Tuesday, October 13, 2015

High Chair & Cradle for Sale - great for Baby fibre wear displays

I bought these 2 items with the idea of having weaving for babies displayed on dolls in them.
However most sales areas are too small to do nice displays.
If anyone has grandchildren or children that would like these as doll accessories, o
r any other use??? 

Interested parties please contact Louise at nevlouise@gmail.com or Ph 250-547-6318 Located in Lumby, B.C. 

1. Wooden High Chair with lift tray and adjustable foot bar. 16.5” w x 39” tall x 22” front to back depth. $25.00 

2. Well made Wood Swinging Cradle- push bar locks cradle so it can’t swing. 36” high x 40” long x 22.5” wide at the foot level. $50.00
Comes with a firm foam fabric covered mattress. 

Once upon a time this was used for real babies and rocks so easily with just a finger touch.