Monday, February 11, 2013

Wild Silk Workshop - Kalamalka Spinners & Weavers

Wild Silk Workshop With Kim McKenna
**Please note - this workshop is being put on by the Kalamalka Spinners & Weavers**
Date September 28,& 29,2013
9:00 to 5:00
Guild Members $150.00
Non KWS Guild members $170.00

Payment will be required in full by March 31, 2013, there will be no refunds if you need to back out you can sell your spot

This will be the "Wild Silk" workshop, although a similar description to " Take a Walk on the Wild Side",it is an indepth two day workshop. As well as learning where (which species of silkworm) the various wild silks come from we look at how they are reared and what they feed on. We spin 100% silk yarns and explore some very interesting wild silk blends (the blends will by the way be a bit easier for new spinners to handle). The two day workshop includes three mini lectures, delving into fine art of blending, plying and dyeing wild silk. The mini-lectures will prove especially helpful to the new spinners in the group. The dye lecture reviews an immersion dye method for silk and helps people understand why you do not dye silk in quite the same manner as you do wool.

There will be a $40-$50 fee for materials for the course and Kim will keep it down as much as she can.

The workshop can accommodate 20 participants. Tthe cost is based on 10 participants, and if there are more a refund will be given.

Billeting can be arranged if required.

Please contact  Mary Klassen at for more info.