Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Updates from Monday's Show and Tell Spectacular!

Guild News
There are no minutes from the April meeting, as it was not a formal meeting.  A few notes, however, might help everyone keep in touch.  28 members attended the meeting to watch Anne Carmichael demonstrate her sock knitting machine.
Gabriele read a note from ANWAG requesting a donation for their "Crossing Border, Crossing Fibres" event.  This can be discussed at the next meeting.  Darlene has done a March inventory; there is only one book missing "Tea Towels" from the Design Collections.  A list has been prepared for the new books purchase.
The Doubleweave workshop is May 5.  The $40 should be paid to Noelle tonight.  A possible spinning workshop by Louise Smith is planned for June 16, from 9 - 4.  Cost is $30 if a free space is available, and $37 otherwise.
Anne's sock knitting machine, vintage 1904, was a big hit.  Members were able to watch Anne knit a sock, including turning a heel, (twice) and a quick demonstration of kitchener stitching.  The Show and Tell that followed the sock knitting demo was another amazing demonstration of talent.
April Dates
April 10 Spin in at Gloria's (directions to come from Gloria by email) from 10- 2.
April 21 - "Knee Deep in Spring" Event at Harmonious Homestead and Ewe.  Spinners are welcome to come from 10 - 4
April 23 - Knit in at Lis Borthwick's 10 - 2
April 28  Open House at Margaret's Ranfurly Farms.  10 - 2.  For directions, check the blog.