Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 7 Monthly Meeting Minutes

19 members were present. 
The meeting opened with a welcome to members from President, Gabriele C.

Judith moved the minutes be adopted, seconded by Gudie. Carried.

Treasurer's Report by Noelle noted that in the last fiscal year we were no longer spending reserves but had been in the black. 

The Art Gallery is reserved for the Christmas Sale on November 26, 2011.

Heritage Week – Feb 21 – 26 at the Picadilly Mall.  Elvi circulated a sign up list for the daily spinning, knitting at the mall.  Feb 25 is the Back to Back event with most of the details attended to already and the mall is helping to promote the event.  A team of spinners and knitters will make a sweater from raw wool blade shorn from a sheep without the use of motorized equipment – spinning wheels, knitting needles and a ball winder are the only allowed equipment.

ANWG “Goodie Bag” project report by Gudie.  Paper was made in January and the 100 cards with maps inserted were done Monday afternoon at the guild room.  The conference is in Saalem, Oregon May 30 – June 5, 2011.
We still need a contact person for ANWG.

Workshops – Tapestry Workshop on Feb 19, 2011 starting at 9:30.  Cost is $35 including materials fee.  Workshop participants are reminded to pay in advance of any workshop.
Beginner Weavers Workshop: Sharon Wickstrom, February 26.

Salmon:  All the fish are sewn and pressed.  Stuffing and hand sewing is still needed.  Elvi has organized with Picadilly Mall a display cabinet to hand the fish in.  Lighted from the top with room for a banner advertising our guild.

Sheep to Shawl: Invitations will be sent out shortly.  A team is needed.  Elvi has offered to weave and Gudie will spin,.  4 other team members are needed.
Fall Fair dates:  Salmon Arm  September 9, 10, 11  2011
                        IPE – Aug 30, September 1,2,3,4, 2011

Name tags:
Gudie suggested everyone make their own, discussion ensued and it was decided to keep the same type.  Noelle to check into cost and availability.  Sign up for name tags at the next meeting.

Fibres West: March 18 and 19 in Abbottsford.  One of the biggest fibre gatherings in BC.
Joybilee Farms:  Fibre Fusion in Greenwood,  August  6, 2011.  Linen Processing
Fibre Fest:  June 18, 19 in Victoria.

Kalamalka Spinners and Weavers Annual Spin In:  March 26, 2011.  $15.00

Library:  Please return items in a timely manner and pay your fines for overdues.

Text Box: Misssing;
 One wool comb from the mini set.  Check about and return if found.
Remember that these combs are very sharp.

History:  Article about Gudrun will be given to Wendy.

Fibres Unlimited:  Many activites today with paper folding, carding, knitting, weaving, knitting machine, washing wool, stuffing salmon, etc.  Busy, productive and informative.

 Spin-Ins and Knit-Ins at Picadilly Mall during Heritage week.  All are welcome, come by 10 and stay til ????  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Back to Back on Friday plus others spinning, knitting, cheering, etc.  Feb 21, 22, 23, 24, 25.

Meeting Adjourned by Sharon.  Goodies, coffee and amazing Show and Tell followed.

March Goodies:  Gabriele, Karen and Sue.