Monday, June 5, 2017

June Monthly Minutes of the Meeting

Shuswap Spinners and Weavers
June 5, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Carole at 7:12 PM with 25 members attending.  Thanks to all for their contributions to an excellent potluck dinner.

Wendy, seconded by Sherry moved that the agenda be adopted.  CARRIED
Thea, seconded by Sara moved that the Minutes of the May meeting be accepted.  CARRIED
Library:  Bea reported that this month, the Guild of Canadian Weavers bulletin had our sample in it this month.  (the guild’s website is
The Anwag Conference this year is in Victoria over the July 1 weekend.  Ann seconded by Jean, moved that we set aside $500 for the members attending to buy books if the right opportunity presents itself.  CARRIED
Equipment:  Rod reported that a loose inventory had been taken of guild equipment, and prices for new items compiled.  Sara’s research shows that $20,000 is extremely conservative an estimate, and that 60,000 would be closer.  The insurance is fairly inexpensive for replacement value of inventory, but quite costly for liability  insurance.  The current estimate is for $500 per year.
Louise, seconded by Lois, moved that Noelle is to check the increase in the estimate for $40,000 – 60,000 inventory, and if the difference is reasonable, to purchase the insurance.  CARRIED
Sara, seconded by Anne moved that we write a friendly letter to the Arts Council asking whether we were in fact covered by their insurance for the past few years, and if it had included inventory or liability insurance.  CARRIED.  Lis to write the letter, and the executive to approve it.
Workshops: No report
Blog: Up to date
The tea towel warp is progressing rapidly.  5 tea towels have already been woven and Noelle paid for most of them.  The last of the turquoise samples need to be woven.  If possible, set aside some time over the summer to come and weave for an hour or two.
Sheep to Shawl:  The entry fee has been paid to the fall fair.  The Warp and weft have been dyed already.  A judge has been invited.  A spin in for Sheep to Shawl members to practice spinning their weft will be held at Ann Nikmos on July 18 at 7 PM.
Spin Out:  Roger’s have agreed to sponsor a Gift Basket.
Reminder of Sherry’s Colour workshop here on Saturday, June 10 at 9 AM
Elections:  Bea had organized a list of people willing to stand for the various positions.  Accordingly, she ran the elections.  Elected entirely by acclamation are:

President: Carole Berube

Vice President:   Ann Nikmo
Secretary:   Sherry Barker
Treasurer: Noelle Cox
Librarian:  Gabriele Clark
Equipment: Rod Johnson
Historian:  Bea Johnson
Blog:    Bea Johnson
Workshop Co-ordinator:  Louise Smith
Facebook Page: Thea Mongerson
Scholarship Committee:  Judith, Rod and Sara

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday Evening spin ins at the mall are over for the season.
June 10 – Sherry’s Colour Workshop – Members only, please let Sherry know if you are coming.
June 10 – World wide Knit in Public Day – outside by the Art Gallery
June 13 – Spin In at Sherry’s. 10 – 2 PM   Look for directions to be coming.
June 15 – Spin in at Pioneer Lodge
June 18 – Father’s Day Spin in at Haney Heritage
June 21 -  Spin in at Gudie’s  10 – 2 PM
July 9 – Spin in at Haney Heritage for the grand opening of the Montebello Complex.  Period Costumes are desired.
July 18 – Sheep to Shawl team – Spin in at Ann Nikmo’s 7 PM
July 31 – Enderby Arts Festival – set up from 6:30 – 9 PM  Events until 4 PM
August 13 – Spin in at Haney Heritage village for the classic car show
*All Haney events are from 8:30 – 2 PM
August 17, Thursday, Spin in at Sharon Wickstroms for planning the fairs.  10 – 2 PM
IPE  Thursday August 31 to Sunday September 3
Salmon Arm Fair – September 8, 9 & 10
Salmon Arm Spin Out – October 28