Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back to Back Update!

The 'Back to Back' wool challenge was indeed a challenge and a lot of
fun.  The completed sweater is currently drying at my place and looks
really spiffy, especially with the stripes of colour and pattern that
happened as the sweater was knit --- it fits me perfectly and is so soft
and cozy that I keep going over to the drying rack for another touch.
The next version of the event is scheduled for May 28th at Clare's
place.  The sheep has been chosen and the Mount Ida Hall is in its new
location.  With the addition of washrooms, kitchen and store, it is an
ideal place to hold the event.

I am looking for 7 keen knitters and spinners to make a complete sweater
as per the rules we had in February.  This may mean an 11 hour
commitment as the clock keeps running until the sweater is finished. 
Two very speedy knitters for the front and the back are a must as it is
96 stitches wide and 162 rows in length.  We have learned a great deal
from our first try and hope to finish the sweater in 10 hours rather
than 10 days.

I have been checking out U-Tube videos on knitting and trying new
techniques to speed up my own rather snail pace.  Anyone interested in
the event should contact Ann, sooner rather than later.
I am currently making a pattern for a smaller version and hoping that
other guilds might send a team to take on this fun challenge.  Maybe we
can expand it further in the future, as we locate more blade shearers,
so that  the full sized version can be done.
Anyone interested in the challenge please phone Ann Nikmo