Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October Meeting Minutes

October 5, 2015
Shuswap Spinners and Weavers
Minutes of Meeting

The meeting was called to order by President Carole  at 7:05 PM, with 23 members attending.

Maureen moved, seconded by Bea, that the minutes of the June meeting be adopted.  CARRIED

Louise moved, seconded by Gabriele that the agenda be adopted with additions.  CARRIED.

The Treasurer's Report was read by Ann.  A copy is posted with the Minutes.  Figures were given for fair sales.  Note:  2 VISA bills from the fairs did not go through. The guild will bear the cost if further efforts to collect the visa payments do not go through.  Moved by Ann Nikmo, seconded by Gudie Hapfauer that the Treasurer's Report be adopted as read.  CARRIED.

 Equipment:  Rod has repaired a mannequin, and will be taking a spinning wheel home to overhaul it.  A new trolley has been added to our equipment to assist in the transport of looms.

Library:   Bea reports that there are new copies of Ply, Handwoven, WAV, and Spin Off in the Library, and a new copy of The Bulletin from the Canadian Guild.  Overdue fines were collected.

Historian:  Gabriele requested that members cut out photos, and pass them on to her wherever possible.

Workshops:  Louise reported that on Saturday, November 14, from 12:30 to 4:30, Rosalie Williams will offer a mini-workshop on Stitching, Knotting, And Braiding Techniques For Finishing.  A copy of the proposed workshop will be re-circulated, including the list of goods needed.  The $20.00 workshop fee must be paid by or on the next meeting, Monday, November 2.  Nine participants are necessary for the workshop to proceed, and other guilds members will be invited to try to ensure the numbers.
        ANWAG DVD's (see Louise for list) are available for 1 months use.  If a topic is interesting, it arrives quickly, and could be played and discussed in study group format.
        Also, if there is interest, Sharon will offer her Efficiency Warping workshop, which would be a one day event.  It simplified and eases the process of warping for weavers.

Programs:  People who have a helpful tip could do a  10 minute presentation at meetings eg - Judith could demonstrate how to add beads to your knitting.  If members have an idea, please get in touch with Louise who will organize it.

Old Business:

Fall Fair:  The SAFF went well.  The Waulking event had lots of interest, and lots of public involvement.  There were two sheep to shawl teams, and two lovely shawls produced.  SASCU sponsors four prizes, with goodly amounts.  The longest yarn competition on Sunday went well.  Every yarn class had entries this year, one event had 5 entries, so there was good competition.  Ann encouraged us all to enter Fall Fair events; it makes for a better fair if we all support it with our entries.
IPE - set up and take down went smoothly.  Lots of people were involved with both, and with running the booths.  A general thank you to all involved in the fairs.

Sales Protocol:  Sara  Most people seem to be adhering to the sales protocol.  Sara wanted to emphasize some sections of the protocol, specifically items number 3, 4, 6 and 9.  Some members may not have read/received the emailed copies.
Moved by Sara, seconded by Louise,  that paper copies of the Sales Protocol will be given out at the next meeting, and those members not present at the meeting will be mailed copies.  CARRIED.

Waulking Project:  The next waulking event will be at 11:00 AM Friday February 19, 2016 at Pioneer Days at the Picadilly Mall.  Currently, as warp for 5 blankets is on the guild loom, and weaving will begin on it immediately.  When this warp comes off, another warp will be tied on/warped so that the loom is in use as long as the interest in blankets continues.  A day will be schedules to repair errors on the blankets before waulking, so that they are correct before waulking.  P
*Photos and videos of the waulking to go to Nikki for the blog, and to Heidi.

New Business:
Book Report:  Ann reported on a book called THRUMS from the library.  It was well written, and easy reading, and contained such jewels as "slick tricks" at the end of each chapter, and disaster fixes.  Ann enjoyed it and recommended it.  The other book she displayed was called Swatches, which features actual swatches for all the weaving patterns described.  It is of interest, as we are weaving swatch samples now as a guild, and this shows how effective swatches can be.

Memorial for Gudrun Weisinger  Ann had researched a number of options.  However, the most interest was in the Salmon Arm Community Foundation.  We could establish a Shuswap Spinner and Weavers foundation, and create a Gudrun Weisinger Memorial Fund, which could be used to give out scholarships.  Along with the scholarship, the notification can include information about Gudrun, and why she is remembered in this way.  A $1000 initial contribution is necessary, and amounts after that can be individual and discretionary.  When a $10,000 base is reached, annual scholarships can be distributed.  The meeting was taken with the idea, and asked Ann, Melissa ( (and possible Noelle) to discuss ways and means to implement this idea.  A motion may be made at the next meeting.

Christmas Sale:
December 5, 2015 at the Senior's Centre.  In light of the change of location this year,
Sara/Ky moved that we spend $50 for promotion for the Christmas Sale this year.  CARRIED
Sara to oversee some poster production.  Smaller posters, and the small notices will continue to be distributed by guild members.  Gudie will continue to liase with the AM/PM, radio calendar, newspapers, etc.  A fb events page will be created, that members can send to their friends.  It was suggested that an email regarding the Christmas sale would be effective.  This year, a sign up sheet for those wanting an email reminder of the Christmas sale will be at the sales desk.
Elvi will check with the Library about the November showcase.  Items for display in the Library should be brought to the guild meeting November 2 for display.

There will be lots of tables and space at the new venue, but it would be nice to have someone to oversee a plan for placement of displays, the tea room, etc.  There could be a baby display area, for eg.  A volunteer is needed.  Please email Carole or Lis if you can do this.

We may need the guild boxes for display this year, as the boxes we have been using are the Art Gallery's.  A volunteer to oversee painting the guild boxes is needed immediately, as these should be painted before the November meeting.  Please email Carole/Lis if you can help.
Gabriele will be in charge of the tea.
GET WEAVING for this event; there is less than 2 months until the sale.

Spin In 2016   The following committee has been put together to plan for Spin In 2016.
Lois McLeod, Bea Thompson, Carole Berube, Ann Nikmo, Sara Holbrook, Ky Turner.  A big thanks to all our volunteers.

Upcoming Events:
*Spin Ins:
Rod has scored some space in the Picadilly Mall for regular Wednesday evening spin ins.  They will begin this Wednesday in the old space for D & G computers in the mall.  You will need to park at the back and enter from the rear sliding doors.  This will be a regular Wednesday evening event, hosted by Rod and Bea, from 7 - 9 PM each Wednesday.  An effort will be made to include a spinning tip each week.  Ann will discuss the ratio of your spinning wheel this week.  Event will begin this week, OCTOBER 7 - 7 PM.

The Knitted Tree community project opened at the Art Gallery last Friday and goes until November 7th.  The display is open from Tuesday to Saturday 11 am to 4 pm.  Nikki/Diana/Althea will host a spin in /knit in there on October 15 from 2 - 4 PM with Intwined Fibre Arts.

Daytime spin in at Lis Borthwicks' - October 27, 10 AM  - 2 PM
Saori Weaving - Terry Biggi from Salt Spring is holding a workshop October 15 and 16 at the Shatford Centre in Penticton.  $195 form a 2 day workshop -  all looms and materials provided.
*Note:  Terry had to pull out of the Knit City event due to Lime disease.  Gudie to check the event is ongoing.

Shawls:  Some guild shawls from previous sheep to shawl events are being under-utilized.  Ky suggested that perhaps a draw could be held among guild members for these shawls.  Carole to review the number of shawls in the guild room.

A welcome was extended to Barb and Gretta.  The meeting was adjourned at 8: 45 for Show and Tell