Monday, November 28, 2011

Shuswap Spinners and Weavers Guild Sale - a GREAT Success!

Shoppers and guild supporters were lined up on Saturday morning waiting for the Shuswap Spinners and Weavers Guild Annual Christmas Sale to begin!  Clearly, folks have learned that it pays to be there early to have the widest possible selection of items to choose from.  That being said, there was no shortage of wonderful gift items on offer even at the end of the day.  Shoppers commented on both the quality and the variety of locally produced crafts available. 

As a guild member, I am always in awe of the talent and skill shown by other members and the Christmas Sale is a great place to see just how extensive that talent pool actually is. 

We are looking for photos of the event to publish here, so please send them to Gudie or myself and we will make them available!