Friday, February 8, 2013

Minutes from our February 4th meeting....

Feb 4, 2013. Spinners and Weaving Meeting 10 a.m.
Members present: 21. Guests: 3
Meeting called to order by Rita
Items for the agenda: no additions
Adoption of minutes from combined Jan 7 and Jan 21 meetings. Moved by Noelle seconded by Julia. Carried. The date for the Kamloops Spin-In was corrected.

Treasurer: Noelle gave her financial report.  Noelle moved her report adopted, Glenda seconded, unanimous

Equipment: no report

Library: Darlene reports new magazines and removal of damaged video. Spin Art DVDs still missing. Noelle stated she renewed Spin off, Handwoven and membership to the Guild of Canadian Weavers

Workshops: Rosalie mentioned e-mail sent out. Drafts are printed out and ready to go. Lace Weaves study group. Mona showed her coverlet done in this manner. First meeting March 4 of lace study group. 2 sessions for exchange of ideas. Presentation on linen one Saturday or Sunday in February. Approx $100 cost. People wanting to do the study group must e- mail or phone Rosalie before Feb 18.

Historian: Wendy has combined two older scrapbooks into one.

Old Business:
Donation basket:any items are gratefully received and appreciated. Remember to sign the list with your name and item donated.
Sheep to Shawl Team: Rita, Gudie, Anne, Wendy 2 more people are needed
Heritage Days in Piccadilly Mall:  Mona moved that if we do have a shearer come then we will pay honorarium of $100. Seconded by Rita. 17 in favour. 4 opposed.

ANWG scholarship/bursary: discussion about how it would work. It was noted that there are other opportunities to apply for scholarships from related organizations. Anne moved we don't offer scholarships, seconded by Rosalie. 20 in favour, 1 abstention.

Quilt Show: June 7/8. Ann to contact quilters guild and let them know we would like to participate.
Waulking Project: Noelle gave a synopses of the process. Table the process until the next meeting.

New business:
Fall Fair
: Any changes to be made to the book please let Elvi know.
Someone to help organize is needed, Rita volunteered.

Upcoming Events: See separate e-mail for a more complete list.
Spin-Ins - Kamloops March 2
                 - Kalamalka April 6
                 - Williams Lake May 4
Fibres West - Cloverdale, March 22/23
Fleece and Fibre Day at Harmonious Homestead Mar 9 10 - 2
Quilt Show June 7/8
Christmas sale Nov. 30 at the Art Gallery

Marcia moved the meeting be adjourned,
Venke and Jen goodies
for March 4, 2013