Sunday, May 3, 2015

Shuswap Spinners and Weavers First Ever Spin In! Thank You!

Just a short message to congratulate everyone on a most successful first spin-in event.

Thanks to the organizing committee, Carole for the name tags and organizing the groups, plus helping with set-up, bringing flowers, and making lunch, Elvi for the draw prizes and looking after the door prize table, Bea for a fantastic lunch and organizing the food, collecting groceries and keeping the kitchen crew on task, Lis for doing coffee and tea, Sara for organizing vendors, spinning wheels to try, getting fibre and helping out with food preparation. Without the team effort this would not have come together and been such a pleasure for all.  Thanks to Wendy and Darlene for co-ordinating and doing the sales table.  I had a relaxing and fun day- and enjoyed the many varied treats provided by members.

Things I learned: - follow Sara's lead in applying cream cheese on wraps, put a contact person and special dietary needs onto the invitation, spin a little and chat a lot, use the opportunity to try out wheels (quite a revelation), charkas require considerable practice, helpful and co-operative workers make every task easier and faster (the hall was put back in order in less than 1/2 hour),.

Thanks to all - every contribution added to our successful day!!!!!

Many thanks to donors of the draw prizes:  Blaine Ready at Shopper's Drug Mart, Althea Mongerson of Intwined Fibres and Sterling Land of RBC Financial.
Thanks to the many donors of door prizes, what a great variety!

Please send me any suggestions for a future spin-in. Our out of town guests seemed to enjoy the day thoroughly and are keen to come to another.  Suggestions for a date/time, being on the tail end of four weekends of spin-ins is maybe not the best time to host from our vendors point of view.



And a huge thank you to you as well Ann for your amazing work in hosting such a wonderful spin-in!