Monday, February 22, 2016

Efficiency Warping Workshops Held on
February 6th and 27th, 2016

This workshop is given by Sharon Wickstrom.  The workshop is held at Sharon's studio at 4165 Round Prairie Road, Armstrong, B.C.

  This one day workshop will forever change the way you approach preparing your loom for weaving.  You will learn numerous little "gems" that will save you hours, whether you prefer to warp front to back or back to front.
  The tricks and techniques learned for speeding up warp-making, winding on sleying the reed and threading the loom make dressing your loom an enjoyable part of the creative process - not an obstacle to weaving.
  This is a hands-on, "working" workshop where you will practice your new skills.  Of all the weaving workshops Sharon teaches, she says this one is best loved by weavers from beginners to veterans because of its wonderful impact on their weaving lives.

Our instructor Sharon watching over Carol winding the warp on a warping board.

Stand in the middle of your board, back straight use yor arms.

Workshop Co-ordinator Louise demonstrating warp motion.

Now, lets thread the reed.
Threading the reed.

Through the heddles.
  Now to thread our own looms! 

Winding the warp!

Monday, February 1, 2016

February Meeting Minutes
 Shuswap Spinners and Weavers 
Feb. 1, 2016, 1 p.m.
Thanks to Judith and Darlene for the delicious sweets and coffee/tea.

Goodies and Coffee in March: Bea and Lois

Meeting called to order at 1:08 p.m.
Judith presented an informative program on selecting and using beads for knitting, different techniques for adding beads and a demonstration of stranding to add beads and using a crochet hook to add beads.
Thank you.

20 people attended including guests Trudy and Joanne

The December minutes required two ammendments. Moved by Sara, seconded Darlene that Julia's proposed costs for four sanwich boards be between $375 - $450 not the $400. Noelle moved the minutes be ammended to thank Thea and Sara for help in setting up 'Square" prior to the Christmas Sale. Seconded by Lisa. Noelle moved the minutes be adopted as ammended, seconded by Lisa. Carried.


Equipment: Rod reported there is now a second bobbin winder that can be rented out. The mannequin is back together.
Library: Bea has received two new 'Ply' magazines. 
Workshops: Rosalie reported on behalf of Louise. The guild workshop offered by Sharon on Efficiency Warping is fully subscribed on both Feb. 6 and Feb. 27.
Louise is offering a 2 day Weft Faced Rug Workshop April 16/17 at Piccadilly Mall for $90. Contact her regarding either workshop. 
Blog: Bea is learning how to edit pictures, add items and is currently updating the 'For Sale' page. Thanks Bea for taking on this task. 
****April 2 date for events is not happening at the Summerland research station so should be ignored.

Old Business:
Heritage Week is Feb 15 – 19 at Piccadilly Mall. Please let Ann (mnikmo@shaw.caknow what day(s) yuou are coming and your project so Ann can post what is happening during the week on our sandwich board. Waulking will occur at 11 a.m. on the Friday. Any threading errors in the blankets to be repaired prior to this time.

Scarecrow for Spin-Out event October 29, 2016. A group of Lois, Carole, Bea, Marcia and Ann will be
working on this. 
Sandwich Boards: Julia has completed the four boards at a cost of $500. Moved by Margaret, seconded by Anne C. to pay Julia $500. Carried. Thanks Julia. 
Scholarship Committee Report:
Sara reported that when the committee met they considered three ideas presented by members. !. Community Foundation, 2. Scholarship to a high school graduate, 3. Scholarship within the guild. The committee recommends a scholarship within the guild. Rosalie moved that we accept the recommendation, seconded by Marcia, carried. The committee will now come up with parameters. 
Samples for the Guild of Canadian Weavers: Will take loom to Piccadilly Mall for weaving to continue and hopefully finish this set. Louise is working on getting the third set warped up.

New Business:
Sheep to Shawl: Ann has sent in an application to SASCU for prize money financing plus a special prize to the team with the most first time participants.
Carole is willing to be a weaver, Catherine and Rod also volunteered to be on the team. Threee more members are needed. Margaret has graciously donated a fleece which we will begin preparing at Heritage days. THANKS Margaret. 
Gudrun's Equipment. Noelle reported via Anita that Alfred is willing to sell some of Gudrun's equipment. Noelle will contact Gudi to see if she will work with Alfred on this. Contacting other members if help is needed. 
Judith reported that each member guild usually contributes an item for the goodie bags given out at registration. This year the plan is to give out a reusable cloth bag and leak proof travel mug so cash contributions are requested. Judith moved we contribute $100 to the ANWG 2017 Treadle Lightly Conference registration items. Seconded by Margaret. Carried. 
Knit-In At Shuswap Pie Company every second and fourth Monday from 7 – 9 pm sponsored by Intwined Fibres
No evening Spin-In on Feb 17.
Come to Heritage week and spin 10 – 2 (or later daily) from Feb 15 – 18, Piccadilly Mall
Linker for sewing knits together, bands on knitted garments, available at Churches Thrift Shop in the antiques area. $50 if interested.
Shuttleworks-going out of business, 25% off itms now.
Adjournment of meeting moved by Catherine and seconded by Marcia. 
Interesting and varied show and tell, thanks to everyone who inspired

Monday, February 1, 2016

February Show and Tell