Monday, September 8, 2014

Weaving Loom For Sale - LeClerc Nilart 12 Harness

USED Leclerc Nilart Weaving Loom – 12 harnesses – excellent condition

Mechanisms: Jack Loom
Shafts: 12
Weaving Width; 60"
Features: Treadles attached to front of loom, back beam folds for storage.
Includes a variety of 60” reeds, raddle, warp rods, lease sticks, shuttles and bobbins.
Also includes 60” Flying shuttle equipment (never used)                                             
Large weaving bench to fit the loom comes with it.
        Price: $1750.00
INKLE LOOM, for weaving narrow bands                           Price: $   50.00
Angela Harrop
Naramata, BC
Phone 250-496-5833