Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jason Collingwood Workshop Information

This year I have arranged with the Garden Valley School District to use our new Multi-Purpose's FAB !  Get your reservations in NOW as Garden Valley is a hub of summer activities and I'd hate for you to miss this fine opportunity for FUN and LEARNING  as JASON COLLINGWOOD is a top-notch instructor with a wry sense of humor !

Sweet Heart Special Workshop Fee  $300. + $25. materials fee = $325.  ~  paid in full by February 14th 2011 ~ a few spaces still available at Sweet Heart Special .
Visit Jason's website for more info on Jason !

3 -end b l o c k w e a v e .
An exploration of three end block weaves, the same structure Jason uses to weave all his rugs.

Starting with simple two colour designs and moving on to designing within the blocks and the introduction of a third colour. Techniques such as clasped wefts and dovetailing will be looked at to further increase the design scope of this structure. 2 / 1 double faced twill will also be covered in this class.
Special emphasis will be placed on Shaft Switching, every one being able to adapt their looms in class to try out this exciting technique.


the design possibilities of shaft switching

With the aid of slides/power point presentation this technique will be full explained. What led to its development, the most basic forms of shaft switching, the various stages along it's 'evolution' up to the commercially available unit of today.

Each of these steps will be carefully explained ( many with slides of the original plans for the first lever system ). Using slides of Jason's work along with that of others it will be clearly seen just how liberating shaft switching is design wise for the rug weaver.

A general discussion on what constitutes good design will also be covered.

Contact:       georgianna goetsch   PO Box 777   Garden Valley, ID    83622-0777

Note: Garden Valley is located in the north east corner of Boise County, ie. north of Boise, on the western border of the Boise National Forest.