Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February Meeting Minutes with Show & Tell

Feb 2, 2015 Meeting
Shuswap Spinners and Weavers
20 people present. Plus 3 more.

Presentation regarding new Performing Art Centre. Jake Jacobsen presented about the performance centre.  8 years ago a committee was formed to form a vision for the future when the current  building would be too old and no longer repairable.  Trying to project ahead 50 years to plan for a building that would seat 600. Want it to be a true community building and at this point they are reaching out to the community to see what the needs are.  The concept is to have a theatre, a back drop area, a rehearsal stage and two floors for community groups to have space in - a permanent home in a community run facility.  Offering exclusive use of the room and you can design the space to fit your needs, 24/7 access, storage space as wanted, common receptionist with one post box, one fax machine, one photocopier.  Intercom system with security system.  Cost need $3000 - 4000 per month to run the facility so the cost will be shared by all occupants to meet this amount.  They need a letter of interest from us to allow them to proceed.

Minutes be adopted as circulated, moved by Noelle, seconded by Michele, carried.
Lisa moved, Jen seconded that the agenda be adopted, carried.

Treasurer: Year end reports from Noelle distributed. 
Christmas sale not the highest ever.  Cannot use the Art Gallery venue again.  22 people sold items at the sale. Popular items were scarves, cowls, tea towels, hats, shawls.
Noelle moved her report be accepted as presented, seconded Bea.  Carried 
Judith moved, Melissa seconded, and all voted in favour of reimbursing Noelle for tissue paper and a new printer cartridge.
Library: some magazines have been donated and are located in a file box on the shelf. Darlene will bring other donated magazines to the March meeting.
Historian: no report
Workshops:  Fibre Preparation. - With Louise on Feb 21.  Please pay Noelle the $20 in advance.
Rag Projects - the group met in the morning and looked at various types of weaving on rug canvas.   Rosalie is  proposing a workshop on March 28 for finishing of wovens. Sent out in a previous e-mail to all members.
Beginner Weavers and Mentor Workshop - was well attended and several members brought finished items to show.
Blanket weavers for Waulking project at the Salmon Arm Fair on the Friday.  Sign up sheet passed so we can plan a warp.  Cost last time was about $1.00 per inch of length woven.  Contact Ann to add your name,
The following people have signed up: Lois, Bea, Rod, Ryoko, Hiroma, Melissa, Marcia, Gabriele, Maureen to date.

Old Business:
Christmas Sale 2015. Venue of the Art Gallery is no longer available.

Spin-in April 11
Draw table items - check your inventory for items that might be donated, anything from notecards to fibre to yarn to even small plants, books, etc.,etc.
Members will be asked to bring baked items/fresh fruit trays for morning coffee.  Some help will be needed in the kitchen to organize and serve lunch.  
Cost is $15 for participants which includes draw prize tickets and lunch/refreshments

New Business:

Fall Fair Theme   "From Pioneer Days to Modern Ways"
Sheep to Shawl Team for the Fair - Bea and Kyla need 4 more participants.

Lois Macleod:  Shuswap Lake Festival of the Arts. July 23 to 26    Want to have it at several venues, and have a great variety of different arts groups and types. Juried show at one venue.  Commission of 20% for items under $300 and 15% for items over $300. Could have the upper section of the Sorrento Hall for the Spinners and Weavers and submit 10% commission to the festival.  No charge for the the space: Contact person is:
$50 to get a membership in their group and we would need to become a member. We need to think about this and let Lois know if we are interested at the March 2 meeting.

Heritage Week  Piccadilly Mall February 16 to 19    10 to 2 p.m. Anyone is welcome to come on any day.  If you have a specific technique you would like to demonstrate on a given day, please send the information to Ann.  I may be able to put up a poster on our sandwich board to let the public know what we will be doing.  Ann and Bea plan to demonstrate washing of fleece on the Monday starting at 11 (for Ann).

Protocol committee for Sales: Judith, Rosalie, Wendy, Jen, Marcia, Darlene , Elvi. Are going to meet and try to come up with guidelines for our members.

Noelle moved we buy Spinning  and Dyeing Yarn for the guild library (has an article by Melissa on wire spinning in it), seconded by Darlene, carried.  Michele votes we buy and try Embellish Magazine for one year, Jenny seconded. carried.
Noelle moves we renew Spin-Off for two years, seconded Rosalie, carried.
Ann moved we buy Knitting the Perfect Fit by Melissa Leapman. seconded by Marcia.
Meeting adjourned by Rosalie.

Spin-ins/Knit-ins      *******None planned other than the ones at Piccadilly Mall*****
If anyone wants to host an impromptu one, let me know and I can fan out the information. < >

Open House  Feb 14. Homespun Haven
Fibres West in Cloverdale, check the website 
Spin-ins:    March 7 Thompson Treadlers  Kamloops
                  March 21. Kalamalka     Vernon
                  April 11. Shuswap Spin-in  North Canoe Hall
                  May 2. Williams Lake

Goodies for March Meeting: Jenny and Judith

Show and Tell

Thanks to Bea for the photos :)