Monday, March 13, 2017

March Monthly Meeting Minutes
Shuswap Spinners and Weavers
March 6, 2017

Call to Order  by Ann 1pm

Additions to Agenda   no additions

Adoption of February Minutes   1st by Judith   2nd by Glenda  all in favor


Librarians   No Report this month

Equipment   There have been a few small repairs and one Rental. Please be              reminded to email Rod with any items to be fixed,
Addition:  When renting or returning an item please record it in the white binder and, in addition, phone or email Rod so he is aware and can keep track of equipment.

Sara asked if we could purchase containers for each of the Carders that would hold the parts to them as well. Each also should have a brush. We also require a new Coffee Machine. A Motion to purchase these was 1st by Glenda and 2nd by Rod. Bea and Rod will purchase them for us. We also need a new list of what goes with the Spinning Wheels

Clarification:   A list will be provided with each new carding bin to indicate items present.

Spinning wheel totes need organized so the correct items are in each.  It was suggested doing this in Fibres Unlimited before the April meeting.


From: "Smith Louise" <>Sent: Sunday, March 5, 2017 7:11:22 AM
Subject: Workshop Report

I am holding a 4th Understanding Drafting Notations Workshop on April 29th Sat

At my studio - 751 Creighton Valley Rd, Lumby 

Time 9:00a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Fee $30.00

Phone 250-547-6318  or email  to register and make payment arrangements.

Have a few spaces still available.

With all the other things going on in March and then getting ready for ANWG nothing is being planned until afterwards.

I do not know how the GCW sample is progressing,

other than we used up the dark turquoise and should be using the lighter aqua cotton for weft now. Maybe someone else can report on that.

See everyone in April, Louise

Addition:  The GCW sample is currently at Piccadilly Mall and each Wednesday is being worked on.  Thanks to Carole for doing this the past two Wednesdays.  Anyone that can help with this should come to the spin-in at Piccadilly Mall Wednesday evening from 7 -9 p.m.

Historian no Report at this time

Blog has been updated. Please have a look at this as Bea has done a lot of work setting up our Calendar of events. Thanks Bea.

Addition:  Clicking on the calendar event will open a window giving more details.

Book Report 

Ann gave a Report on a Spinning DVD that she borrowed from the OK Library.  Color and Design for Spinners.  Ann also showed how to peel off a side off of a batt and then continues back down the other side to make a long continuous length instead of short pieces.

This is called Z stripping and can be used on any batt but is usually done with colour blended batts.

Sara showed the group some of the colour blending carding she had done and the combining of colors, that by themselves would very strong but put together they became light and soft in color.

Old Business:

Blankets:  An email was sent out warning the guild of a 2 week closure of Sharon’s weaving supplies, so people could weave blankets without interruption.  Details of blanket weaving are attached to the loom, and to the February Minutes.  Larger style bobbins and shuttles are being borrowed until a decision is made regarding a guild purchase

Update:  Elvi has completed hers and Carolyn is working on hers.  All the monies are in for this project and Noelle is checking back in our files to see if all the monies were taken in for past blanket projects.

Sheep to Shawl: 

Spinners:  Carole, Elvi, Bea, Rod if we are short a person

Weaver:  Ann,       Novelty:  Sara

Hiromi and Suzumi are also interested in helping. Sonia as well

Having two teams has been discussed, to allow all who wish to do so to participate. That would require a few more people.

Suggestion is to just have one team.

Changes to the SAFF spinning classes. 

There was a lot of discussion by the Members regarding changes to the Spinning Classes for this year’s SAFF. After much back and forth, it has been decided by all that we will leave everything as is for this year and then have a group from our Members put together information to make changes for next year.

There was a Motion placed “That we leave the Spinning Classes as they are for this year and that a Committee would look at our present agenda and take notes from this upcoming Fall Fair to make some changes and make a new proposal for increased diversity in the spinning Classes as well.”   1st by Sara and 2nd by Glenda. All in favor Passed.

The Committee for this is made up of Sara, Judith, Noelle and Rod.

For the next Meeting April 3rd, which is the evening meeting, bring your skeins to show the diversity in our work for Show and Tell. 
Correction:  Bring skeins to Fibres Unlimited.

We appreciate the work that Louise has done, putting together some new idea for the SAFF. These will be taken into consideration by the new Committee, for next year.   

         I have left the proposed classes in the minutes for the record.

Info Re sent by Louise. These changes are due, with their rewording for this meeting.

Changes to the spinning classes at SAFF- Not sure but think the guild voted to pay $100.00 in prize money and the fair would pay the rest like the Longest Thread, at the last meeting.  Is this true –I  don’t see a vote in the minutes from last month.

Judges Sheet Attached

We already sponsor the class costs which could be up to 95.00 if fully entered and all places awarded.

**A vote would be needed to approve spending more for more classes before it could be changed and go into the website.


General directions:  Please label each skein with the yardage, the weight in grams or ounces. (Minimum 100 yards, and minimum 1 oz or 28 gms.)
1- Plied spinning by a beginner spinner  (Less than 3yrs experience) (label whether self prepped or commercial prep)

          2- Plied Wool fiber  label breed if known, please label preparation technique –(self preparation- ie, carded, flicked, combed,etc)

          3- Plied Exotic fiber- please label  ie. Alpaca/llama, qiviut, dog, angora, mohair,cashmere,   (self preparation technique)

          4. plied silk- please label sliver or hankie,waste etc (commercial preparation)

          5. plied plant fiber-please label- ie cotton, ramie, flax, nettle,(label commercial or self preparation)

Changed 6. Spun singles yarn ready to use as a singles ie lopi, singles linen, etc

          7. Art yarn- please label with technique and component preparations

Changed 8. Traditional Novelty Yarn- Please label with spinning technique used ie.  Marled colour , core spinning , Slub thick and thin, etc.     

Changed 9. Traditional Novelty Yarn- Please label with plying technique used-ie.boucles, knotted, beaded, eyelash, encasement,  etc.  

NEW10. Plied man made fiber  ie tencel, bamboo, recycled pop bottle, please label with fiber info, commercial preparation

         10. Longest Thread –spun on Sunday. $25.00 for first place.

*For 10 classes- At $5.00 for 1st 3.00 for 2nd and 2.00 for third that would be 

50.00+ 30.00+ 20.00=100.00 for the guild to sponsor- less if not that many entries.

Existing Classes        These are the Classes we have now      

Class 1 – Un-plied Natural Fiber                                                

Class 2 - Plied natural Plant Fiber                                             

Class 3 - Plied Natural Animal fiber                            

Class 4 - Plied Silk                                                                     

Class 5 - 3 Different Handspun Fibers                                                                          

Class 6 - 3 Novelty Yarns                                                        

Class 7 Contemporary Yarns                                                

Class 8  Longest Thread –spun on Sunday                          

Please see Judges form, attached. 

*I think we need to vote on accepting the changes, and the changes in $ amount for prizes.

Applications for guild scholarships? 

Judith reported the imminent arrival of an application

 School Program for Wool Prep, Spinning/ Weaving

This discussion has been tabled for this meeting to discuss.  If we do decide to proceed with this, we need to liaise with other guilds, and view their programs, so we are not re-inventing the wheel to do this.

Judith gave a very detailed report on this project. Kelowna has been doing this for some while now and is very successful. THE CLASSES ARE USUALLY IN GRADE THREE AND ABOUT 25 CHILDREN IN THE CLASS. Below is her Report.

SHUSWAP SPINNERS AND WEAVERS GUILD                    March 6, 2017


1.    A main coordinator needs to be appointed.  The coordinator will organize and implement the program.  The coordinator will liaison with a school, organizing date, place, what grade, and time for the event to start and end. Planning is usually done in the fall, for the event to take place the following year starting in January or whatever time works best for both parties.  The target age is Grade 3.  Experience has shown that Grade 2 lacks the motor skills required and Grade 4’s are usually on to bigger things and it’s harder to find time for a field trip such as this.  

2.    The coordinator will canvass for guild volunteers to help implement the event on the actual day.  At least six volunteers are required, two for spinning and four for weaving.  Six members should be able to handle an average class.  
3.    The coordinator, with the assistance of the volunteers, will arrange to purchase or acquire the materials to be used for the event.  The guild will pay for the supplies used for the event.  Sometimes donated yarns and roving can be used, sometimes they need to be purchased.  Heavy cardboard needs to be purchased by the guild for the looms.  You need to have a cardboard loom for each child.  Large eyed bodkin needles are required for each child.  Sticky name labels are required for each child.

4.    Wool roving (long wool is best as it’s easiest for the children to spin) is needed for spinning and colourful yarn is needed for weaving.  Cheap synthetic yarn is okay for the weaving.  This yarn needs to be cut into proper lengths in advance.  Heavy cardboard can be cut into oblong shapes (approx. 4’’ by 6’’) to become a loom to make the small weaving.  The cardboard needs to be warped in advance of the arrival of the children.  

5.    The coordinator will ask in advance for guild members to help do the preparation work for the weaving component.  It need not be the members who will be helping with the actual event.  In fact all members in general are encouraged to help with the education program.  Eg:  If you are not one of the volunteers, you could help with the prep work.  It could easily be done during Fibres Unlimited.

6.    Once the children arrive, the education session usually starts with some kind of education (a story or talk, etc.) to help orient the children as to the context of what they will be doing.  The content of the education can change, depending on the age of the class.

7.    Children take home an approximate 3 foot length of 2 ply yarn (6 feet of singles plied back onto itself).

8.    Children also take home their small weaving.  Once completed, volunteers help them cut it off their looms and show them how to tie it off.  The cardboard looms will be kept and reused.

9.    Whether it’s a field trip where the children come to you or if we go to them, there will be a time limit and the guild will need to adhere to that.  This means you need to give the children who are slower than others, all the help they need so they can go home with a completed weaving.  It quickly becomes apparent who will need more help.    Time required is approximately an hour and a half, maybe a little more, depending on the size of the class.

10.    If class comes to you, there will usually be parents who are chaperoning and assisting the teacher and the children.    Often the adults are extremely interested and ask if they can try as well!    Of course, this is welcomed and should be accommodated if possible.

Report of Heritage Week

A busy and interesting week for us with lots of interest and people stopping by.  Many thanks to all who came and the many who came several times during the week, gave us a chance to visit with each other, get some of our own projects underway plus wash the fleece needed for the sheep to shawl and weave some samples for the GCW.  Bringing items for display by a diversity of members made the display different each day.  Two ladies came back three times on the Wednesday looking for a scarf they had seen on Tuesday,(which was no longer there).

Friday turned out to be a school ProD day so lots of kids and parents and demonstrating the difference between combing wool and carding a real eye opener.

Now I know I will miss someone's name as I was not there every day but here goes:  thank you to Rod, Bea, Elvi, Jenny, Trudy, Loanna, Gwen, Darlene, Noelle, Sara, Myrna,  Thea, Carole, Anne and her sock machine, so a total of 15 members helped out.  Thank you so much as we were there for more hours than ever (10 - 3:30).  Thanks also to the others who dropped by for a chat. We have been very fortunate to be able to store some of our items in a vacant store so thanks to Rod for arranging that very appreciated service. Gwen is learning to spin so having mentors this week was most helpful.  This is what makes our guild so special!

Thoughts for future years - have some hands-on things for the public to try - spinning, weaving, carding, needle felting, etc to engage them even more. Needs some organization in advance.

- encourage bringing some items for display when on your shift, really makes it interesting for other exhibitors and the public to see different things on display have even more volunteers, come for a short time or the day whatever works for you

Many thanks also to the members who supported us in spirit but were unable to come this year whether due to illness or other conflicts, I appreciated your thoughts and communication.


New Business:

Display at Picadilly Mall.  This month’s theme is felting.  Bea will be co-ordinating the display.  Please see her if you wish to loan items for display.

Salmon Arm Fair –Some members have already committed to this project.

There is a growing list of members who would like to help out with the SAFF. There should be a committee formed very soon to begin the work required to put this together.  

 Ideas to work on:

The Theme for the Fair is “Something to Crow About”

Display at the fair, will we reflect the theme in any way?  'Canada is celebrating their 150 years and The SAF is celebrating their 120 years running. Should we be thinking of something Historical???? Please come with your ideas to the next meeting.


There is a survey on the Salmon Arm Fair website inviting comments about the fair.  Ribbon orders must be in by April 15th.  Equipment needs for displays need to be sent in early to < >.  Sponsorship money must be in to the fair by March 31 to have the organization credited with sponsorship.

All changes to fair classes need to be submitted to Heidi by March 31.

Ann would like to pass on to someone else the Sheep to Shawl convenor role.  Give it some thought and let her know if you are interested.

 Publicity for the guild and Christmas sale poster

Thea has graciously agreed to make our handout cards for us and also help with the Posters. She will put together some ideas and sent to us to look at.  Thanks You.

 Setting up a Facebook page to reach younger demographic was also discussed and thought to be a good idea. 
Correction:  Thea will set up the page and Bea has agreed to be the second ‘owner’ of the page and help out any way she can.

There will be more discussion at the next meeting in April. There was a motion to set up this Facebook page 1st by Glenda and 2nd by Judith. All agreed. Passed

The Fair needs a new Convenor for the needlework section as this is the last year Sandra Baker will be the convenor.  If interested please contact the Salmon Arm Fair.

The list for help on our Spin Out oct 28th is also growing. The Kitchen help from last year has signed up to do it again, Gabriele, Glenda and Sherry.

Our next meeting on April 6th should have an update on this as well.

Loanna is making the cutest “Sheep” for our nametags. Thanks

- ANWG Conference  Judith is representing us at the Conference and some of our other members are teaching and /or attending. We look forward to their reports.

New Projects for Guild  Looms?

We need a person in charge and sign up sheets for the project if any are in the works.  Can we set a deadline for a start?

Elvi and Darlene will start a warp for Tea Towels on the Baby Wolf loom for the Guild to work on. They can be sent to both Fairs to demonstrate as well.


For those of you who would like to upgrade or get your Food Safe certificate, the Okanagan College is running a one day course Saturday, March 18th from 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.  Cost is $60.00 and the course will be held at the Salmon Valley Seniors Hall, 
3056 Horsberger Road in Silver Creek. Please let Bea know if you would like to attend, so that the college has enough materials for all, call her at 250-833-8842. Please bring a bagged lunch. 

Community Spin-Ins

Pioneer Lodge (across from the hospital) 1051 - 6th ave NE, Salmon Arm will host two spin-ins. Meet in the Puzzle Room - 1st room on the left when you go into the building. 
Please let Bea know if you will attend. Email her or call 833-8842. 

1) Spin -In.  Thursday, March 30th    2 - 4:30
2)Spin - In.  Thursday, May    18th.    2 – 4:30

Spin Ins at Members Homes

March 21 (Tuesday) at Lis house in Salmon Arm

April 25 (Tuesday) at Judith’s house in Armstrong

May 9 (Tuesday( at Elvi”s house in Salmon Arm

June 13 (Tuesday) at Sherry’s house in Armstrong

10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Regional Spin-ins

March 4 – Thompson Treadlers      $25.00

March 25th Kalamalka Guild  ???New venue? $15.00

April 1 Barriere $25  Still room as of March 4th.

Williams Lake Guild – May 6th 2017

Goodies for March - Sherry and Carol

Goodies for April – Bea and Louise

Goodies for May- Gabriele and Maureen 

APRIL MEETING    April 3, 2017  7 pm

Fibres Unlimited 2 p.m.

Meeting ended 3pm, lots of members, ( I forgot to count)