Monday, April 11, 2011

Minutes for April 4 Meeting

Twenty-four members were present.
The meeting was called to order by Gabriele at 7:35 pm. Moved by Judith and seconded by Sharon that the Minutes of the previous meeting be
Old Business:

There was no Treasurer’s Report, as Noelle is away.  The Name Tags are in- see Gabriele after the meeting to pay for them. $6.00 each to include
A thank-you email received from Eva for the paper making was read aloud.
Back to Back Competition.
Ann reported that a blade shearer and a sheep
had been booked for May 28, in Mt. Ida Hall at Harmonious Homestead.  Ann
suggested that inviting other guilds who might like to participate would
be fun.  It would be free to come, but the lunch provided would be charged
for.  A team of 7 spinners and knitters is as follows:  Kyla, Rita, Wendy,
Noelle, Ann, Sandra Baker, and Sarah.  It was suggested that brochures for
the Christmas sale could be distributed there.
Clare noted that our Back to Back contest for the Picadilly Mall Heritage
Days had made it into the magazine Sheep Canada, and showed the display.
New Business:
Darlene gave a refresher course on signing out books from the Spinners
Library.  All signed cards to be placed in the box.
Ann reminded us to sign the guild book any time we were in the guild room,
or at a meeting, giving our purpose there. This will also enable people to
track items that are misplaced.

Margaret’s email regarding the felting workshop opportunities was read
aloud.  Because there was significant interest, people were asked to email
Margaret indicating their interest, and which workshops in particular
appealed to them.  This will enable her to compile a list of possible
workshop opportunities.  Other guilds could be invited to make up the
necessary number of participants for each workshop.  Margaret also has
some fleeces left for sale, which were described.

Sharon:  A beginner weaving workshop was scheduled for May 14 at Sharon’s.
A spinning workshop has been scheduled for April 9, also at Sharon’s.
Lynette offered to hold a woven shibori workshop for intermediate weavers,
including patterns for both 4 and 8 harness looms.  Please email Lynette
to show your interest in this workshop, so planning for costs can be done.
 If no minimum number is reached, other guilds could be included.  There
was some discussion about the guild’s workshop policy, in which planning
these events is spelled out.
On May 28, Carlin School is hosting a Country Market.  A table costs $25,
and they would welcome anyone in the guild to apply for one.  Please get
in touch with Trish Wallenstein at
Knit In - Monday April 18 @ Glenda’s from 10am - 2pm.
Spin In - Tuesday April 12 @ Ann’s from 10 am - 2 pm.
Mona and Sharon will be contributing to the Armstong Art Show, which will
be held May 5 - 18.  The Gallery is open from 10 - 4 pm, and is next to
the City Hall and Chamber of Commerce buildings.
May Meeting Goodies - Judith and Michele.
Gudie moved that the meeting be adjourned at 8: 15 for Show and Tell.