Thursday, November 10, 2011

Minutes - November 7, 2011

Minutes of Meeting:
Shuswap Spinners and Weavers, November 7, 2011
The meeting was called to order at 7: 35 PM, by Sharon, with 24 members
and 1 guest present.
Glenda moved that the previous minutes be adopted as posted - seconded by
Eileen  CARRIED.
No Treasurer's Report tonight.
A lady in Enderby has a Schacht loom for sale, 45", 8 shaft, 12 pedals, 4
reeds, lease sticks, bench, warping mill, Handwoven magazines, etc.  She
is asking $2000.00.  See Sharon or Mona for contact information.
Lis read a letter from the Enderby & District Arts Council, inviting us to
participate in their 3rd Annual Arts Festival.  They are not requesting a
fee, but would like us to provide a loom/wheel for educational purposes.
We agreed to send a letter back, thanking them for the invite, and saying
we would love to come.
Old Business:
Elvi - has entered her artists' information with the Art Gallery.  She had
13 participants, and has a copy of her entry for viewing.  The wait could
be as long as 2 years, but the process has been started.
Ann showed the Back To Back sweater from the contest, with thanks to Clare
who did much of the final knitting.
Those weaving on the guild looms should pay Elvi $5/rug as she supplied
the warp.
No reports from Library or Equipment.
Workshops - Gudrun passed around a signup sheet to show interest in the
workshops that could be available.
The Penticton Festival was a big hit. - the Eclectic Collective did well
there, and had a nice big booth.
New Business:
Christmas Sale - November 28 at the Art Gallery,  10 AM - 4 PM.
Those with keys will arrive at 8 AM to set up tables and tablecloths.
Everyone else should arrive before 9 AM.  The plan is to set up the tables
and spacers before putting out the merchandise.  Ann, Glenda and Gwen will
pick up stuff from the guild room to bring down - Likely pick up on Friday
night.  Banners, sandwich boards, mannequins, wire cages, mirror, etc.
BE SURE AND PARK IN THE THEATRE PARKING LOT (although you can unload closer).
Goods will share space, and items will be moved during the day to fill in
spaces.  All display items with be shared, and displays will be mix and

All guild members are requested to bring items to serve with the tea,
which Gabriel will organize, with Ann and Denise.

A signup sheet was sent around for the cash desks.  There are still some
available slots. Two cash desks could be run when line-ups form, using the
space just inside the front door.  An experienced cashier should always be
working with the wrappers.  Items that are double tagged - one tag is
clipped and put into a bag.  There is no need to double tag if you don't
wish to.  All items should be tagged, and listed on an inventory sheet for
Noelle.  Tags should include Name (initials) Inventory Number, price,
fibre content, washing instructions.  Many people ask for extra
information, so if you wish to leave a business card at the desk it makes
it easy to give out info.  Gudie will cover advertising again. Sharon will
check the supply of tissue paper, plastic bags, and bigger plastic bags.
Gwen suggested that we might like to revitalize the Fashion Show,  in the
Art Gallery, displaying wearable art in conjunction with the Quilters
Guild.  This would be for sometime next summer or fall.  The suggestions
was well received.  Gwen will send out a letter asking for input before
spearheading a committee to work on such a project.
Eileen brought a magazine from the Guild of Canadian Weavers, and
suggested that our guild should be a member.  She won a scholarship to
attend a workshop from them, and displayed their new format magazine.
Mona moved that we join the Guild of Canadian Hand Weavers.  Seconded by
Darlene.  CARRIED.*
Christmas Party - Marcia offered her place in Enderby - December 5 @ 6 PM.
The meal will be Potluck with stress on Finger food, sweet or savory.
Come with an idea you can demo in a minute or 2.  Meet at the Community
Centre at 5:30 PM to carpool.
Spin In - Mona's place tomorrow at 10 - 2PM.  Don't bring a lunch.
Knit In  - Clare's place on the 21.  10 - 2 PM.  Bring a bag lunch.
Judith moved to adjourn the meeting at 8: 50 PM.