Thursday, April 7, 2016

April Meeting Minutes

Shuswap Spinners and Weavers

April 4, 2016

Carole called the meeting to order @ 7:05 PM, with 24 members in attendance.

Louise moved that the agenda be adopted.  Julia seconded.  Carried.
Noelle moved that the minutes of the previous meeting be adopted.  Ky seconded.  Carried.


Library Report:  Bea reported that the new Vav and Spin Off magazines were in.
Equipment Report:  Bea reported that the guild had been gifted with an indian spinner.  Rod had made some repairs, but it is too large to house in the guild room, so it will be kept at the homes of people who are using it.  If you wish to use it, contact Rod.
Blog Report:  Check on the blog for new sale items.  If previous items have sold, please let Bea know to removed the item; or if you wish to contact Bea to add items to the blog, please use the blog address:
Workshop Report:  Louise reported that the Weft Rug Workshop was fully subscribed for April 16/17 at the Piccadilly Mall.  A second workshop may be a go, but will probably be held out of town.  People wishing to hold a specific workshop, please get hold of Louise directly.
Samples Report:  Sample 1 was cut off, and taken to be cut and packaged into samples. Sample 2 is nearly assembled.  A loom has been warped for sample 3, and fibre is still being sought for sample 4.
(Full report attached to minutes.)

Old Business:

Sheep to Shawl Team:  Consists of Rod, Lis, Ky, Larissa, and Gretta Bakewell' Carole to weave.  Bea will stand as a spare.  A group meeting is needed to determine the style of shawl, and begin spinning the warp fibre.
Scarecrow:  A team will assemble the figure for our spin-out and fall fair.  Please meet at Lois McLeod's on Friday, April 8 at 10:00 AM  (Edgemont Farms off 30th Street NE. ) Go to the green and white barn.  Bring lots of supplies - stuffing, yard, fibre, wool, plus supplies to work with.  DON'T EXPECT ITEMS DONATED TO BE RETURNED.  
Spin-Out for October - Everyone in the guild can donate a door prize; these can be collected now, and kept in a bin in the guild room.  
Display at Piccadilly:  Thank you for the lovely blanket display, Elvi.  Please bring your rugs to Lois' for Friday, so Elvi can change the display to rugs.  It helps to keep the interest high, if the display is changed frequently.

New Business:

Book Report by Ann:  The Magic of Handweaving: The Basics and Beyond  by Sigrid Piroch.  The book has very good and basic information, with lovely colour illustrations, and features Gudrun Weisinger.
New Blanket Warp  A new blanket warp is in the planning stages.  One more blanket is left to weave off the old warp.  Several people have signed up for the new warp:  Carole, Ryoko, Hiromi, Ann, Sonia and Maureen.
Nominating Committee:  Bea agreed to do the phoning to fill the slate of officers.
Spin Ins:
Wednesday Evening spin-ins at the Piccadilly Mall each week at 7 PM
April 18 - Monday Spin In at Liz's 10AM - 2 PM
May 12 - Thursday Spin In at Sharon's 10 AM - 2 PM

The Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 for Show and Tell.  Thanks to Gabriele and Louise for goodies.  Next month's goodies will be provided by Rosalie and Michelle.

Ky modeling for Darlene

Louise's shawl
and vest

Cathy's projects one.....
and two.

Wendy's weaving

My first spun Art Yarn! 

Ann's show and tell

Julia made her Ukulele!

Gudie with her Root Rug from the Knitted Tree
Mona's Woven Jacket