Monday, January 6, 2014

Couture from Louise

Western vest was hand woven, felted and then cut and sewn.  Lined and with faux leather pocket trim and 1 inside bound edge chest pocket.   Not for sale but orders for fabric can be done.

Washable cotton Pink baby blanket and also 2 blue baby blankets hand woven in a fancy 8 shaft twill weave structure.   The advantage of cotton is that it does not melt in a fire like synthetics can.  $89.00 each

Orange green yellow Mohair and wool hand woven Plaid L shaped shawl, can be worn many ways, with or without a belt.  Good for 3 seasons.  Bring a bit of colour into your wardrobe.

Green Sequin Tencel shawl- elegant 6 Shaft weave structure with sequins placed by tweezers in small pockets as weaving progresses.  Diagonal stripes created with sequins in a Fibonacci sequence.

Pink handspun superwash wool, hand knit shetland lace shawl over 5 feet square.  This took months to complete and would be a heirloom piece at over $1500.00.  Only 8 oz, but still warm for a summer evening but not too warm for inside wear.