Friday, December 9, 2011

Meeting Minutes for December 5, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 7: 30 PM, by Gabriele, with 35 members
Ann moved that the previous minutes be adopted as posted - seconded by
Old Business: 
Noelle's report this month centered on the Christmas Sale.  Last year's
sale had been the best ever, but this year's sale surpassed it by quite a
bit.  Noelle offered her congratulations to those who worked the cash desk
- she balanced to within 11 cents.  Cheques were distributed at the
meeting.  30 artists offered items for sale.  An incomplete list:  the
biggest selling items were shawls and scarves, at 76, 25 hats were sold, 4
bags, 33 tea towels, 39 runners and place mats,  10 rugs?  23 skeins etc.

Discussion items included: 
A sign should be made up saying :  Cash or
cheques preferred, and the Visa sign should be less obvious.  Visa sales
cost 5%.

There was much better height for displaying items.  The half hour for set
up before items were displayed was well utilized, and much appreciated.
The Art Gallery has been booked for the last Saturday in November next

Noelle to discuss payment for the broken coat rack with Gallery staff.

 All in all, a huge success.  Many thanks to Noelle for all her hard
work, and to Gudie for taking care of the advertising. 

Some discussion of supporting the Art Gallery, which has historically been
supported by the guild.

New Business:
Artsolutely - Runs in Vernon to December 23 @ the Vernon Community Arts
Centre in Polson Park.

Workshops - Gudrun has contacted Kim McKenna about spinning workshops in
April or May.  Two suggested workshops are technique improvement, and art
yarns.  Gudrun's email about the possible workshops will be re-sent by
email.  If you are interested in these workshops, please respond to

The Fair Fair class entries booklet was distributed.  New conveners for
Fall Fairs are needed.

Glenda moved that the time of the meeting be moved to 7PM instead of 7: 30
PM, to allow for an earlier finish.  Seconded by Rosalie.  CARRIED

The January 2 meeting was cancelled.  The next meeting will be February 6
in the larger room, at 7:00 PM!!

Spin In  - Judith's place January 10, 2012.  10- 2 PM.  Bring a bag lunch
Knit In      - Glenda's place January 16, 2012.  10 - 2 PM.  Bring a bag lunch.
February 20 - 24 Heritage week at Picadilly Mall.  A week long spin in!
Haney Heritage Park has invited us to spin at their event on Father's Day
in June.

We confirmed that we had accepted the Enderby District Arts Council's
invitation to have a Booth at their Arts Festival on July 28th.  Gwen can
supply a canopy/tent for a booth.  This is no cost to us, but we are
requested to display and encourage demos for spinning and weaving.  Items
can be sold at this event.
Gudie moved to adjourn the meeting at 8: 10 PM.