Friday, November 15, 2013

Finishing Lace Weave Projects

On Nov 4, 2013 Lis, Wendy, Elvi, Margaret, Ann and Rosalie shared ideas of what to do with their lace squares. Ann joined her collection with a smooth bound seam technique to form a 9 square diamond tablecloth, arranging cream-colored squares symmetrically, and sampling a number of pretty embroidery stitches along the joins. Elvi chose to back her squares with light weight white cotton fabric enclosing all raw edges and making each square the same size as others. She plans to use a stitching technique to join these finished squares together. Margaret is toying with the idea of using the squares for clothing so we spent some time in the library researching possible designs for tops. Lis, Wendy and Rosalie were inspired by the discussion of options.

Elvi's Lace Squares (above & below) 

Ann's Lace Squares (below)

Photos by Rosalie