Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Woven Shibori Workshop

Shibori is a Japanese term used to describe several methods of dyeing cloth with a pattern.Most people are familiar with tie dye or batik which are shibori methods..The patterns are achieved by binding, folding , twisting , wrapping  etc..as well as using a shibori technique to incorporate patterning  into our weaving. 
Guild member, Lynnette Lynch has prepared a workshop on woven Shibori. This is a two day workshop and since Sharon Wickstrom has offered her studio, which is a perfect venue for this type of program, the cost of the workshop is very reasonable. It has been estimated  to be around $42.00 for the two days.Lynnette can take up to 12 people with the assistance of her daughter Ngaire. We are looking at the summer months to hold this workshop and since that is just around the corner you should be thinking now if you can fit it into you schedule.We will have a sign up sheet at our May meeting to get the ball rolling. Also Lynnette will be there to answer any further questions.This should be a fun thing to do in the warm lazy days of summer.