Monday, February 22, 2016

Efficiency Warping Workshops Held on
February 6th and 27th, 2016

This workshop is given by Sharon Wickstrom.  The workshop is held at Sharon's studio at 4165 Round Prairie Road, Armstrong, B.C.

  This one day workshop will forever change the way you approach preparing your loom for weaving.  You will learn numerous little "gems" that will save you hours, whether you prefer to warp front to back or back to front.
  The tricks and techniques learned for speeding up warp-making, winding on sleying the reed and threading the loom make dressing your loom an enjoyable part of the creative process - not an obstacle to weaving.
  This is a hands-on, "working" workshop where you will practice your new skills.  Of all the weaving workshops Sharon teaches, she says this one is best loved by weavers from beginners to veterans because of its wonderful impact on their weaving lives.

Our instructor Sharon watching over Carol winding the warp on a warping board.

Stand in the middle of your board, back straight use yor arms.

Workshop Co-ordinator Louise demonstrating warp motion.

Now, lets thread the reed.
Threading the reed.

Through the heddles.
  Now to thread our own looms! 

Winding the warp!