Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Meeting Minutes from November 4th

Spinners and Weavers meeting
Nov 4, 2013
members present, 25. guests Susanne Douglas

Meeting called to Order

Additions to agenda: ANWG info. Agenda moved adopted by Julia, seconded by Jen, Carried
Introduction of visitors and guests
Adoption of minutes from October 7, 2013 Nikki moved the minutes be adopted as circulated and Linda seconded, carried. Correction on minutes by Noelle about the winner"s name for the tea towel, Laurel Spencer.

Treasurer: Noelle reports income from memberships, waulking and other items
Year end report: summary of the last 6 years. Noelle moved her report be adopted, seconded by Sharon, carried.
Give Noelle your names for name tag.
Equipment: no report
Library; $21 for fine and new magazines to card
Workshops: Glenda asks each to bring about a 100 gram skein or fibre to the Christmas potluck. Final meeting of the lace group today. Colour group also met today.
Historian: No report.
Today the guild room was reorganized and cleaned to find space for the donated knitting machine. Pearl brought several bundles of pattern books as well. Thanks to Elvi, Darlene, Anne C., Ann N., Gabriele, Wendy, Liz B. and Jen.

Old Business:
Waulking project: A person is needed to take charge of getting the wool and getting it organized. Nikki will organize getting the yarn. Michelle and Lis have offered to help set up the loom.
Members wishing to weave a blanket include: Susanne D, Michelle, Lis, Nikki, Elvi, Darlene, Ann Any others should contact Ann to get your name on the list.

Hosting a multi guild spin-in: Sharon mentioned that there are many spin-ins. Nikki suggested we need to table it until next year,others agreed.

Possible constitution for our guild, policies have been used in the past. Committee to revisit policies and see if we need to expand or change any. No one thought this is necessary, at this time.

New Business:

ANWG: grants being given out to support weaving . Must apply by Mar 14, 2014. Need a committee to look into this. No volunteers tonight, Noelle has the information.

Fall Fair: Louise would like to see us warp up some of the guild looms to make things for entering in the fall fair. Susanne, Michelle and Barbara would all like to to tea towels. No suggestions for different classes.

Christmas Sale: November 30

Sales Desk and Tea Room sign up sheet circulated. Each member brings small goodies for the tea room. Gabriele and Jen to organize the tea room. Gudie will do the advertising with papers and radio, prepared posters for the sale.
Julia did a scale drawing of the set-up and will do it again. Set-up crew: Ann, Anne, Gabriele, Lis will set up tables at 8 a.m. Gabriele will get the key. Nikki will collect things from the guild room with help from Gwen.
Remainder of people to come at 8:30. Let Julia know what props you are bringing. email to Julia. 250 832 4359 Julia went through the list of props. Ann to label places for props.
Sales tags: put in your middle initial as well, inventory list that includes number of the item, cost, and description of item. Each item needs to have the price on it. Remember to put the fibre content and care instructions on each item. Contact Noelle if you have any questions, 250 832 7768
Julia will provide live harp music.
Everyone is encouraged to put up posters and hand out individual invitations to people.Without this advertising and personal contact our sale will be less successful.
Gwen moves that we pay Julia an honorarium of $50. seconded by Gudie. Carried.
Gudrun has suggested we wear something hand made at the sale. Nov 12 is the set-up time for the library display. Contact Gudrun: 250 835 4657

Vice President: Sharon has said she could fill in for the remainder of the year.
Mailbox: Gabriele suggests we abandon our mailbox to prevent further problems with the community centre and their mail. Gabriele will return the key to the post office as we no longer use the box.

Spin- In: Library display and at Michelle's spin-in on November 12 10 - 2 bring your bag lunch 250 832 9505
Knit-In: Gudie Wednesday November 6 10 - 2 with a bag lunch
Evening event: no interest in hosting
December 2 evening potluck. Hostess: Clare Time: 6 p.m. Finger foods and fibre to share. Show and Tell Music.

Blog: Nikki would like pictures for the blog. Is anyone interested in taking some photos of show and tell and sending them to her?

Lis adjourned the meeting at 8:10.

Sales Desk for Nov 30

10 - 12 Marg F, Anne C, Lis B, Noelle C, Darlene, Elvi Floating volunteer, Nikki
12 - 2 Michelle, Barb, Gwen, Eileen, Sharon
2 - 4 Sarah C, Bea J, Gudrun

Tea Room: Gabriele and Jen as organizers, Susanne and Ann N. as helpers