Friday, February 15, 2019

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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Weaving Workshop # 2

We had another successful weaving classs 
                  held at the Piccadilly Mall in Salmon Arm,
with Louise Smith as the Workshop Co-ordinator.

Louise setting up before class.

Darlene and Noelle

Thank you Sherry Barker for taking the pictures!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

First Spin In for 2019
Ann hosted the first Spin In for 2019 at her home on Wednesday, January 16th.  10 ladies attended, half knitted while the other half spun.  They had a relaxing and lovely day.  It was so nice the roads were clear and no snow hazards in the driveway.  Nothing goes better on a winters day than a nice bowl of soup.  
Thank you Ann for providing a lovely soup to go along with their lunches!
Darlene, Elvi and Lynne

Judith and Sherry

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Ptarmigan Hills get a way, google link for more information.

Monday, January 7, 2019

January Show and Tell

Wendy's cowl's... The top cowl is a "bundt spinnen"
project, various wool from several sources, randomly
spun two ply.  The bottom cowl is from Wendy's wool
"stash", sprinkle dyed and spun two-ply.

Elvi's skein and mittens are hand spun
70% merino, 30% silk.

Janet Pullan's Boulevard weave (8 harness)
tea towels which is one of the weave structures
created by Dr. William Bateman in the mid-1990's.

Anne's pattern book.

Anne Long's no waste woven coat.

Gudie's saori weaving.

Gudie made this rope tie from her weaving ends.

Gudie's selvage edge rug.
Gudie's knitted caplet with a corded tie.

Louise's lace knitting.  Open Work "V" Stitch.

Broken and Lacy Diagonals, mohair/acrylic blend.

Undulated Lacy Ribs.  Louise used a provisional
cast on so she could graft the two ends together.
She couldn't even find where she grafted it together!

Louise's woven 100% Alpaca blanket. Dark brown 
commercially spun warp and weft with hand dyed 
green stripes.  4 shaft twill threaded with some point 
twill and straight twill mixed as she went along.  
Louise used PCW program to design.

Althea's rug hook workshop - coming up soon.

Althea's weaving project.  All classes available at Intwine Fibre Arts.

Althea's knitted cowl.

Noelle's knitted toques for her son.

A gift from Noelle's son.  She knits him a lot of toques!
Loanna only had pictures of her knitted hats she made for her
family for Christmas.  She even knitted hats for the duck!

January Monthly Meeting  

Shuswap Spinners and Weavers
Monthly Minutes
January 7, 2019

Minutes for SSWG January 7th,2019

Meeting was called to order at 1:15 by President Sherry Barker

Short program by Althea of Intwined Fibre Arts, she spoke of upcoming
workshops, classes and products currently promoted by her business.

Adoptance of Nov 2018 minutes with no changes.
moved by Gabriele and seconded by Jacquie- all in favour.

Additions to the agenda- 1- Mentorship program
                                        2-Salmon Arm Fall Fair

Librarian Report-by Gabriele 4 new magazines are in the library now,
Canadian Guild of Weavers bulletin,  Spin off, VAV and Handwoven
- Also a gentle reminder regarding how to renew a book/magazine or recognize when
a book is currently out on loan.
Equipment report- by Ann
-2 table looms are rented out with a deposit left.
-please be on the look out for a potentially missing manual bobbin winder- the guild
thinks it owned 3 but only 2 can be found.  Seeking clarity will be
Sara Holbrook who will check an old equipment list and ensure that there
were 3 to begin with.
-the 60 inch Temple has been found, thank you Ann for sorting thru the reed and stick
box until it was found.
- Request to purchase 2 items ( a large boat shuttle and a 10 dent reed) morphed into a
fun opportunity for guild members.
-Janet Pullen has graciously agreed to donate a 10 dent reed to the guild

**-During the February guild meeting members are welcome to bring in any
equipment that they no longer need for sale or trade to other guild members or the guild
itself. Guild gets first choice, members get second. In the mean time, Carole will be
asked if she wishes to sell her large boat shuttle.

Workshop report-by Louise
- felting workshop payments are now due for Feb 23rd and Mar 16th dates.
- participants from previous beginner weaving workshop will be welcomed into Jan 26th
beginner weaving workshop as a refresher, there is a 10.00 charge for participation,
please make Louise aware if you wish to attend

Blog report-Bea.
-The blog is up to date with the exception of some workshop dates.
-please contact Bea with any related items that need to be sold, she can help find them
a new home.
-please advise Bea if any of your old ads need to be removed from the blog.

Historian Report-Wendy- nothing new

Facebook- Lisa I .  Bea reporting for Lisa- Bea has found some interesting
numbers reflecting engagement and “likes” of the Facebook page.

Scholarships-Judith- not in attendance but a reminder that money is
available for scholarships, the guild requires a workshop or program
presentation on the topic in return. Please contact Judith for infomation

Old Business-
ANWG- Discussion of whether to donate prize money for classes.  Sherry read a letter
from Conference prize money person.   Discussion followed.
Marg Fryatt moved that we donate $75.00 for cloth weaving classes, $75.00 for spinning classes.
2nd by Jacquie H.             passed with 3 no votes.

Marg Fryatt moved we donate $75.00 for other techniques.
2nd by Althea M     Passed   
We will leave it up to the conference people which classes in each section they use the
money for and in what amounts.

Display case in Piccadilly Mall-by  Lis
-will be changing over to a spinning display on Tuesday evening, please drop off display items to Intwined FibreArts to be included
- Jennifer is doing a felting display for Feb
- Bea is the contact person for Heritage days in Piccadilly Mall in February

40th Anniversary 2019 volunteers are Sara H, Glenda H, Judith G, Ann N, and
Jennifer R
- update - May 11 2019, 2- 4pm, now re-introduced as a “Reunion Tea”
with information to be sent to the blog,  Catholic Church has been booked,
- the Catholic Women’s league wilkl be asked to serve the tea and pay them as the tea
will be held at the Catholic Church
- Ann needs a contact list of former members and wants a special invitation for founding
members.   Anyone with names of former members contact Ann
- Ann showed a colour gamp large bag and asked for a show of interest via a sign up
sheet for either a bag or a tea towel approx cost $5.00 and will do as a guild project and
also people can do their own at home as well.  -Completion date for Oct Spin out to be
used as decorations.
-People that sew but do not weave could arrange for someone to weave for them and
then they would sew for the weaver.  The bags are lined and Ann has a pattern.

- Fall fair  Lis is the sheep to shawl conveyor and also to apply for the SASCU funding
grant  -Someone should attend the SAFF Meetings to keep our business in their minds
and to know what is happening.
-Weaving classes in A8-Elvi has graciously agreed to become the weaving convenor
for A8  as the new needle arts A8 person felt it best to shift the weaving  portion to the
guild. Elvi will make contact with the appropriate person.

-Elvi, Althea, Lis, Lynne and Marianne are the new Fall fair committee for the guild
display area, seeing about tables, plywood floor,etc and set-up on Wed prior to the start
of the fair.

- Mentorship list book- Marianne (via Bea) - there is a sign up book in the
guild room where experienced guild members can leave their names if they
wish to offer up help to less experienced guild members, in any one of
several fibre related areas.

There are new sign up sheets for Home Spin in’s with the next at the lovely
Ann Nikmos' residence. Jan 16th Wednesday contact Ann at  (All hostesses really appreciate a quick call or email if you are planning to attend) Ann is making soup and buns for your lunching pleasure  (I had her lovely soup at the Christmas sale and ..... yum)

Sherry asked- please fill in the blanks for Feb and March- on Sign up sheets
for goodies and coffee/for February and March meetings as well.

Meeting adjourned at 2:52. Goodies ,show and tell to follow.