Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Minutes & Show and Tell

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to our newest member Maureen Robertson. The April meeting was very well attended and also Fibres Unlimited in the afternoon. Please let Liz know by email: rborthwi@telus.net about attending the Enderby Festival on July 26 so that she can inform them of the number of tables needed.
Goodies for the May 5 meeting at 7 p.m. by Liz and Judith. 
Check the dates for spin-ins in the minutes. 
We may wish to revisit the possible donation of an item by the guild for Donkey Days on June 7 at the May meeting based on comments at the end of the meeting. Think about it.
Also think about being on the nominating committee for election of officers in June and about being a part of the executive, allowing your name to stand. 
Below are the minutes from the meeting.
Many thanks to all for making show and tell so inspiring.

Minutes of April 7 meeting at 7 p.m.

Shuswap Spinners and Weavers

Mona and Anne are our refreshment hostesses! Thanks.

President Liz called the meeting to order.
Guest: Maureen Robertson, Members 30 including first time attendee Joan Mulrooney.
Additions to Agenda, none

Adoption of March minutes as circulated: Gabriele moved, seconded Rosalie, carried

Treasurer: Noelle reported the income and expenses.Down a little from last month because of the purchasing of the yarn for the Waulking project. Noelle moved her report adopted, Julia seconded, carried
Equipment: Mini combs have appeared in the spinning box today. Large combs are still out but need to be returned
Library: 2 new magazines and replacement for a Handwoven that was damaged.
One needle felting needle is missing from a book.
Historian: Some newspaper clippings to put in our book.
Workshops: reminder to finish your product from the item(s) gotten at the December meeting and bring to the June meeting.
"Trade In" items for June meeting, what to bring, how to label and expectations
Sara reported. Low key, bring up to two things, write your name on a little piece of paper and put it in the basket. Loose criteria - bring something that you would use or someone else would like to use but the monetary value is not important. Be considerate and use common sense when deciding what to bring. Participation is voluntary.

Old Business:

Goodies for May meeting, volunteers. Judith and Liz, thanks.

Study group on colour: Finished up today, reports Rosalie. Everyone learned and a lot and did it a bit differently from the initial outline.
More people needed for Sheep to Shawl team. Elvi, Nikki, Sara and Ann so far.

Projects in the guild room - tea towels and blanket. We need to set some dates to dress the loom. Warp is being wound for the waulking project. Nikki, Linda, Noelle, Liz to help with the warping. Louise, Darlene and Noelle and Michelle have put on the tea towel warp and Michelle will weave the first towel. 

E-mail Gudrun if interested in double weave pick-up. It is on the small loom

Art Gallery and Paint the Town - Aug 8 to 30, more information from Sara. Invited to participate in the Paint the Town artist's Studio. The gallery is to be divided into 12 spaces for artists to work on projects with the in progress project being on display. in theory they would like people there when the Art Gallery is open (15 days) the art gallery will be open 11 to 4, Tuesday to Saturday. 10 - 12 members indicated interest. 

Upcoming events on our calendar :
Haney Heritage Village dates:
Father's Day. June 15. 8:30 - 2. Spinning on the porch
Pioneer Days July 13. 8:30 - 2 spinning and our milling frolic
Classic Car show. Aug 10. 9:00 - 2 spinning on the porch
Diversity Quilt Show June 21 10 - 7. We are invited to use the porch and 
grounds around Haney House to spin, demonstrate our craft and to have a 
vendors marketplace. Gabriele to coordinate.

New Business:
Gwen's announcement about the donkey farm. Turtle Valley Donkey refuge has recently purchased more land. They have invited the guild to participate on Saturday, June 7. Fund raiser to raise funds to build shelters on the new property. Heritage of Donkey and Mules in Canada is the theme. Liz wondered about taking something from the guild donation box. Discussion, at this time it was decided not to. There is a small garage where we would be spinning and taking the tent for shelter would be a good idea.

Enderby Arts Festival July 26: Saturday. Welcomed to run a booth and sell items. Liz will co-ordinate and there were sales of about $1000 last year. Lots of entertainment and activities going on. E-mail Liz this week if interested so she can let them know how many tables are needed.

Rosalie about the button workshop in Vernon. Rosalie reports the blog has some pictures of the buttons made, 3 hours was involved and soon they will be fired in the kiln. After firing individuals will decide how they will be glazed. Membership with the Vernon Art Council allows you to drop in for a fee of $5.00 to use the studio and equipment. April 12 the workshop is offered to the general public and then on April 25 our group has the facility for another workshop so phone in to register.

Judith about the strip jacket workshop June 14. Cost is $40. Unni Lorenz to present. For further information about the workshops at Judith's, please contact her directly: Contact: Judith Glibbery
250-546-3833 or judithglibbery@telus.net

Knitting workshop at Judith's, Date July 12, 13, 14 2014 Fair Isle and Steeking, Aran Cables, Cast on/Cast off.
Jansen Art Centre in Lyndon, Washington, has many workshops that look interesting and informative.

A nominating committee to look for a new slate of officers for June. Could be a committee, two or three people.

Spin ins and knit ins. Dates and hosts for April, and May if desired.
Cache Creek April 10 -13
April 22 Tuesday at Liz's 10 -2 Bring your bag lunch
May 13 Tuesday at Mona's 10 - 2. "
May 20 Tuesday at Gudie's 10 - 2. " 

Adjournment: Liz moved we adjourn.
Program. Gudrun talked about fringes, etc

Show and Tell: many inspiring and varied items shown.