscriptions when needed, we discussed whether our Insurance covers the Library and Equipment, it was thought it would be covered by our Rental of the rooms for the Guild. We will make a list of books to be purchases at the ANWG Conference for our Library.
Equipment Report      Rod  was not able to attend and Bea gave his report. He has fixed the Baby Wolf Loom, many thanks Rod. Bea had made a binder up listing the equipment we have for rental, with a pocket in the front for your deposit on rentals.
Rod has asked PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, advise him of any repairs to be made either by phone or email so he can attend to them right away.
Workshops Report       Louise – sent along a short History on our Guild to be read, (a copy will be attached) as well as reports on the Workshops. There has been one Drafting Workshop and another to be held on Saturday the 11th of Feb. There is availability if you wish to participate. Please get in touch with Louise. It will be held at her home in Lumby.  The Guild has completed and sent three Samples to the GCW. The 4th Sample is now on the Loom in our room and waiting for completion.

GCW Bulletin Sample Report Feb 2017
3 Samples are completed and mailed to the GCW.  We have been paid for these 3 samples and money is allocated for workshops.
Extra samples have been distributed to weaving members of SSW.
The 4th and last sample is on the guild table loom.  Just make sure you beat Very Firmly to gather the weft
Together and create the bunches.  I cut off 1 length and have 68 samples cut, we need 300 total.
Noelle has written a descriptive article about the guild and it has been forwarded to the Bulletin Editor and will go in the first issue with our first sample.

Workshop Report Feb 2017

The Theo Moorman workshop was held in the fall.  Again, out of town participants subsidized this workshop,  we had 1 from LacLaHache, 2 from Kamloops and 1 from Merritt.  This class was filled and then a last minute withdrawal meant we were short $7.14.  This is exactly why I wanted a workshop money float and was still able to offer this workshop. 7 people attended. 3 from our guild.

Workshops are priced to allow a small buffer, however when people do not pay in advance that leaves the workshop in the lurch if an unpaid person withdraws.  I am trying to encourage, cajole and demand payment ahead of the workshops.  If someone can not attend, then a cancellation list will be kept if we are over subscribed and then your money is refunded.  If no one is on the list then you will receive any notes because you have paid and will not be refunded.  This is standard procedure for workshops.

A 1 day Drafting Notation workshop was held Jan 12th at Picadilly Mall, given by Louise Smith.
It was offered to SSW members and when not enough people signed up it was opened up to outside people and offered privately (not thru the guild).  7 people attended. 5 from our guild.

A second Drafting Notation workshop will be offered Feb 11th held in Lumby at Louise`s place 751 Creighton Valley Rd, Lumby.  Ph 250-547-6318
Fee is $30.00 and again is open to anyone who is interested.  Still have a couple of spaces. Email Louise at     E- transfers are working well for payments.

Desert Sage guild has arranged another Drafting Notation Workshop for Feb 18th   and fully subscribed with 11 people.

If anyone has other ideas that they would like to see offered, Please contact me and I will investigate if there is enough interest.
se weave a bit on it if you have time.


ShuswaShuswap Spinners & Weavers

Shuswa Shuswap Spinners & Weavers started in 1979 in Salmon Arm, BC.  We are a group of 
approa   appproximately 50 people and draw our membership from the Shuswap/North Okanagan   
areaWe   area.
              We are very active in the community, putting on demonstrations at the Salmon Arm Fall Fair, the Int    the Interior Provincial Exhibition in Armstrong, Heritage Week, Knit (Spin) In Public Day and se          several days during the summer at the local museum.  Demonstrations include an annual she               sheep-to-shawl competition at the Fall Fair, spinning, weaving, felting, dyeing, washing  and 
 carding carding fleece, waulking blankets, and a back-to-back sweater competition.  We have done artn the  arts in the schools as part of the visiting artist program, and raised money for the local Art Gallery   Art Gallery and for people who lost their homes in the Kelowna forest fire in 2003.  
              We offer several workshops throughout the year and hold an annual spin-in attended by guilds     guilds throughout the Okanagan and Thompson (Kamloops) region.  We are fortunate to have a    have a room at the local community centre with a 60” Woolhouse countermarche loom and two 36”   to 36' LeClerc looms that we can warp up for guild projects, as well as several smaller looms an           and spinning wheels available for rent and a guild library.

Ever        Every year our much anticipated Christmas Sale is very well attended, with customers lined up           up outside the door waiting for the sale to start.  Fibre arts are alive and well in the Shuswap!

Look       Look up our news and see what we are doing on.... 

               The Workshop coordinator Louise Smith proposed that our group do the 2017 Samples and 
hen         use the payment for funding shortfalls in future workshops.  We started early in 2016 and have       have completed 3 samples already and we are working on the fourth sample at the moment.  W           We took warped table looms to many different venues and used them for demonstrations of      f we     weaving.  Some members also went into our weaving room and worked on the samples whe                were it was quiet and they could concentrate.  Everyone from experienced to beginner w                      weavers have woven samples.
Lo           Louise washed, glued and cut up the yardage into samples.  She also had the sample pages c             copied and mailed the completed pages to GCW.  At one of our spin-ins a whole group made four         four assembly lines and we were finished in less than ½ hour.   Even those members that do                don't weave can contribute to a group project like this, and I recommend it to any group big or            or small, start early, have a coordinator and set deadlines.

Blog Report                    Bea  has been very busy indeed, she now has done more work on our Blog as well as put up our Calendar.  Thanks very much for your many hours of time you have volunteered.

Historian Report           No report.

Book Report                  Ann brought to our attention the great PLY Magazines we have in our Library, please take a look when you have a chance. They have lots of useful information in them.

It has been discussed for a while now, to begin the organization of our main events for the Guild. There will be a sign up sheet for everyone to consider where you would like to be involved.  We encourage you to select a project that you would be interested in helping with and sign your name as a volunteer when you attend the Feb meeting. The sign up sheets will be at the front table to look at, before and after the meeting.  If you are unable to attend the meeting you can email the Organizer of the events, which are listed below. Their Reports will be in the minutes of the Meeting for you to read.   You may certainly sign up for more than one event. A couple events will need a Co-ordinator.

Salmon Arm Fall Fair    Ann

IPE                                   Sharon

Christmas Sale                Ann

Spin Out                          Ann

Thanks to those who signed up for the various Projects. I will attach the lists of all at the end.

Blankets   I am leaving the information from the Agenda in the minutes regarding the Blankets, as there are several details to know.  It has been decided at the Meeting that the cost of the Blankets is to be paid before you begin your weaving. Please contact Ann if you have questions.  Ann already has five people interested in making a blanket on the large Guild Loom. If you are interested in making a Blanket or a large Pillow, please contact Ann, as we have time to make another set.

 It was also discussed getting bigger bobbins and Shuttles for Blanket Weaving. We will borrow Carole’s for now and decide later if it is something we would like to purchase.

 Guild Project - Blanket Weaving
February 2017

1.    Plan to complete your blanket in 2 weeks, each blanket takes between 6 and 14 hours to weave, depending on experience.
2.    Arrange for a mentor to be present when you begin and for at least the first hour of weaving.
3.    Buy enough weft in one dye lot colour for your blanket. This blanket requires 1000 yards of weft. A 2 ply yarn from Briggs and Little (Regal) or cascade yarn.
4.    Remember to remove the large pin when starting and replace when done a session.
5.    The warp should be quite tight so the shuttle floats on top of it without diving through.
6.    Use the temple to maintain width and leave on when finished a session, plan to move it every 3 inches of weaving.
7.    Check your beat, just pull the beater to the front, do NOT bang or thump. Change shed and move beater back to heddles then throw shuttle in opposite direction. A beat of 9 to 10 ends per inch is great. Put a paper tape measure on your project and check beat often.
8.    When your blanket is nearly complete phone the next person on the list. Urge them to come before you are finished so they get a preview of how the weaving works.

This pattern has been designed for a turned under hem and no fringe. If you prefer a fringe talk to Ann (250-832-9639) and adaptations can be made. The blanket should measure about 50 – 51 inches wide on the loom and 72 inches long including 2 inches of plain weave on each end for a hem.

A floating selvage must be caught each throw, my technique is to go OVER when entering a shed and UNDER when leaving so I say a mantra as I weave, over and in, under and out.

There is no hem stitching on this blanket but after fulling the hem will be turned and hand stitiched, after the blankets are cut apart. A contrasting yarn should go between each blanket when weaving.

Using a needle, stitch your initials onto the blanket in the hem area as you finish your blanket.

Joining yarns: 2 techniques.
1. Split off 6 inches of one ply at the end of the old and new yarns. Once yarns lay in shed twist the new and old together.
2. Just overlap the new and old yarns about 3 inches and twist lightly together. Beat into shed.

Knots in warp: To join in a new warp cut a length to finish your blanket plus one yard and pin onto woven blanket 1 inch into woven area. Attach end to existing warp and pull to back of loom through the reed and heddles. Weight with film cannister.

Any time a dent in the reed has no yarn, check carefully to see what has happened, PHONE and get a more experienced weaver to come and help.
Happy weaving!!!! A 2 hour session is plenty at one time.
Sheep to Shawl     Changes to this contest for the SAFF have been discussed and could come under the Committee for the SAFF.

Spinning Events of the Salmon Arm Fair.
There was much discussion of using different yarns for classes, prize money as well as some theme ideas. Canada is celebrating 150 years and the SAFF is celebrating 120 years. Once the Committee is formed and has put together the events, they will notify the Fair soon to have us entered in the Program and let us know in the upcoming meetings about the various events.
If we get our money to the Fair early, $100.00, we can be a Sponsor.

Sheep to Shawl. The following would like to participate in    Spinning: Carole, Elvi and Bea. Weaving: Ann
Novelty: Sara

Sara will contact Louise to discuss changes in classes, prizes and re-word the Itinerary and report to us next Meeting.

Last meeting it was discussed about having a Committee formed to look after a school program for Wool prep/spinning/weaving.

This was tabled until next meeting as we have many items on this Agenda.

ANWG      Several people are attending , please call Judith if you wish to carpool with her.

SCHOLARSHIP Report.  The Committee has now put together the conditions and application form for the Guild. They were emailed to everyone by Ann for your perusal and bring any questions to the meeting to be discussed.  It is important that we vote on this today so we can commence to offer this to our members.
Judith gave us an overview of the Scholarship and how it was to work .It is meant to be used as a Gift for someone.   A very Big Thank You to the Committee, Judith, Rod and Sara, for all the time and thought they put into this Program.
Motion for Acceptance was 1st by Ann and 2nd by Marg. All were in favour. Passed



Heritage Week    Ann can explain to us and we may need another group to look after this item. It is held at the Picadilly Mall during the week of Feb 13th. We will have to empty our display case for this week. The first day is Family Day and the Mall is open from 11am to 4pm only.
Tabled to October/November, to plan a Project for Heritage Week next year.

The sign up sheet for next week is attached at the end. Please look and see if you have some time to participate.

SHUSWAP GUILD SPIN OUT   This is another project that we do which requires a Committee, there is a sign up sheet at the end. Please see if you have some time to participate. We host the other Guilds from the area. Bea has booked the St Joseph’s Hall for us on October 28th.  

OTHER GUILD SPIN INS    Ann has emailed the info out to the Guild, I have put them in the Minutes for record keeping info.

March 4th, the Thompson Treadlers in Kamloops   $25.00

March 25th,  the  Kalamaka Guild, a new venue        $15.00 

++Williams Lake Guild has sent us their info for their Spin In
       May 6th, 2017++ (Not in minutes, just info)


Snackerdoos     for      Feb Meeting           Sharon and Dave

        “                                    March Meeting       Carole and Sherry
Meetings         Feb 6th   1pm to 3pm     Fibres Unlimited 10am to 12 pm

                              March 6th      same times as above. Also Fibres Unlimited      

                              April 3rd     BACK to 7pm Meeting.   Fibres  2pm to 4pm

Spin Ins for      Feb____NONE. GUILD TOO BUSY

                               March_____next meeting set up.

Meeting adjourned ___________3:10 pm____________________________

Coffee and Show and Tell