Sunday, May 22, 2011


Many of you know that some of our guild  members have been participating in a project that involved fish.  It was decided the members would duplicate a very successful project that was done several years ago for a guild booth at an ANWG conference.  Unfortunately, patterns and instructions had been lost over the years, but our intrepid weavers didn't let that stop them.   Their creative talents surfaced and they reinvented the wheel (or the fish, in this case!).   Designing, warping, weaving, sewing and stuffing continued until a marvellous run of 28 sockeye salmon appeared.   The salmon are beautiful, incredibly realistic and skilfully crafted.   They are a wonderful tribute, not only to the salmon, but to the talented artisans who created them.  

Piccadilly Mall has kindly agreed to showcase the salmon and display them in the mall for an extended period of time (perhaps a year or so).   They have constructed a glass showcase of several square feet.   Elvi, Darlene and John have erected the display.  Elvi reports the salmon look beautiful and there were lots of wonderful comments from mall customers. 

You will find the display at the main entrance/foyer (by the drugstore) of Piccadilly Mall in Salmon Arm.  It's a wonderful excuse to carpool with other members and friends, pay a visit to see the salmon, and maybe do lunch at the mall!