Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tablet (Card)weaving Workshop

Tablet (Card)weaving workshop

Register with : Monashee Arts Council secretary Jennifer at  or ph 778-473-3029.
Time:  Saturday Jan 25th – 9:00 a.m. until 4:00p.m. Room open at 8:30
Where: Whitevalley Community Hall in downtown Lumby
Cost: $40.00  - you supply cards and yarns  A supply list will be sent to participants as soon as they register and pay
Maximum # of people : 10  Minimum- 8 
More Details about workshop:  History, & Useage
                                                   Calculating Warp length needed
                                                   One way to set up cards, Other ways are discussed, holders, etc shown and can be used
                                                   Threading cards
                                                   Straightening the warp, securing the warp ready to weave- several methods demonstrated and can be tried
                                                   Winding the weft shuttle
                                                   Start weaving , Practise turning cards, keeping track of progress.
                                                   End finishes

Notes supplied.  A list of supplies needed will be sent well in advance. Cards, yarns,flat inkle shuttles, graph paper, pencils, etc.

I like to limit the class to 10 persons so I can help everyone.

This is a beginners class- how to make a warp, thread the 4 hole cards, and get started.
Reading tablet drafts, etc depending on interest of participants.
I show tensioning on a board with clamps rather than on a belt.
We can explore flat weaving and circular weaving.
I have samples of splitting a warp into 2 or 3 sections and then rejoining them into 1 .
Turning a corner, creating a fringe on 1 side, etc.

Make shoelaces to purse straps to wider straps.