Tuesday, May 28, 2013

For Sale - Babe's Bulky & Lace Wonder Electric Spinner

Babe’s Bulky & Lace Wonder Electric Spinner-


The one and only of its kind in the World that has Bobbin lead and Flyer lead.

I bought it for plying my bulky wool for doing rugs. It is quite ingenious because you can use it with a bobbin lead for bulky or artisan yarns or

just flip the motor and change the drive band to do lace weight yarn.

It comes with 3 bobbins, 2.2 pounds of fiber capacity each, 2 Lazy Kates, and electronic foot controller.

You can google Babe’s Bulky & Lace Wonder Electric Spinner- and even see videos of it in action.

You can get this unique spinner without have to pay the shipping and customs that I have already paid.

Contact Sandy at 250-679-3337 or sandyspnr@gmail.com