Monday, December 13, 2010

Minutes of December Meeting

Minutes of Meeting
Shuswap Spinners and Weavers Guild
December 6, 2010

Thanks to Gudrun and Alf for their hospitality.  Gabrielle called the meeting to order at 6 PM with 29 Members present.

Ann moved that the Minutes from the November meeting be adopted.  Seconded by Margaret.  Carried.

Old Business:
Treasurer’s Report was given by Gabrielle, who distributed the cheques.  The Christmas sale this year was our best sale ever.  Total sales this year were more than $2000 over last year, and everyone who had something in the sale sold something.  Revenues reported do not yet include gallery rental. 

Despite excellent advertising coverage, Gudie reported a $0 budget.  Comments about the sale focused on displays.  More height, to get items at eye level would be better.  Half busts could be bought at Lisjen for $10 or boxes from the basement of the gallery used.  Keep at eye out at Winners or dollar stores for display items.  The gallery has been booked for the same time next year, that is, after the gallery displays.  An empty gallery was easier to utilize, and reorganize. 

New Business:
Gabrielle reported sending cards to Michael D on Gail's passing and to Sue M on her Dad's passing
Room 3 has been booked for March, April and May for Fibres Unlimited to have extended space.  The cost will be and additional $25/ month.

The January 3 meeting was cancelled, as it is still part of the holiday season.

Spin In – January 11 @ Mona’s 10 AM – 2 PM
Knit In – January 17 @ Glenda’s 10 AM – 2 PM
Evening Spin In – Monday Jan 24 @ Rita’s 7 – 9 PM

Ann Nikmo reported on Heritage Days February 19 – 26.  Usually the Spinners and Weavers have something set up at the mall.  This year it will be for Friday, February 25.  If you can assist, call Ann.

Anne also introduced a world-wide competition in June, the same weekend as the Relay for Life.  This Back to Back (Back of the sheep to the back of the person) competition utilizes a team of 8, and no automation.  A blade shearer has been booked, and an unshorn sheep and 6 more team members will be required.  The wool must be spun and knitted raw, and the final product is washed.  Call Ann if you can help with this project.  It would be nice to have a Canadian team in this event.

Alternate sales venues?  The Dragon Boat festival, this year on June 25, supports a certain number of vendors and craft sales on this occasion.  People wishing another sales outlet could look into this.

The Sheep to Shawl Competition will be discussed at the February meeting.

Tapestry Workshop.  Please email Gudrun if you are interested in taking this tapestry workshop in February.

Anne Nikmo – brought a completed fish.  12 have been completed, and there are 14 still to go.  Ann is weaving more material for heads and tails.

Artsolutely is running all month  at the Vernon Arts Centre.

Gudie’s paper making project.  Gudie wishes to contribute 100 cards of recycled paper decorated with thrums to ANWG in Salem Oregon.  She will contact people when a suitable paper making opportunity occurs.

Marcia moved that the meeting be adjourned at 6: 50 PM. For Show and Tell.