Monday, March 23, 2020

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Friday, March 20, 2020

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

We have a display case at The Mall at Piccadilly in Salmon Arm, every month we put on a new display. March is featuring items knit or woven in green in honour of St. Patrick's day. Stop by the mall and take a peak. Items on display may be for sale.

Monday, March 2, 2020

March Show and Tell
Michele is felting a new picture.

Jacquie's two scarves, one is linen and one is cotton.
Jacquie tied these onto her tea towel warp. 24 epi.

These are Gabriele's towels. They are like the friendship
towels. The colours reminded her of Easter or Spring!

Myrna G. knitted a shawl with Sara's yarn.
"Skimikin Studio's"

Two blankets by Margaret F. from the Handwoven magazine
 Summer/Winter Weave, she did this in an overshop. 
4 harness in two different treadleings.

Notice the different patterns?

Margaret was also weaving rag rugs. She shared
with us different pointers she found along the
way that helped make her weaving a bit easier.

Margaret found this book at our local library - "Salt Water
Mittens".  There are patterns for mittens, gloves and
wristlets in this book. She knit a pair of mittens.

Elvi's skein from "West Coast Colours" she spun. It is
60% merino, 20% yak and 20% silk. She is not sure what
she'll do with this skein yet.

Elvi's tea towels in circles and squares. All the same warp from 
Handwoven May/June or June/July 2019 magazine.
She couldn't remember which, if interested you will have
to look it up.

This is Jennifer's something old with
adding something new to it.
Honey Bear!

Jennifer is enjoying making these fairy
houses. The kids enjoyed watching her needle
felt on them at Heritage Day's last week at the mall.

Some are wet felted and some needle felted.

Anne P. knit both rustic sweaters. One for her and one for 
husband. All her own hand spun and some fibre from her
own animals. The alpaca sweater with wool is for her husband.

Cable knit hat by Anne P.

Darlene's skein she spun, fibre bought at the
Ponderosa Spin In last year, from Okanagan Dye Works.

Ann N. is making wool rugs using ideas out of this
1950's book. 

Wide Border Rugs. 

The long red mat is reversible using loopi yarn, the other 
mat was using lincoln hand spun fleece.

Noelle's tea towels - Finnish Twill and plain weave.
Bea's first knit sweater. Size 3/4 "A Simple Baby Pullover"
by Erica Kampf Broughton.
Knit with dor yarns 60% acrylic 40% wool.

March monthly meeting was great!  

Lynne A. shared some knitting
information on twisted cables.

Wendy won a door prize which
 was  drawn at the end of the meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 1pm by President Sherry Barker 
There were no new members or guests. 
Minutes for the February 2020 meeting- motion to accept made by Jen , seconded by Noelle and voted “ All in Favour” 
There were no additions to the agenda 
Library Report- Gabriele spoke- there are no new books this month. It was suggested that the current member list of library books is incorrect- the book titled “ the ‘Art of the Yoke” is really called “Simply Seamless Sweaters” . 
Equipment Report - Ann N spoke _ there is a rug warp set up and ready. The newly purchased peg loom was really well enjoyed at Heritage days- perfect for our very interested kids. 
Workshops- none scheduled at this time 
Blog Report- Bea says all up to date 
Facebook Page- Bea says all up to date 
Historian Report- Anne P read a lovely letter from Judith Glibbery regarding her years as a guild member with us. 
IPE- this discussion is going to be held over until April when we will have more information and can better make an informed decision. 
Piccadilly Mall Display- please check it out, it is decked out in green for March and looks beautiful, thank you to Elvi and Darlene. 
Salmon Arm Fair report- Lynne spoke- after Sherry and I met with the General Manager Jan and Phil Wright -the President of the Salmon Arm Agricultural Society we have three options available 
1- Withdraw Guild participation from the Salmon Arm Fair
2- Attend the fair and not have any selling by our artisans, this would be at no cost to the guild
3-Attend the fair, accept the offer of a 10 by 10 booth at 175.00 (which is half of the commercial cost) and have the artisan goods for sale occupy that space only.
Jackie made a motion that we attend the fair as a guild and pay the 175.00 for a half price commercial vendor space and that the cost (175.00) would be split between selling artisans.
The motion was seconded by Marg Fryatt and passed “ All in Favour" 
Spinning Night at the library- Bea spoke and states that there are 4-5 regulars that attend. 
Other Guild Spin-Ins -Kamloops is March 7th 
-Kelowna is April 25th 
-Vernon is not having one this year 
Our Spin Out remains October 24th and there will be more discussions in April. 
Heritage Week -Bea spoke- went very well, lots of interest, the peg loom was a big hit with the kids, as was the bright roving colours dyed by Noelle and Ann. Jens needle felting was also much admired . 
There was no new business 
Coffee and goodies were provided Jackie and Bea- thank you, totally yummy! Please sign up for future goodies and house spin ins 
Next house spin in is at Liz B- April 13th. 
Elvi has moved her date to May 8th so please adjusted your date book accordingly. 
Show and Tell demonstrated the amazing work we do as a guild. Many wonderful rugs, blankets, tea towel and needle felted pieces all beautifully captured on our blog by Bea 
Next meeting is an evening meeting April 6th 2020 and will be in the big room. 

Meeting adjourned at 3:10 with 21 members in attendance

Monday, February 17, 2020

Heritage Week 
at The Mall at Piccadilly
The Ladies were at the mall all week Monday, February, 17th - 
Friday, February 21st.  They were show casing all types of fibre crafts from wool washing to dying wool, carding spinning, knitting, felting, weaving and more.  
There will be lots to see at R.J. Haney Heritage Week. See you there!

Ann N. is busy washing wool for our up coming
"Sheep to Shawl" competition for the
Salmon Arm Fall Fair.

Noelle C. is getting ready to dye some wool in
her pot!

Ann L. is working on her tapestry loom.

The peg loom is all set up, maybe some of the kids
passing by will give it a try.  Anyone can try out
the peg loom, it is real easy to work on.
Our scrap books were set out for you to brows through.
Sharing a bit of the Guild's history.

Spinning wheels were all set up ready to go.

Lot's of beautiful tea towels on display and for sale.

We have weaving on display and for sale too.
Stop by the mall and have a look.  There are
rugs, scarves, tea towels and more.

Loanna K. has her beautiful knits for sale,
check out her feather knit cards too.

It is always a joy seeing Lynne, such a cheerful
lady! The people enjoyed stopping by to watch
her spin with the long draw technique.

Jennifer in the back ground needle felting on her fairy house.
She even let the kids try using her felting needle, 

amazing no one poked themselves! 
Darlene was there everyday spinning!

Here's Jennifer's felted items. A few of the kids
were ready to bring some of those cuties home
with them.
Everyday the ladies brought woven or knitted
items for show to the public.
 Some were even for sale.

.... and of course a table of recorded history of
the past 40 years as a guild. 1979 - 2019!