Monday, May 16, 2011

New Workshop Opportunities

Overshot workshop with Gudrun Weisinger
Gudrun Weisinger would like to teach a workshop that would accommodate the beginner as well as those who are happily weaving already but still want to learn more.This workshop would teach the Overshot technique using the round robin format. This enables the student ,either  beginner or intermediate, the opportunity to take home a selection of samples. Although the cost of the workshop has not yet been confirmed it will be affordable as we have at least two venues that would allow us to keep the cost down.This could be a summer or fall workshop.
Gudrun , for those of you who do not know her, is a master weaver and produces exquisite pieces every time she works on the loom.Gudrun is also a lovely person and is very helpful and giving of her time when teaching a class or teaching privately.
Gudruns outline: (Can be modified or expanded if need be).
First Day: Explain all parts of the loom and there purposes.
Select a pattern, design it on paper, choose yarns,colors and the purpose of the woven fabric (placemats, runners, tablecloths, warble's and more) calculate amount of warp threads, set, length of warp, make the warp on a warping board, wind on warping beam, thread and slay in reed, tie on front rod.
Second Day: learn how to make a bobbin for the weft, start weaving own sample ,weave on all different looms, learn to make a nice finish.
The following is an expanded description of the Shibori Workshop
Woven Shibori Workshop with Lynette Lynch
Shibori is a Japanese term used to describe several methods of dyeing cloth with a pattern.Most people are familiar with tie- dye or batik which are shibori methods..The patterns are achieved by binding, folding , twisting , wrapping well as using a shibori technique to incorporate patterning  into our weaving.
Lynnette Lynch has prepared a workshop on woven Shibori. This is a two day workshop and since Sharon Wickstrom has offered her studio, which is a perfect venue for this type of program, the cost of the workshop is very reasonable.It has been estimated  to be around $50.00 for the two days.Lynnette can take up to 12 people with the assistance of her daughter Ngaire.We are looking at these possible months to hold this workshop .....June11 and 12 or July sometime. Since that is just around the corner you should be thinking now if you can fit it into you schedule.We will have a sign up sheet at our June meeting .. Also Lynnette will be there to answer any further questions. Lynette  is a fairly new member to our guild but not new to weaving.Lynette  joined her local weaving guild in 1980 after moving here from New Zealand . Now , 30 years later. weaving continues to fascinate her. She is very active in the Guild of Canadian Weavers where she currently holds the Scholarship Chair and the Exchange Coordinator positions.
This should be a fun thing to do in the warm lazy days of summer.So far ,signed upon the list are Wendy, Mona, Gudrun, Judith , Gloria and I can not decipher the other name on the current list. (I will come if I do not have a horse show. . In this workshop the samples are produced using 4 or 8 shaft looms.

This workshop is ideal for weavers of all skill levels but understanding how to weave on your loom is essential. Detailed instructions are provided but various options for weave structure and treadling options are open to the participant. This is a two consecutive day workshop; the participant weaves samples on day one and prepares and dyes the samples on day two.
This workshop is set up so that each participant works on their pre warped loom. The warping instructions are sent prior to the workshop. The participant is able to work at their own pace on familiar equipment. Maximum number of participants is 12.
The workshop binder provided includes a colour photo of the woven pieces and the corresponding page number where the sample can be located in the binder.
The information sheet for each sample contains the following:
A short description of the weave method
Warping requirements
Description of suggested warp and weft
The sett, number of ends in the sample, length of warp, ends per inch
Computer draft including threading, tie up and treadling
Instructions for the dyeing methods used for the samples
Making the baby doll with Kyla
I was in love with the doll that Kyla made and brought to show and tell at the last meeting.I asked her if she would mind teaching me and if others are interested we could have a  small workshop. She said that she would show me and I am sure she said she would teach others as well.  That could be June or July. On that list is Marcia, possibly Judith so far. Details will be forth coming at the meeting.