Thursday, March 8, 2018

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Monday, March 5, 2018

March Show and Tell
Loanna with her first blanket! This was waulked
at the Heritage Days demonstration last week
at the Piccadilly Mall.

One of the tea towels
Carolyn wove last summer.

Carmen was busy..... what a beautifyul Shawl!
Such a brite colour.

This is Elvi's skeins of silk and baby camel mix.

Darlene wove a bunch of tea towels. She brought pictures
to show us.  They must be all gone!
Julie is working on "The McGuire Lake" project.  She used
a palm sander to help wet felt her lake piece. What a great idea!

Margaret made this cute Fat Cat, and knitted two baby hats.
She knit one for a boy and one for a girl.  Her daughter is due
any time now! Congratulations.

This looks like Marianne's blanket she wove this past summer,
sorry it just got pushed into a pile.  It was waulked at the Heritage
Days demonstration.  Lovely colours!  Marrianne is away for the
winter,  but she'll need this blanket once she gets home!

Louise has been weaving placemats.  She coloured the picture
on with a fabric crayon and ironed it into the placemat!
She said she was using up her stash.

This is more of Louise's spinning and a painted warp she did
with a group of ladies.  She wove it into this lovely scarf!

Gudie too is working on "The McGuire Lake" project.  Here
she had knitted and felted the pathway at the lake.  She also
was wet felting water patches.

One of Gudie's family members gave her some bits of yarn to
 make something for them.  She knit up a cowl using a nice pin
to keep it toghther.  She just has to finish her ends before her
company arrives!

Ann had been weaving and spinning this last month. 
Lovely tea towels and another skein too!

Loanna sure can knit! Here are more of her baby sweaters.
These pictures do no justice to the lovely colours and to show
off everyone' beautiful work!

This was knitted with a boucle yarn, you can hardly see the
pattern and cables in it.  It still turned out to be a nice soft shrug!

but.... What is Bea going to do once she is out of that wheelchair?
Here is another shrug and fingerless gloves she made last month!
The gloves were crocheted, she had just enough yarn to make this
 set for a friends 14 yr old grand daughter.
  Rod knit this Larch shawl by Knox Mountain Knit Co.
He choose the colours of the three seasons of the Larch
tree.  Gold for fall, light green for sping and the dark
 green for the summer colour. Birthday present for Bea!

March Monthly Minutes

Shuswap Spinners and Weavers
Monthly Minutes
March 5, 2018

Minutes  for March  5th 2018          1pm-3pm

Call to Order by       Ann

Acceptance and/or changes to           February Minutes

 1st   Louise                        2nd    Jennifer         All in Favour  Yes

Additions to Agenda        1.   Vote on Meeting change to Tuesday
                                                        April 3rd.     

                                                2. Coffee and Goodies for Meetings 

                                                3.   JOB DESCRIPTIONS  ETC.

                                                4.    Set up Nominating Committee

1st     Lis                       2nd     Marg                  All in Favour  Yes

Librarian/Book Report         Gabriele    There are some overdue books and fines

Equipment Report                        Rod  not at meeting, please        contact regarding any Repairs. There are a few items to be fixed.

Workshop Report                         Louise   Results of Survey there were 11 replies to Survey, please contact Louise if you are interested in a workshop. Althea has a Fair Isle Workshop going on at her Shop in Salmon Arm.

Blog Report                          Bea  blog is up to date. Please click on a date on the Calendar and it will give you the info for that date.

Historian Report                Bea  has the Scrapbooks at home and is going through them to arrange and repair.

Facebook Page                    Bea  this is also up to date.

Scholarship        Judith      Gwen was away this weekend on her Felting workshop and will report to us later on.

ADVERTISING           Gudie   nothing at present


ANWG Scholarship Carmen has been working on a couple of ideas with Louise and most of the membership like the idea of a long lasting project that we can display at the various events we attend. This would be a variety of Crafts from the members of the Guild and we thought we would go ahead with it even if we do not receive a Grant. There are still several things to decide before taking this on. A written Proposal to the ANWG Committee is required and Jacquie has taken this on with Carmen. She will put it together and then send it to us to accept and then have it sent on to the Committee.
There were several suggestions for the Theme and it will require more input from the Guild at the next Meetings. We ask that you think of some ideas you would like to see and bring them to the next Meeting.  We also require an Organizer to get Materials, who will teach what, who will put the project together, how much to spend for supplies etc, is this a one day project for all, or something we do at home and bring for a final putting together ETC…..

LOTS to think about before we make this commitment.

This has to be in to the ANWG Committee by April 15th,  2018.

**The Library in the Mall  is holding Tuesday Evening’s  Spinning,  from 6 to 8 pm.  Please bring a towel to go under your wheel to keep floor clean.

DISPLAY CASE    Has been changed over , in April the Blankets will be displayed.

Ann             February 19 to 24th were Heritage Days at the Mall.  
                        Was very successful, lots of people came by to watch spinning and the Blanket Waulking as well. Gwen was there giving a Felting demo and Loanna was there every day, thank you.


SPINNING CLASSES at the Fall Fair.  This has to be in by March 31, 2018 for the Book.  Lynne, Marg and Ann on Committee.  Lis is also on committee and will be “shadowing” Ann this year to take over for next. 

A motion to have only Fun Classes this year and next year have a Cometition.

1t by Ann and       2nd by Marg            All in Favor  Yes

1.   Beginner Spinner   less than 2 years, 2 ply
2.    Experienced Spinner   more than 2 years 2 ply
3.    Art Yarn

We will sponsor classes up to $100.00

We also discussed some ideas for the kids to work on and be able to take home. Cute turtles made out of sticks which would have yarn woven around them; felting inside cookie cutters etc.

The Committee will come up with some more ideas and report to us later on.
Sonia, Lynne and Bea are on the Committee. October 27th

Bea has booked the Hall.  If you have any ideas please let the Committee know.


Elvi, Sonia, Liz and  Lynne signed up, however Lynne is not able to continue with this so we need some more members to be on the Sheep to Shawl Team.
Sonia and Bruce have donated the fleece for our Team this year.  Many thanks.

The year 2020 is the 40th Anniversary of our Sheep to Shawl so we should be thinking of something special to do that year.

Suggestion: by Ann   We could begin at the beginning by shearing a sheep, clean the Weft and divide into 4 piles, dye each a different color and put in bags for a Blind Weave.

IPE Sharon was not at meeting but Jacquie though the Theme was “Sheep Thrills”  possibly.  We can discuss more at the next meeting.


1.   Change of Meeting date to Tuesday the 3rd of April

1st   Lis                        2nd      Gabriele                  All in Favor   Yes

VOLUNTEER to look into Job Descriptions for Guild and report back in April Meeting.   Judith will take this on as well as
organize a Committee to select New/Old  Executive and New/Old Report Positions.

Mailing some of our Members at present need to have their Minutes and info mailed to them. This will begin this Meeting .

A “NEW” set of all Members info will be available at the next Meeting in PAPER FORM. 
Upcoming Events

Saturday March 10th Kalamalka Spin In  10 am to 4 pm
Monday March 19th Spin In at Lis’s house 10am to 2pm
March 23 to 24th Fibres West Cloverdale
April 3rd 7 pm Guild Meeting
April 5 to 8th Desert Mesa Spinning Retreat Cache Creek
April 7th Spin IN at Barriere
April 24th Spin In at Judith’s  10 am to 2 pm
May 4 to 6th Vancouver Island Fibre Fest
May 5th Williams Lake Spin In
May 7th Guild Meeting   7pm
May Spin In at Lynne’s  Date ?
May 13th at O’Keefe Ranch, Mother’s Day Celebration and Demo’s
June  4th Guild summer Potluck  6 pm  and Meeting
NO Fibres get together.
June ? Spin In at Elvi’s
June 15 and 16th Yarn Okanagan Workshop, Kelowna

Next Meeting       April 3, 2018,    7 pm to 9pm
                                        Fibres  3pm to 5pm

Meeting Adjourned at  __3 pm
Attendance:  ____30   Members

Friday, February 23, 2018

Heritage Days at The Piccadilly Mall.  February 19th - 24th.
During the week, our guild ladies participated in spinning and weaving.

Darlene is spinning as she watches the other
ladies waulking their woven blankets.

Glenda made this Hedge Hog, he was just too cute not to post!

I put him beside my phone so you could see how big he was.

Heritage Days at The Piccadilly Mall, February 19th - 24th.

Heritage Days at the Piccadilly Mall kept our Spinners and Weavers very busy. Friday February 23rd the ladies waulked their woven blankets.  We have had a couple of new weavers involved in this blanket project.  Anyone walking by this demonstration was encouraged to participate.  Looks like they were all having fun!
Ann was getting the ladies ready to start waulking the woven blankets.
Ann, Jackie, Elvie, Lis, Loanna and Marie.
Waulking is the technique of finishing the newly-woven tweed by soaking it and thumping it rhthmically to shrink and soften it - all done by hand in the old days.  Usually songs sung in the Gaelic language. The songs served to keep the rhythm and lighten the work.  This practise involved a group of women beating newly woven tweed against a table or similar surface to soften it. 

Ann, Noelle, Elvie, Lis and Marie.

Trying to beat to a rhythm.

Looks like a lot of hard work!

After they are done waulking, they brush the fabric.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Heritage Days at The Piccadilly Mall.  February 19th - 24th.
We had a great turnout on Monday, February 19th at the "Wet Felting Demonstration" during Heritage Days at The Piccadilly Mall.  Here Gwen is showing the ladies how to make water lilies for "The McGuire Lake Project" through the Salmon Arm Art Gallery.
Gwen is showing Noelle the process for wet felting.

Here they have layed out their bubble pack to felt on.

After rolling and felting, now they are shaping them into lilly pads.

Anyone that was interested in learning got to try.

Here is Jennifer, Wendy, Gwen, Noelle, Lis and Jenny all having a go at it.

Lilly pads!

This project was in preparation for the "McGuire Lake Project".

Friday, February 16, 2018

Heritage Days coming to the Piccadilly Mall.  
Monday, February 19th, 10:00 a.m.  Gwen Martinuk will demo wet felting.  
Come out and see what the Shuswap Spinners and Weavers are up to.  
Don't forget they will be waulking their woven blankets on Friday morning.