Monday, August 18, 2014

Informal August Meeting Notes (from Sharon's Spin-in!)

Greetings all Fibre Enthusiasts, 

Yesterday 20 members met at Sharon's and the day was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thanks Sharon for hosting us and a thanks to Darlene in July for the most memorable spin-in (how many more can we squeeze on this porch)! Both events have allowed us to chat with one another while producing at the same time. Below are notes from the informal meeting. Look WAY down and find the rosters for BOTH fairs. Please check your calendars and let me know what shifts you can help with so that I can send out a revised schedule prior to the IPE! THANKS (a big thank you) to all in advance. 

Hoping to hear the phone ring 250 832-9639 and the email box < > full of additional volunteers, Ann
August 14, 2014
Shuswap Spinners and Weavers (informal meeting)
20 members present.

Waulking project was a huge success.
Parking passes will be a one day pass so it does not have to be returned at the end of your shift, same with parking. Members present picked up their passes for the IPE. Those not present will find them at Sharon's as in previous years.

A schedule will sent out to members, please email or phone Ann 250 832-9639 if you can do a shift and I will add you to the roster and send out an updated list by August 23 to all members.

Salmon Arm Fall Fair
2 p.m. Set up on the Thursday
Entry forms need to be in by August 23, physical entries on Wed September 3 for the classes in the arena.
Coordinator for goodies for the Sheep to Shawl on Saturday, Lis to coordinate snacks, beverages and mugs, serviettes, etc. We anticipate at least two entrants.
Gudie is bringing tablecloths, looking after the skein competition, and spinning proficiency, which takes place Sunday.

Draw for a fund raiser for both fairs, tea towels are suggested.

Warp for the fall fairs, Elvi, Darlene, and Gudrun will put a tea towel warp on the Baby Wolf Loom.

Noelle made a motion that donators of the tea towels to be paid at $25 a towel for a pair for each fair. Mona seconded. All in favour. Elvi in charge of organizing.

Art Gallery volunteers are needed for days it is open. please contact Sara if you can come. 11- 4 Tues to Sat are the hours.

Enderby Sale: guild raised $67 at the sale, good attendance at the event.

Contact Nikki re the artisan market in Salmon Arm for the month of October on Saturdays in the Ross Street parking area.

Christmas Sale: Gudie to do advertising for the sale. Julia to do the set-up at sale. Gudie will post the sale information in "Events" on her Facebook page and people can then send this on to their friends. Check out Gudie's Facebook page to see how this works CLOSER to the sale date.

Mona adjourned this informal meeting.

3 people are needed per shift and more are welcomed! Shifts needing MORE help are Thursday and Friday evenings and Saturday in daytime.

Meet at guild room at 5 p.m. August 26 to load Elvi's truck- Elvi, Emi, Gabriele, Liz, Noelle, Ann, Darlene
6:30 set-up in Armstrong: Louise, Eileen, Darlene, Elvi, Sharon, Gabriele

August 27 Wednesday:
9:30 - 4 Clare. Gudrun. Liz
3:30 - 10 p.m. Michele, Gabriele, Noelle

August 28 Thursday:
9:30 - 4 Louise, Eileen, Rosalie
3:30 - 10. Elvi, Judith,

August 29 Friday:
9:30 - 4. Ann. Darlene, Gabriele, Noelle
3:30 - 10. Elvi, Judith

August 30 Saturday:
9:30 - 4. Sharon W. Liz B.
3:30 - 10. Julia, Gudie, Rod, Bea

August 31Sunday:
9:30 - 4. Clare? Emi. Hiroma, Gabriele
3:30 - 10. Darlene. Elvi. Eileen

Take-down. 10 p.m. Darlene, Elvi, Eileen

Salmon Arm Fall Fair
set-up: 2 p.m. Thursday September 4. Elvi, Noelle, Darlene, Gudie (tablecloths)

Friday September 5
9:30 - 4 Judith, Elvi.
4 - 10. Judith, Elvi. Noelle

Saturday September 6
9:30 - 4. Eileen, Elvi. Darlene
4 - 10. Julia. Elvi. Gudie

Sunday, September 7
9:30. - 2. Rod. Bea. Louise.
2. - 5.
Anne C. will be at the fair each day and filling in as she has time available.

Take down 5 p.m.