Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lovely Fibre Books For Sale from Louise

Weaver’s Magazine Issue 42 Winter 1998 $6.00- Rugs- Tapestry & Taquette, Wool & Rags, Floor Rugs & Mug Rugs,Rispmatta & Krokbragd
Step by Step Rugmaking Nell Znamierowski- Paper Back-3.95-techniques, materials,finishing,care,design,projects
The Pile Weaves 26 techniques-by Jean Wilson-$10.00-paper back- 90 pages  
Weaving a Tapestry by Laya Brostoff-Paper back- $10.00- 162 pages- Design, colour, Techniques, cartoons, »Yarns, finishing and hanging of tapestries. etc
Tapestry Weaving The guide to Successful, By Nancy Harvey Paper back-116 pgs- $10.00  a very thorough how-to book from start to finishing.
The Tapestry Handbook by Carol K Russell-Hard cover- $20.00-176 page-10 chapters, a very complete book colour pics,etc
Rugs by Jeffery Weiss-Paper back Offers?OR $2.00163 Pictures of rugs no directions- close up photos of parts of large rugs, great decorating ideas
Rugs and Wall Hangings- The Pattern Library, Paper Back- $5.00- Rug hooking, basic techniques, pictures of designs and technique used.96 pgs
The Rug Hook Book – Edited by Thom Boswell  Hard Cover 144 pgs, $12.00- Techniques, Projects, Patterns
Marbling on Fabric by Daniel & Paula Cohen-Paperback-$6.00-93 pgs-preparations,how to, patterns, projects, tips, etc
Hands of our Ancestors the Revival of Salish Weaving at Musqueam-paperback-UBC-$2.00 Historical 31 pgs
Harmony by Hand Art of the Southwest Indians- Basketry, Weaving, Pottery-106 pg $8.00– Paperback- Historical,  Colour photos with brief descriptions-no directions
The fine Art of Navajo Weaving by Steve Getzwiller-paperback-$3.00 -historical- Colour photos, brief descriptions, no directions.48 pgs,
Spider Woman by Anne Cameron-of B.C.- childrens story -27 pages, illustrated black and white , FREE

I also have several books for sale
Handwoven Issue 153-Jan/Feb 2011-$5.00
                    Issue 154-Mar/Apri 2011-$5.00
                    Issue 155- May June 2011-$5.00
                    Issue 159-Mar/April 2012- $5.00
Rug Making -Techniques and Design by Mary Allard-Hard Cover  $6.00- 159 pgs
Rugs- Design, Patterns, Projects by Mary E Johnson Hard Cover- $6.00 -179 pgs
The Art of Weaving by Else Regensteiner  Paperback $10.00 full explanation of how to and patterns Good for beginner

Thanks for looking  Louise