Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Pot Luck a Huge Success

The Christmas Potluck hosted by Marcia D. in Enderby was a fabulous event that was well attended by Guild members.  Marcia's home was a great location for the gathering and even though it is large and spacious, thirty-five people pretty much filled it to capacity.  For those who were not able to attend, the food was excellent, the desserts delicious and wonderfully rich and laughter.  Laughter, lady chatter and the buzz of many, many conversations filled the air and lifted the spirit.  It was great fun. 

Gudie took lots of photos of the event and the Show 'n Tell items - and I will post them here as soon as I receive them from her. 

A special note of thanks to those who came prepared to demonstrate simple skills - how to add beads to your knitting (Judith), a simple way to add heddles when you run out (Eileen), how to fold plastic bags to (a tongue in cheek demo from Darlene), an exercise routine for weavers from Wendy and amusing stories from Glenda, Gudrun and Ann.  The grand finale was a performance and sing- a long with Rosalie as she accompanied us on her Q-chord!   (Please email me if I missed anyone :-( )

It was a lovely evening - our thanks to Marcia for hosting and those who helped her prepare for the event and stayed to clean up. 

Thanks for all of the great food.  If you would like to share your recipes, send them to me at ( and I will post them here for others!

Merry Christmas one and all!